He continues to give us the finger

© 2016 Jim Spence - One of the most reliable voting constituencies of the Democratic Party for many decades has been the gay community. Early Sunday morning in Orlando, Florida, the myth that the Democratic Party policies would never jeopardize the safety of the gay community came to a horrifying end. It would seem that the despicable political ruse that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have foisted on the American public, has literally bled over into the American gay community. The ruse of course pertains to the threat of radical Islam on America........all of America, including the gay community. It seems that radical Islam, which Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton claim are not a problem........doesn't just hate America, it particularly hates gay America.

It has been an increasingly disturbing world of homeland security that has evolved since the Democrats regained control of that crucial cabinet department in 2009. We should have known this wave of murders was coming. And we should have known it was going to come in waves.

Remember the aftermath of the 9-11 attacks? Democrats were somewhat concerned about homeland safety; but not nearly so much as they were ticked off that George W. Bush saw a huge surge in his popularity in the aftermath of the attacks on America. The danger of radical Islam had to be under-stated by Democrats or else the fact that Bush went after the perpetrators swiftly would be legitimized instead of the result of crass fear mongering. I actually know a well-read retired history professor who reads everything.....the Warren Commission Report, etc. Sometime after the 9-11 Commission Report was released and published, I got around to reading it. And after I read it I asked him what he thought of it. He waved me off saying he had no plans to read it. It was a telling response from a life-long Democrat. When the radical Islamists murdered Americans on 9-11 it benefited Bush politically. Sadly with Democrats everything is political. The whole thing with radical Islam had to be downplayed for the sake of politics.

What sort of security policies have we gotten since Obama took over? We have gotten naive immigration policies that allow killers to come and go as they please from terrorist training states. Yes, we have returned to the dumbest sort of immigration and international travel rules imaginable. Accordingly, the Boston Marathon bombing, the awful mass murders in Orlando, and the killings in San Bernardino were bound to happen. Expect the Obama administration to continue to pretend that radical Islamists are not really the problem and we should let people come and go from dangerous areas in the Middle East as they please.

The responses from Obama and other Democrats to these murders have been and will continue to be absurd. Recall the first bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993. It was planned and financed by Khaled Sheikh Mohammed. That attack killed six people and injured more than one thousand. Nobody blamed the bomb itself. They blamed the perpetrators. Consider Adacia Chambers. This woman was drunk as a skunk last October when she crashed her car into a crowd that was watching a homecoming parade in Stillwater, Oklahoma. She killed four people and injured many others. Nobody blamed her car. They blamed her.

Predictably, after the San Bernardino attacks, Mr. Obama, the man who has been solely responsible for the U.S. letting its immigration and travel policies guards down, decided to blame the killer’s guns. It was a great irony that off to the side of Obama while he was demonstrating what an idiot he is, were Secret Service bodyguards, protecting Mr. Obama with.......guns.

This is the world we have created by voting for Democrats. Stop.



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