Media (Except Fox) Repeats "White Man Party" Drumbeat

Mia Love
Commentary by Jim Spence - It is no wonder Fox News has gobbled up market share in the news game. Read the roster of speakers at the Republican National Convention. Or better yet, actually watch and listen to them (not me, I watched the U.S. Open Tennis matches last night). Then watch every organization in the mainstream media cover the convention except for Fox. What you will see is intentional misrepresentation, distortion, and the outright lies. Other than Fox News the national media consistently repeats the most desired message the Democratic National Committee wants to incorporate into the American voter's psyche.

Ted Cruz
John Harwood of NBC provided a stunning example when he reviewed the first day of the GOP convention this morning for NBC. Harwood said the Republicans are a party “dominated by white men.” And in his roster of speakers for tonight Harwood conveniently forgot to put New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez on the list, despite the fact that Martinez goes on stage in prime time right before V.P. nominee Paul Ryan. Yesterday New Mexico business person Phil Archuleta, Representative Artur Davis, a black American; Mia Love, a black candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Utah, Texas senatorial hopeful Ted Cruz, a Latino American, and Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada spoke at the convention. And last night it seems that MSNBC, which serves as the unofficial mouthpiece for the DNC, intentionally omitted coverage of all minority speakers so they could go to their handpicked panel of "experts" who proceeded to bash the GOP for an absence of "diversity." Coverage of the convention at CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC is similarly biased with the party of white people being a common theme.
Brian Sandoval
It will be interesting to see how the media handles Susana Martinez tonight who is scheduled to address the delegates around 8:00pm MDT. A rock star in this state the smart money says every major news network EXCEPT Fox News will downplay the Martinez speech and draw attention away from the leadership role she has taken in a state dominated by Democrats of all shapes and sizes for eight decades. Democrats seem to pin their hopes on the race card once again. After four years of skyrocketing deficits and national debt, unemployment over 8% for longer than anytime in modern history, what else do they have to talk about? Charles Rangel said it best. It is a filthy, obsene, game....this race baiting.



Jaxon said...

The lamestream media ploys will fail. People who are unemployed, under-employed and terrified that if the economy worsens they too will be out of a job will decide whether or not they can risk another four years of Obama's failed leadership. Everyone who pays attention to politics knows that the networks mentioned in this posting are in the tank for Obama. Polls reflect the public's awareness of their disgraceful bias. There's a growing negative public sentiment towards this president's performance. At the end of the day, when the undecided voters step into the voting booth...they will be keenly aware of this president's miserable performance. A billion dollars worth of attack ads won't overcome their gut wrenching fear of another four years of economic misery. Football coaches who accumulate a losing record are given LESS TIME than four years to turn a program around. The American electorate will be significantly less tolerant when the time comes to vote.

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