Christine Blasey Ford: She's no Kathleen Willey

© 2018 Jim Spence - It is already time to update the story on Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his “accuser.” Her name, which the Democrats leaked to the media after playing coy with this important "new" information, is Christine Blasey Ford. Ford is nothing more than the latest prop in the “stall the Kavanaugh nomination game.”
It seems that Ford is ummmmmm..a registered Democrat and a left wing activist. She has contributed funds to many hard left political causes including the non-profit Act Blue. Act Blue is a nonprofit group with an open hatred for anything having to do with Republicans and Republican judge nominees. Act Blue actually sells itself as a high-tech fundraiser for Democrats. And fundraiser it is. The organization has raised $2.66 billion all for DEMOCRATS over the last fourteen years. A quick look at the Act Blue website tells you everything you need to know about Christine Blasey Ford. Act Blue is involved in developing and implementing fundraising technology for the left. On their website they say: 
“Our mission is to democratize power and help small-dollar donors make their voices heard in a real way. We develop top-of-the-line fundraising software and offer simple, intuitive tools to help campaigns and organizations connect with new and existing grassroots donors. As a result, nonprofits thrive and Democratic campaigns get more donations through Act Blue than any other platform. Together, we build powerful movements. That’s why a majority of Democratic Senate and House campaigns — along with the DCCC, DSCC, DGA, over one-third of statewide campaigns, and advocacy organizations around the country — have chosen Act Blue. But we’re so much more than a tool set. Together, we’ve raised $2,665,617,634 for Democrats and progressive causes in just 14 years."
Here is the scam. Democrats are using Christine Blasey Ford, with her remarkably hardcore Democrat pedigree, to go after a GOP Supreme Court nominee and stall his confirmation process.
Democrats are feigning deep concern about what she alleges happened thirty-six years ago when she and Kavanaugh were attending different high schools.
Amazingly, the Democrats as they broke this scam to the media, forgot they completely ignored or ridiculed the allegations made by another Democratic partisan. That would be Kathleen Willey, who told her story of the sexual assault she endured not in high school, but in the White House. It had been perpetrated by a sitting president, one Bill Clinton. Clinton was not a political opponent of Willey’s. He was the guy Willey actually volunteered for because she mistakenly “believed” in him. Democrats could not have cared less about what Willey had to say. On the other hand, now Democrats have managed to regain their sense of concern over Christine Blasey Ford’s 36 year old accusations. Her being a committed left wing activist who is going after people she clearly sees as her enemy seems to bolster the ability of Democrats to contrive some faux concern.



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