ESPN home of the race-baiting pimps and parasites

© 2016 Jim Spence - ESPN provides a forum for some of the most despicable parasites in America. All you have to do to realize this fact is read Cam Newton’s comments in the latest edition of GQ Magazine and then think about what the disgusting race-baiting pimps on ESPN had to say about him.

It seems that Heisman Trophy winner and NFL MVP Cam Newton who is famous, rich, and black, accepted the idea that like all other sports figures, he is subject to volumes of criticism some fair and some unfair. Imagine how chagrined a collection of ESPN race pimps were when they read where Newton said of the criticism he gets, “It’s not about race.” And of course when he was also quoted as saying, “We’re beyond that as a nation,” they all went berserk.

Reprehensibly, ESPN trots out race-baiting pimps on talks shows on a regular basis. Each pimp tries his best to condition America to swallow the grievance narrative. Three ESPN parasites in particular made fools of themselves following Newton's comments. These pimps would be Kevin Blackistone, Pablo Torre, and Israel Gutierrez. Nobody knows why these chumps are even on TV let alone ESPN. But there they were spewing nonsense.

ESPN host Tony Reali played set up man for Israel Guiterrez for his pimping pitch. When asked about Newton's comments Guiterrez said, “You don't want to have to force an athlete to say things he doesn't want to say or is not ready to say. It feels like Cam is still in that I'm becoming a superstar mode and once he is ready to be able to take on these topics, maybe he will. Then again, it's also not for everybody. We all want everybody to be all of these activists and say this.”

We all want everybody to be activists? Not really. Activists promoting race pimping want the Newtons of the world to block and tackle for them. Of course what race pimps like Guiterrez want is for all blacks to be treated differently than all other high profile people and react differently too. From Mr. Obama on down they want no criticism to be tolerated, because if there is criticism, it must be motivated by race.

Then there was Kevin Blackistone who is truly a pimp for the ages. He said this, “I think he (Newton) sounds like a young man who is still trying to find himself in this new media world that we have where everyone is asking an athlete to say something that sounds important about something that is important.”

No Kevin. Newton already found himself. The fact that Newton doesn’t promote your pimping operation is reason for praise not scorn.

Then it was Pablo Torre’s turn on ESPN when he had his chance to stoke the fires of racial paranoia. “It is very damaging to say something along the lines of we are post-racial in this country, we have gotten past that…… It's stigmatizing to give admonition to people in denial."

Damaging to who Pablo? Damaging to the divisive race-baiting industry? Damaging to the possibilities of perpetuating the profits associated with white guilt complex?

The bottom line is that ESPN has become an intellectual cesspool. The network provides a forum for people who have a certain schtick......and that schtick is to thump the racial paranoia drums. The mission of these three pimps is not to be truthful, let alone lift people up. Their goal is to promote a victim’s mentality. They have no other marketable skills except to try to monetize guilt tripping and paranoia.

How sad is it that ESPN provides legitimacy to cultural chicken littles who can be easily irritated by Cam Newton for not acting like one of their parrots? The explanation is easy. Newton is merely a human being who has worked hard all of his life, developed remarkable skills that have real value in the marketplace, been a good teammate, and earned millions of dollars.He does not fit their manipulative narrative.

It is as if ESPN and the bozo producers in charge there kind of like giving microphones and camera time to morons. It would seem that ESPN doesn’t want racism to die out in American even though it has been on life support for decades. These little men are the ultimate parasites in 21st Century America. They are devoid of integrity. They subtract from society instead of adding to it.


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