The most insidious lie of all

Over the years I have written more than a few columns exposing the ways that Democrats are destroying the nation with a huge assist from the public education system, an ultra-biased news media, and the entertainment industry. These entities seed radically progressive themes in the minds of Americans with dubious course material, false narrative newscasts, and countless television and movie productions.

The results of this avalanche of propaganda is an Ayn Rand-like national nightmare where our nation steadily declines as Democrats call for more and more policies that are leading the decline.

As various presidential candidates unveil their “tax plans” for the 2017-2020 time frame it becomes clear what the most insidious lie is that has been foisted on the country.

If you want to guess what the most insidious lie is let me give you some wrong answers so you don't waste your time.

Forget the lie that somehow another “law” or another rule or regulation of business will save the nation. A bad lie, but not the most insidious. You can also forget the lie that a vote for bigger government with more bureaucrats controlling more national resources and running more “programs” is better for the country. This too is a bad idea that is horrible for America. Yes, these two ideas alone, which have been implemented on an incremental basis, are killing the nation like slow-dose poison. But neither is the most insidious lie.

The most insidious lie is that all of these things, more laws, more rules and regulations, more bureaucratic control, more damage to business, and more programs can somehow be FREE for half the nation.

The greatest disservice done to America over the last six and a half dreadful years was done to it by Mitt Romney. Remember that Romney got "caught" on an I-phone video explaining why it was impossible to fix the country when 47% of the adult population was asked to pay NOTHING in income tax in exchange for the massive government that Democrats have saddled America with. When this truth-telling video was made public, instead of defending the TRUTH, Romney inexplicably went into denial mode and acted as if the content of the video was taken out of context.

So here we are in 2015. In the last national election the GOP presidential nominee joined Democrats in lying to the country about the true costs of more laws-regulations of business and bureaucrats controlling more national resources and running more “programs.” You see, these things are not only destroying us; due to their sheer size and scope of their reach, they can't possibly be FREE. The assumption that it takes only half of the adult population of the country to be contributing to the cost of these supposedly wonderful big government ideas, is undoubtedly the most insidious lie ever foisted on our nation.

The GOP led by sheep is joining the Democrats in the movement to swan dive or nation right into the abyss.



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