Stupidity on display

© 2016 Jim Spence - Pundit Charles Krauthammer once said Democrats think Republicans are mean and greedy, and Republicans think Democrats are stupid. It is a pretty good summary of the differences in the two parties.
Why do Republicans think Democrats are stupid? It is mainly because Democrats insist on doing the same things over and over even after it has been proven that what they are doing does not work. Still, Democrats will continue to expect a different result. Seeing this endless doom loop, Republicans realize Democrats are stupid…..or perhaps more precisely put…..insanely stupid.
Let’s look at some of the evidence of the insane stupidity at the Hillary coronation last week.
It is ironic that the Democrats built an eight foot chain link fence around their convention arena to keep the riff raff out. Earlier this year the Democrat’s surrogates sued the Republicans to make them build their fence closer to the arena in Cleveland. But enough with the hypocrisy, let’s get on with the stupidity.
Perhaps the dumbest moment of the speech Hillary gave Thursday night was when she talked about when she and fellow Democrat Chuck Schumer were senators from New York. It seems that they were amazing fighters. They actually asked George W. Bush for $20 billion to help rebuild New York after 9-11. The question begs this; was it really a tough sell to get Bush to approve the building of New York when every elected official in the country was ready to belly up? Democrats nodded and cheered as if Hillary and Chuck had to prod ole “W” real hard to come across with the cash. Dumb.
Democrats love to call Joe Biden a middle class guy. Biden gave a droning speech to an adoring crowd. He did so without ever conceding that he has been living the life of luxury on the taxpayer dole for forty-four years. Democrats are also too stupid to realize Biden has been driving down the living standards of those he has been “fighting for” with one policy after another that simply does not work.
Barack Obama was supposedly in Philadelphia to build up Hillary’s reputation. Instead of building up Hillary, the narcissist Obama spent almost the entire time he was allotted talking about how great Barack Obama is. Obama mentioned himself at least 100 times. Near the end of his self-congratulatory oratory Obama finally gave credit to Hillary for get this……not opposing the Bin Laden raid. Wow! What vision. Of course the seas of stupid Democrats roared each pretending that it must have been an incredible epiphany that helped Hillary make her decision to support Obama in his decision to get the 9-11 killer.
Why else would the GOP think Democrats are stupid? How about the fact the Dems booed a Medal of Honor winner last week? Nice. Only Democrats could think of doing that as they try to persuade America they should be allowed to continue to lead.
How about Dems interrupting a moment of silence for murdered police officers with shouts of, “black lives matter?” You would have to be stupid to do this and gutless to tolerate it, let alone not condemn it after it happened. These are Democrats.
Apparently the Democrats forgot that Hillary voted to authorize the invasion of Iraq when they ponied up speaker Khizr Khan. It seems 14 Muslim soldiers died in the war on terror.  And Khan is the father of one of them. Amazingly, Khan made the quantum leap in pointing out that Trump, “sacrificed nothing,” as if somehow because Trump was working in the private sector at the time of Khan’s son’s death he was to blame. Khan spells his name wrong, tough phonetically the spelling is correct. He should spell it Con. Still, the stupid Democrats roared indignantly as Khan presented this twisted logic that somehow gave Hillary a pass for her yes vote on the war, and Trump the blame for not being involved in any way. Stupidity on display.
In the end the Democrats spent ninety-six hours trying to trick the country into believing Hillary actually has a resume of accomplishments. What makes them stupid is they believe their own tricks.
New York Times columnist William Safire nailed the defining characteristic of Hillary Clinton decades ago when he called her a congenital liar. That means she has had that trait since birth.



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