Gall: Gonzales calls transparency a core value

Javier Gonzales
Analysis and Commentary by Jim Spence - New Mexico State University regent member and Chairman of the Democratic Party Javier Gonzales just won the prize for most outrageous statement of the year. Here it is: "Transparency is a core value of New Mexico State and we remain committed to it."
Gonzales is best known not for being a big fan of transparency, but for a lack of enthusiasm for it. Here’s why.
Sound Stage 2 at Santa Fe Studios
While serving as a NMSU regent Gonzales acted as a paid “consultant” for Santa Fe Studios back in 2009. He engineered the funneling of millions of taxpayer dollars to that private enterprise. For several years media outlets from all around the state have had their questions regarding transparency of his Santa Fe Studios consulting deal go completely ignored.
Sound Stage 1 at Santa Fe Studios
Give Gonzales credit. While he continues to find it completely unnecessary to “transparently” disclose the fees he charged them, he did broker a incredible package worth more than $20 million in taxpayer goodies to the Hool brothers.
Location of NMSU Film Facilities
After years of stonewalling, to hear Gonzales nauseatingly extol the virtues of full disclosure while citing lack of transparency as a reason for Couture’s departure.....lowers the hypocrisy bar to bottom of the ocean floor.
The truth here is pretty simple. NMSU needed the film facilities that wound up in the hands of Santa Fe Studios. When Gonzales got caught putting his interests, and those of the Hool brothers at Santa Fe Studios, ahead of NMSU’s interests and was actually questioned by the media about his actions, Gonzales provided irrefutable proof that "transparency" is NOT a core value of his. He continues to refuse to reveal how much he received out of the $20 million in cash, land, and in-kind services the Hool brothers received from New Mexico taxpayers.



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