Zero Integrity - Democrats rig elections

© 2016 Jim Spence - You have to shake your head at the media dialogue surrounding a “rigged” presidential election. If you are under the delusion that voter fraud does not happen in virtually every Democratic stronghold in America, you should stop reading right now.
Democrats are not simply establishing all sorts of back doors that can be used to commit voter fraud. They are paving the way for a horrible end to American society as we know it. There is no fundamental value or integrity that Democrats hold sacred including the sanctity of citizenship and a fair voting process.
The sequence of voter fraud is actually pretty easy to follow. When we go to vote at our precinct we see our niece and sister's names still on the voting rolls. We have informed the Democrats in the County Clerk’s office at least three times that neither our niece nor sister has lived in the state for more than twenty-five years. While we have not checked to see if someone has “voted” on behalf of our sister or niece recently, we really don’t have to. We read the reports of dead people voting as well as more people voting than were actually registered in a precinct. These sorts of outrageous frauds and many others occur constantly. Investigative reports show that tens of thousands of illegal aliens vote. Even illegal alien felons are voting. Nobody is ever prosecuted.
How do Democrats get away with voter fraud on such a widespread basis? First, the people they use in their fraud schemes may not even know they are breaking the law. Second, if they do know they are committing felonies, they probably do not care because once again, they realize they won’t ever be prosecuted. Third, in the inner cities and rural areas where Democratic Party registrations are high, fraudulent voters are brought to voting precincts in vans by Democratic Party organizers. Those who commit voter fraud are often given alcohol and/or tobacco. They are taught how to sign someone else’s name on a voter card and often Democratic Party operatives go in the voting booth with them to pull the Democrat lever. Simply put, it is easy to vote illegally and fraud is an epidemic.
How could it be this easy? Think about what Democrats do to make sure fraud is easy. Want to use your credit card? Produce a photo I.D. Want to fly? Produce a photo I.D. Want to rent something? Produce a photo I.D. Want to cash a check? Produce a photo I.D. Democrats understand that you must have an I.D. to live in modern society. Democrats never object to the fact that if you want to fly or charge something you must have a photo I.D. They even support driver's licenses for illegal aliens to make it easier for them to function here illegally.
However, because Democrats know that voting in many Democratic precincts can be packed with people committing fraud, they become outraged whenever it is suggested that requiring a photo I.D. to vote is fundamental and should be the law of the land. Democrats block voter fraud reform efforts at every turn. Democrats have the audacity to say that requiring an I.D. to vote is.......racist. They get Democrat judges to agree with their positions and as a result of this judicial collusion, the fraud goes on and on.
Democrats help voter fraud by refusing to enforce immigration laws. As a result, working America subsidizes everyone's living standard who violates our border laws. Government agents on the taxpayer payrolls who get paid to secure our not do so. This leads to working America actually subsidizing over-crowded emergency rooms, doctor’s offices, and clinics. Accordingly, Democrats have managed to destroy the best healthcare system in the world in less than eight years. It is overrun with freeloaders.
Working America continues to get conned every single day by the Obamas and Clinton’s and their adoring media. Anyone who calls foul on their dumb open border policies is a racist anti-immigrant. Along with all of these other costs, we also pay for an insidious process that enables voter fraud to rob us.
It is sad to see that Democrats have zero respect for the most fundamental nature of democracy. They are willing to promote racial paranoia to achieve the perversion of the sanctity of the vote. Democrats have no problem whatsoever with allowing voter fraud at every turn.
As much as I hate defending Trump......if the question is this: "Do Democrats rig elections?" 
The answer is is simple. Democrats rig elections every chance they get.
The great sadness with the way our society has devolved in the 21st Century is that Democrats no longer care about basic fundamental integrity.


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