What do you expect?

© 2016 Jim Spence - Let’s see if we notice a pattern?
Recently hard-core Democrat comedienne Kathy Griffin produced a video of herself holding a bloody severed Donald Trump head. "It was Trump's fault," she said when CNN dropped her from next year's New Year's Eve telecast for her appalling behavior. "He (Trump) drove me over the top," she whined. Now that's funny.
There's more. Much more. Shakespeare in the Park in New York City has approved a modern version of Julius Caesar for this summer where the lead, a Trump look alike, is actually assassinated. The New York Times reviewer loved the play, giving it a sterling review. The implication? Kill!
In recent years the Black Lives Matter crowd, which Hillary Clinton cow-towed to every chance she got, has called for and managed to influence people enough to get some to engage in execution-style killings of law enforcement people. If you try to offer your support for the dead cops families by wearing a "blue lives matters" t-shirt.........Democrats will call you a racist.
And just this morning James T. Hodgkinson, a certified Republican-hating Democrat from Illinois, shot four people including a GOP Congressman at a baseball field in Northern Virginia.
Ummmm......what do you expect?
The patterns suggest we should expect more of this hatred-filled violence regularly. These acts of violence have been assisted by ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NPR, CNN, The New York Times, the Washington Post, and nearly every newspaper in America. These outlets print not just the quirky truth about Donald Trump, which does enough damage to his political situation on its own, but vile lies. When the drumbeats of anger are beaten while directed towards high profile Republicans, you can expect more than a few Democrats to resort to violence. Does the media and leading Democrats want violence? Probably not. They just cannot control their hatred.
Obviously these patterns are unprecedented. Recent studies have showed that the negative coverage on Trump is about twice what it was for George W. Bush, and four times more than it was for Obama. The fomenting and encouragement of violence is not being orchestrated by radical fringe groups, it is being done by seemingly respectable people doing national news broadcasts on television. Add to this the fact that high ranking leaders within the Democratic Party are also fomenting violence. DNC chairman Tom Perez has been giving one profanity-laced speech after another, even with children present. Perez is on the record exhorting the sort of hatred that used to be over the top at skinhead conventions. This is mainstream Democratic Party politics by the chairman of the party now. New York Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand got into the mix recently when she dropped the F-bomb at a technology conference.
You also see the fomenting of anger and violence play out in the form of violent property-destroying protests against freedom of speech on the campuses of California Berkeley and UCLA. Folks this is the tip of the iceberg. This sort of thing is going on in many other areas. The hope must be that Democrats will intimidate those who do not agree with them into silence.
What can you expect in the aftermath of these shootings today? Look for Democrats to call on all elected officials to sacrifice more of their personal freedoms for more controls by big government. Within a week of today the dead Democrat who shot these innocent people won’t be blamed for anything. It will be his self-operating gun that takes the fall. The NRA will be the real culprit. Just sit back and watch this happen.
It continues to be truly amazing that people who enjoy the protection of armed body guards at taxpayer expense never demand a vote to disarm the people protecting them. In fact they vote regularly to provide more security…….for themselves. The would be mass murderer this morning was shot and killed by Capital Police who were there to protect elected-officials. Good for that law enforcement contingent and THANK GOD the would-be murderer wasn’t black. If he had been black we could see hints there might just have been some racism involved in the volley of shots fired by officers at him while he was firing away. We have already seen this happen in other locales where the gunman was black.

Of course, in reality Mr. Hodgkinson was just another angry Democrat who could not come to terms with being on the losing side of an election. If it had been you or me at that park this morning and no congressmen, we would have had to rely on our 2nd Amendment rights, which of course Democrats would like to usurp with unconstitutional laws. Adequate security is only something that self-important Democrats require....not the millions of minions out there who serve the state.



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