A Discussion of the U.S. Constitution

The U.S. Constitution is the longest lasting governing framework of its kind in human history. It has lasted because it is a supreme aggregation of wisdom regarding human nature. The U.S. Constitution should be taken literally, because when it is, it transcends partisan politics. In fact, the document actually recognizes the poisonous nature of ambitious partisans and their devious methods. It provides serious safeguards to protect ALL American citizens from the vagaries of those who would in their capacities as civilian or military generals, force others to comply with oppressive methods of governance that violate basic protections of human freedom.

We recall with great fondness and appreciation how American public education once revered the United States Constitution including all amendments. As recently as forty or fifty years ago, there was still a great consensus among government, history, and civics teachers on the beauties of the document. A grasp of how important it is that the U.S. Constitution provides crucial protections to the most ardent liberal progressives, as well as the most reactionary conservatives.....and all others in between, has been fading for decades All surveys indicate that in recent years, there has been a parting of the ways on the value of fundamental freedoms. Strangely enough it has been the once free-speech loving progressives, who have found it more useful to take their protections in the U.S. Constitution for granted while attempting to deny others the same.

Another curious perversion of the freedom mindset has been the way public education has focused on the character flaws of the Founding Fathers. Incredibly, a perversely idealistic all or none demand for human perfection among the founders, has paved the way for millions of progressives to become the enemies of both the good and the great protections contained in the U.S. Constitution. 

From time-to-time you will still hear American progressives refer to the U.S. Constitution. However, it is increasingly obvious that these references only occur during occasions when they are immediately expedient, in terms of assisting progressives in achieving short-term political goals or objectives.

Conversely, we revere the U.S. Constitution and all its amendments and keep the document in the forefront of our mindset. We embrace the document as a nearly ideal framework for the limited governance, rather than some sort of vaguely worded piece of paper that allows for maximum governance power in the hands of distant Civilian Generals.

The idea that the U.S. Constitution should merely be viewed as a very limited theoretical tool to be drawn from the rhetorical holster when a political point needs to be scored is one of the great abominations of our time.

Public education's abandonment of emphasis on the non-partisan nature of the U.S. Constitution is the shirking of a FUNDAMENTAL DUTY to a free society. Teaching of the timeless wisdom contained in the U.S. Constitution including all amendments, should be required at every level of education. The lack of emphasis on this important aspect of our existence is the precursor to political chaos and eventually the end of freedoms for all of us, regardless of our political leanings.



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