The zeal of Woodward and Berstein....may it rest in peace

We live in an era when most people have cell phones and not land lines. But polls are treated as gospel while being done via land lines. Not to worry. We are about to find out if the polls we have heard about for months are accurate. The people are about to start voting instead of only those with land lines who occasionally want to take a call and talk with a pollster. People will vote first in Iowa, then New Hampshire, then South Carolina etc. And the man the American news media loves to hate…..Donald Trump has looked great in the preseason. We will see if he does well when people who only have cell phones have a say.

On the other side of the political ledger, things have gone from bizarre to surreal. We have a conspiracy of silence in the Democrat-run mainstream media. Hillary Clinton’s lies go unmentioned. While her deceptions place her on par with Richard Nixon, the media gives her a pass. It seems that no media outlet cares to report what she did or did not do with highly classified information. All of this is simply amazing considering that her lies are so egregious, so outrageous, and so criminal, that if ANYONE else did what she did and said what she has said, they would be handcuffed and jailed. If they were fortunate enough to be allowed to post bail, they would be looking at dozens and dozens of years of jail time.

How astonishing are Hillary’s lies? Even the State Department now admits that some of the emails she sent illegally are so sensitive they can’t simply redact the secret contents and release the remainder. Apparently these emails are so important to national security the State Dept. simply has to withhold the entire content, despite the fact there is a court order to release them.

The recent admission of Hillary's conduct by the Obama State Department is a smoking gun. It is all prosecutors need to convict Hillary and throw her in jail just as has been the case with so many before her who did what she did. Will the FBI prosecute her? Or is Hillary above the law? 

The buzz around Washington is the FBI is FURIOUS that the Obama administration is openly and blatantly interfering with their duty to enforce the law. Rather than hold her accountable, Mr. Obama wants to protect the Democrat’s presidential nominee. What is not much of a secret is that Obama henchmen are pressuring officials not to pursue charges against Clinton that would be matter of routine with any other employee.

Clearly Mr. Obama is engaged in Watergate-like obstruction of justice right out in the open. And in the meantime, the legacy of the zeal and persistence of Woodward and Bernstein at the Washington Post has given way. In fact, you can lump the entire mainstream media (ex-Fox) under the same mission statement. ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post etc. are little more than an extended ministry of propaganda for perpetual power of the Democrats. 

Over the weekend we learned that Mr. Obama himself actually emailed Clinton on her unsecured server. He did so at least eighteen times. Obama has previously denied doing so. The contents of these communications from the president to his Secretary of State will not be released by the White House. Predictably, the White House is using the old Nixon dodge, "Executive Privilege," as their reason for not obeying the court order to release the emails. Can anyone say Rosemary Woods? ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post can't. 

Amazingly, nobody (ex-Fox) in the media cares as these lies pile up. And no Democrat seems at all troubled by all of this. One has to wonder if Obama and Hillary were caught on film in the Oval Office tossing a couple of hundred dead babies they just killed into a pile with pitchforks, if any media outlet but Fox would even report it. But I digress. More on Planned Parenthood in a future column.


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