Misuse of the term "greed" - Thomas Sowell Part 6

Thomas Sowell
© 2016 Jim Spence -“I have never understood why it is "greed" to want to keep the money you have earned but not greed to want to take somebody else's money. Among the many other questions raised by the nebulous concept of “greed” is why it is a term applied almost exclusively to those who want to earn more money or to keep what they have already earned—never to those wanting to take other people’s money in taxes or to those wishing to live on the largesse dispensed from such taxation. No amount of taxation is ever described as “greed” on the part of government or the clientele of government. One of the sad signs of our times is that we have demonized those who produce, subsidized those who refuse to produce, and canonized those who complain.”--- Thomas Sowell
You hear misuse of the term “greed” and the canonization of those who misuse it virtually every day. Whether it is the Clintons or the Obamas, demonizing those who produce is their stock and trade. How do they get away with it? Their party has carefully constructed a public education system and entertainment system and used these systems to indoctrinate the masses. Sowell pinpoints the realities of the results the Democrats call for here:
“Socialism is a wonderful idea. It is only as a reality that it has been disastrous. Among people of every race, color, and creed, all around the world, socialism has led to hunger in countries that used to have surplus food to export.... Nevertheless, for many of those who deal primarily in ideas, socialism remains an attractive idea -- in fact, seductive. Its every failure is explained away as due to the inadequacies of particular leaders. Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.”
What Democrats count on most to stay in power is widespread ignorance. And what they count on most has become reliable. We have a nation on the verge of starvation in Venezuela. However, there is no mention of the fact that Venezuelan dictators like Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro have been pimping for socialism for decades. China only emerged from a period when starvation on a massive scale was beginning to set in, when it turned to market based principles. Often when you listen to a socialist, whether it is Obama, one of the Clintons, or Bernie Sanders, you notice that they scoff at the idea of market-based principles as being too simple in the complex world. They want people to believe that they understand this exceedingly complex world much more so than the average person, so much so, that they should be the nation’s caretaker. Sowell has their ilk nailed here:
“People who pride themselves on their "complexity" and deride others for being "simplistic" should realize that the truth is often not very complicated. What gets complex is evading the truth.”
The nation's public education system and elected officials in the Democratic Party refuse to discuss the basic concept of economic scarcity. They urge their constituents to resort to envy. Sowell points to reality here:
“The first lesson of economics is scarcity: There is never enough of anything to satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics.”
The Lego movie illustrated the corruption of Hollywood and the Democrats as well as any film in modern history. The villain in that animated movie was “Lord Business.” The movie was one of the most cynical attempts to turn people against business. Ironically Hollywood is a business too. Thomas Sowell gets to the heart of the matter here:

“It was Thomas Edison who brought us electricity, not the Sierra Club. It was the Wright brothers who got us off the ground, not the Federal Aviation Administration. It was Henry Ford who ended the isolation of millions of Americans by making the automobile affordable, not Ralph Nader. Those who have helped the poor the most have not been those who have gone around loudly expressing “compassion for the poor,” but those who found ways to make industry more productive and distribution more efficient, so that the poor of today can afford things that the affluent of yesterday could only dream about.”
The next time you hear a Democrat barking about producers not paying their "fair share" you should know that they laying a guilt trip game on America. Sowell speaks of it often:
“Despite whatever the left may say, or even believe, about their concern for the poor, their actual behavior shows their interest in the poor to be greatest when the poor can be used as a focus of the left’s denunciations of society.” 
And some people wonder where Colin Kapernick gets all of his stupid ideas? 



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