The emperor has no clothes!

A funny thing happened on the way to Barack Obama’s lame duck year in 2016. Not just the U.S., but the world discovered that this phony would-be emperor has no clothes.
In perhaps the most startlingly naïve (or deceptive, take your choice) moment of his presidency, Obama had the audacity to claim ISIS was “contained” just hours before they launched the latest attack wave on the world, with the epicenter being in Paris. But undeterred by how wrong he has been and continues to be, Obama wants to be even more wrong going forward.
Making a speech in Turkey, a country now led by a radical Muslim who would roll back women’s rights to the stone ages there, Obama, knowing he had been exposed as a stoop, lashed out at Republicans for daring to point out just how wrong he has been about ISIS.
The trouble is the very same day that Obama was lamenting that just a “few” bad apples in the Middle East were giving the rest of the Muslims a bad name, tens of thousands of Turkish citizens were showing the rest of the world how the man on the street in the Middle East assesses the latest murder spree in Paris.
When the public address announcer at a soccer game in Turkey called for a moment of silence, to honor the victims in Paris, the Muslim crowd of sports fans booed hatefully. Then this same crowd spontaneously erupted into a chant of “Alahu Akbar” in solidarity; not with the families of the dead innocents in Paris, but with the bloodthirsty Muslim killers. This disgusting display happened on the same day when Obama lectured Americans on their lack of compassion for Muslim refugees and outrageously mocked Republicans for being afraid of poor refugees.
Of course Obama had cynically chosen to do his moral preening as news report after news report revealed that under the cover of being forlorn Syrian refugees, the Paris killers moved back and forth in Europe as they plotted mass murders.
It is noteworthy that Hillary Clinton has been the architect of Obama’s Middle East policy the last seven years. Within hours of learning her ambassador to Libya was dead at the hands of terrorists (which her emails reveal that she acknowledged privately), publicly she blamed the deaths of those four State Department people on an American video. Of course the record shows she, like Obama, has been guilty all along of underestimating the terrorist threat and denying how pervasive the Muslim embrace of murderers is.
Then of course there is John Kerry, who contributes as Hillary’s successor what Lurch contributed to the Addams Family series. Kerry somehow let it slip as he thought out loud, that he saw the terrorist Charlie Hedbo murders in Paris earlier this year, as having a “legitimacy” or “rationale” when compared to the latest murders in Paris. Of course the “rationale” he was referring to was that he could see how Muslims could rationalize killing people who worked at the Paris newspaper because after was exercising its free speech rights under the French Constitution. Apparently John Kerry could see the rationale and/or legitimacy with his unique grasp of the nuances of murder rationales and all.
Not only does the emperor have not clothes but it is increasingly clear to all but the most ardent Democrat that Obama and Hillary Clinton are surrounded by the largest collection of clueless people to ever dominate a major political party in the U.S.
In less than a year we are going to see if America is ready to take an intellectual bath and try to wash the stench of utter ignorance and stupidity out of Washington D.C.


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