Network Reporters and Flashy Danger Zones

Jim Spence
As the images pour in from literally countless temporary U.S. media outlets in Libya I can’t help but shake my head in disgust. The national media in the U.S. should be ashamed of itself. Each night we see news clips of President Obama attempting to justify sticking America’s nose in a civil war occurring halfway around the world. While the president opts for the remarkable twist that America’s vital interests are at stake, Mexico bleeds. All along the New Mexico – Mexico border our neighbors bleed every day.
Where is our thrill-seeking media? In many areas near our border life has been a war zone. Particularly in rural areas, any semblance of law enforcement presence fled long ago for their own personal safety. There are so many stories for the adrenaline seeking reporters at Fox and CNN to cover. It does not trouble me that they seem to want to do their jobs in sensational “danger zones.” However just about anyone could show them how to save airfare by simply taking up war zone broadcast positions in and around Juarez. Is the lawlessness having a spillover effect on life in our state? Of course it is. Increasingly emboldened Mexican drug lords are running kidnapping and extortion operations on the U.S. side of the border.
Human smuggling has reached epidemic proportions. Middle Eastern terrorists are beginning to recognize the law enforcement vacuum just across our border. New Mexican citizens can anticipate an increase in activities by those who hate us and see a soft spot on this border in weeks, months, and years ahead.

While the U.S. borrows additional funds for military experiments such as “no fly zones” half way around the world, all of our leaders continue to ignore a horrific civil war raging on the New Mexico border with Mexico. What is wrong with our media? Apparently the network reporters find it more stimulating to ride around with rebels in rural Libya than to spend a few weeks in the life of embattled law enforcement officers in rural communities just across the U.S. border. Shame on them. We deserve better and so do our neighbors. Everyone who lives in this region, on both sides of the border, is being dismissed by Washington D.C. as insignificant, every single day.



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