Spence: Foreign drug traffickers seeking NM Driver's Licenses have Sanchez to thank

Commentary by Jim Spence - The crossroads of I-25 and I-40 in Albuquerque should be renamed the Ben Lujan-Michael Sanchez illegal drug trafficking and driver’s license crime corridor. Why so?
Ever since Susana Martinez was elected Governor of New Mexico in 2010, she has tried to put an end to the outrageous practice of this state actually issuing driver’s licenses to people living here illegally. And on Monday we saw yet another case in point on why an end should have come long ago to this insidious practice.
Michael Sanchez
According to a story on KOB TV's website it seems the Albuquerque Police Department received word of suspicious activities at a hotel in the I-25 - I-40 area of the Duke City. This area is often frequented by drug traffickers. Low and behold when law enforcement officials swooped in to investigate and eventually make drug arrests, it soon became clear that the suspects in question were also in the country illegally and trying to obtain New Mexico driver’s licenses.
Several suspects arrested were from Guatemala and El Salvador. Evidence recovered suggested they were in the process of obtaining documents so they could then obtain New Mexico driver's licenses.
This sort of criminal activity can succeed easily in New Mexico. The way for these criminals has literally been paved by the majorities in both houses of the New Mexico legislature. Thanks to the dubious leadership of retiring Speaker Ben Lujan and sitting Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez, every single effort to put an end to the practice of issuing driver’s licenses to people who have entered the U.S. and the state of New Mexico illegally has been blocked.
And so you have it. In the summer of 2012, not only are foregin drug traffickers who are here illlegally working on ways to distribute narcotics in our state, they are using the gaping holes in New Mexico's laws on driver's license issuance to obtain documents that help them legitimize their efforts to move about the country. Thanks Michael Sanchez. Great job.



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