Holder Belongs in Jail

Jim Spence
A few weeks ago I suggested Attorney General Eric Holder belonged in jail. His recent offers to "brief" Congress on documents related to DOJ Operation Fast and Furious is a disgrace. Yesterday, Holder attempted to con committee members investigating the gun running operation that led directly to the murder of U.S. Border Patrol officer Brian Terry. Instead of simply handing over the documents requested Holder is playing John Mitchell-like word games. So far Holder has provided congressional investigators and the media with nothing but misleading and irrelevant information. If a private citizen behaved in the same fashion as Eric Holder he or she would be jailed for contempt. For the chief law enforcement officer to stonewall an investigation into crimes sanctioned by people in the DOJ is inexcusable.
Eric Holder
Holder, in Nixonian fashion insists somehow he is above the legal power of a Congressional subpoena. It is time for this charade to end. Many of the documents Holder has actually provided to Congress have been so heavily redacted they have been rendered meaningless to investigators. Other DOJ submssions to Congress contained blatantly false information that was later retracted.
Murdered Agent Brian Terry
Eric Holder  has ignored thirteen different categories in the subpoena and has provided no documents in critical areas of the investigation.
How could this main be appointed to the A.G. position? His main accomplishment before taking the reins at the DOJ was doing pro bono work defending al Queada terrorists. Holder couldn't have made junior partner at any reputable law firm before he became A.G. Simply put he was never qualified to be the chief law enforcement officer of the United States. With guns runned to Mexican drug cartels leading to murders on this side of the border and his latest refusal to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate lethal national security leaks, Holder has quickly become the biggest disgrace to the country since John Mitchell served as Nixon's A.G. Holder is obviously obstructing justice and covering up criminal behavior. He should serve time for his deliberate violation of federal subpoena laws. We have a dead Border Patrol agent and blood on DOJ hands. We need answers not coverups.



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