One Election, Two Sets of Rules

Jim Spence (left)
Commentary by Jim Spence - Have you ever gotten the impression there seem to be two sets of rules of conduct and media coverage for presidential candidates? A couple of years ago Barack Obama poked fun at himself, which normally would be just fine. Unfortunately, Obama did it by suggesting he was so bad he should be in Special Olympics. Not exactly a compassionate way to characterize the disadvantaged. Media silence.
Obama's brother lives in the depths of poverty and recently experienced the utter despair of going begging for help with his child’s medical bills. There has been no financial help from his brother the U.S. president. Media silence. Still, we are told there is a “compassion gap” within the minds of voters mainly because Romney is "rich." Gee it makes you wonder how that gap gets created.
When he was community organizing in Chicago, Barack Obama spearheaded lawsuits that eventually forced banks to make sub prime loans to people unable to repay them. Obama now blames the same banks for making sub prime loans that were not repaid. Not a word about this in the media. Instead, since we had a financial crisis four years ago, Mitt Romney is given a hard time.....because he is "rich."
Barack Obama accused his predecessor of being immoral for running budget deficits that are a fraction of what he is running now. Silence.
This year Obama has given more than a billion U.S. taxpayer dollars to anti-American leaders who have terrorist backgrounds in Egypt. Silence.
The media used to cover anti-war protesters. People like Cindy Sheehan got air time whenever they referred to George W. Bush as a war criminal during his presidency. Today, Guantanamo Bay remains open, President Obama pursues many of the same Middle East policies as Bush, the body counts in Afghanistan continue to rise, and there is hardly a word about the flag draped caskets coming home every week. Apparently the dead bodies don't matter as much now that Obama is president. Silence.
Every time there is a shooting incident the media laments the dangers of guns. However, when the Obama Justice Department puts guns into the hands of people who run the Mexican drug cartels and the president cites "executive privilege" as the reason to halt the investigation into the matter, Fast and Furious is ignored by the media or cast as a political witch hunt conducted by partisan Republicans. Silence.
The narrative regarding the bad U.S. economy four years after George W. Bush left Washington is that “W” is responsible for all the problems because as President of the United States he had control of everything. And now that Barack Obama has presided over the most feeble recovery ever, he isn't responsible for anything because even though he is president, he doesn't control anything. Really?
The drumbeat of the media is clear. Everyone should think twice about voting for Mitt Romney because he was merely an effective governor and is now a businessman who wasextremely successful at what he did. Did I mention we should all be suspicious of him because he is rich? Don't want to leave that out.



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