Heinrich Ties to Eco-Terrorists a Well-Kept Secret

Commentary by Jim Spence - You have to tip your cap to the staff of Senate Candidate Martin Heinrich. So far their efforts prevent exposure of Heinrich’s deep ties to eco-terrorism advocate David Foreman, have been successful. Who is David Foreman and what does he stand for?
Forman (and Heinrich) are inextricably linked to the radical splinter group EarthFirst. Who is EarthFirst? According to New Mexico Watchdog investigative reporter Jim Scarantino, EarthFirst is a radical environmenta terrorist group that emerged more than thirty years ago. Foreman who authored several action guides including, “Confessions of an Eco-Warrior,” was part of the concerted effort by EarthFirst to use any means available to affect policy changes. According to Scarantino, “Their coat of arms was a Neanderthal’s stone club crossed with a monkey wrench, the symbolic tools for dismantling industrial and capitalist society.”
EarthFirst is well known by law enforcement agencies as a group that advocates the destruction of public and private property as a tool to achieve goals. In Foreman’s book Eco-Defense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching he provides a step-by-step guide to committing property crimes, including the damaging of ranches and the disabling airplanes (Al Gore’s jet is apparently off limits). Forman also offered some suggestions on how to use arson to harm political enemies.
In Forman’s world: 1) human lives deserve no greater consideration than animal life, 2) AIDS is trumpeted as the means for “returning sanity to human population,” 3) Opposition to famine relief so that “nature could run its course.”
Foreman has compared humanity to a virus. He believes radical environmentalists are the white corpuscles fighting the human infection of Mother Earth. Why does all of this matter to New Mexico?
Martin Heinrich was mentored by David Foreman early in his adult life and supported by Forman when he broke on to New Mexico’s political scene. These days while Heinrich has cloaked himself in the mainstream, he is supported by millions of dollars in negative advertising support provided by radical environmental organizations.
The scary news for New Mexicans is he may be starting to gain the upper hand in the battle for one of two New Mexico Senate seats in Washington. While Heinrich appears in fluffy commercials that make him look like the boy next door, Super Pac money pours into New Mexico paid for by these radical environmental groups. Ads which are completely false flood our airwaves. They trash former Air Force Academy graduate Heather Wilson and distort her record. So far polls suggest thanks to the onslaught radical support the Heinrich team has a forged a slight lead.
Heather Wilson
Behind the scenes Foreman remains one of Heinrich’s closest confidants. If the details of Heinrich's ongoing ties to an eco-terrorist group founder actually became general public knowledge, Heinrich would likely see his support among voters shrink. However, don’t look for the mainstream print or television media in New Mexico to expose the connection between Heinrich and people who advocate criminal activity to achieve political goals. This won’t happen thanks to an overwhelming bias for Democrats in the field of journalism here in our state.


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