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© 2016 Jim Spence - Order right now and we will send you second one absolutely free! (um....just pay separate shipping and handling). Do you care about your baby? Buy Enfamil. Enfamil is, “Clinically proven to improve brain and eye development.” Are you tired of being too fat? Forget dieting or exercising, just buy Nivea “Bio-Slim Complex” body lotion. If you rub it on yourself, we are talking “regular use,” this lotion will “significantly reduce body size.”

The dumb claims are endless. Cheap sunglasses are actually, “high definition” sunglasses. Laundry detergent is fun. Americans get bombarded with insanely outrageous commercial messages like these ones every day. We can hit the mute button, change the channel, or simply shake our heads and wait for them to end.

Why are these stupid messages developed and produced? National television ads can cost millions of dollars to run and are extremely expensive to produce. The reason why these messaging schemes are continuous is pretty simple. No doubt there are some very serious research dollars behind these kinds of ads. And the evidence that running them will earn a decent rate of return on the advertising investment is overwhelming.

What does the very presence and repeated appearances of these stupid commercial pitches tell us about the people they target? It tells us that the scientific marketing research has found that the massive American market is perhaps more stupid and more gullible than ever before. If people stopped responding to these ads we wouldn’t still be having endure all of this crap.

Gary Johnson
The evidence that there is widespread idiocy is everywhere. Expect creativity from Hollywood? Forget it. You’ll continue to see billions spent every year on super hero sequels. You want intellectually stimulating programming on television? Forget it. Channels like the H-2 History Channel have been dropped for channels like Vice HD which broadcasts some of the most phony brain dead programming imaginable.

So what is the point?

The point is the Democratic and Republican parties are living examples of how deep into the intellectual abyss we have fallen and how much the party operatives know it. And their marketing people really know this is true. Accordingly, we can now choose between two utter fakes; Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Neither of these people (Hillary or Trump) can pass a basic smell test.

I have done my soul searching. There is another choice. I will be voting for two-time New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson who is running as a Libertarian. He governed for eight years in our state. Johnson is authentic. He has more common sense than any other elected official I have ever seen. During his tenure Johnson vetoed more stupid spending bills than all the other state's governors COMBINED. 

However, if you vote for Gary Johnson, it won’t make you lose weight or look younger.


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