Piss Christ: State Sponsored Blasphemy

Commentary by Jim Spence - Near midtown Manhattan today at the Edward Tyler Nahem Gallery, the National Endowment of the Arts sponsored artwork “Piss Christ” by alleged artist Andres Serrano will go on display for a month. Piss Christ was created twenty-five years ago. It features a photograph of a crucifix floating in urine.
It is worth noting that no Christians have organized a fire bombing of the National Endowment for the Arts offices in Washington D.C.
Andres Serrano
Columnist Mario Loyola of National Review illustrated the irony of how progressive Democrats in America deal with blasphemy. He suggested a test case. The National Endowment of the Arts could sponsor Serrano or another artist who is willing to create a “Piss Mohammed” art series. Then the NEA could ask the Edward Tyler Nahem Gallery to hang it right next to the Piss Christ exhibit. He mused that if the gallery decided to decline to show the exhibit, a small group of Manhattan atheists could be recruited to march with “piss portraits” of Mohammed and his fellow deities and prophets right up 1st Avenue past the United Nations, while pledging allegiance to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
Loyola accurately suggests that progressive Democrats wouldn't be caught dead applying the same standards to blasphemy of Islam and Christianity. Loyola notes that the degree of respect for any given religion "is proportional to its proponents’ propensity for violence." Are we being bullied here in America? You bet we are. And you can also bet if devout Christian’s rioted over the Piss Christ exhibit in New York President Obama would not point the finger at the artist. How could he? Obama and his ilk are the types of people who continue to cast votes that give taxpayer dollars to the national Endowment for the Arts so it can sponsor people who create exhibits like Piss Christ.



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