Recalling the attempt to lynch Clarence Thomas

© 2019 Jim Spence - Dennis Prager is one of America’s great thinkers. He has been attempting to introduce sanity to the greater Los Angeles area for twenty years on his radio show. As hard as he has tried to help L.A. think clearly, the results are pretty mixed.
Prager wrote a column earlier this week that was quite profound. I’ll borrow from his piece and expand on it since my personal experiences confirm what he wrote.
Let’s try some thought experiments to get to the root of this horrible problem Democrats go on and on about. To hear Democratic Party candidates and the media speak, there is one horrific problem in America that goes beyond all other problems. The claims are simple. Because of widespread racism in America, oppression and subjugation of millions of minority members goes on and on. Yes, due to the awesome power of white people everywhere in America, who are almost all racists, minorities in America simply don’t have a prayer.
The problem is specific of course. According to Democrats, all white conservatives are racists. Amazingly, this pretty much encompasses about half the electorate. So, basically half of America is evil. In fact, according to Democrats, Mr. Trump was elected by people who are not only irredeemable, they are also deplorable, as all racists are.
Let’s see now. Let’s think about these damned racists. Racists are horrible people because they have a pathological dislike for people based simply on race. But most specifically, racists dislike and distrust all black people. This is not just one of the Democrat’s arguments; it is their fundamental claim about America.
Prager addresses this pretty amazing claim in a profound way. He says we should ask every white conservative who is undoubtedly according to Democrats, a racist, the following three questions:

1) Do you have more in common with, and are you personally more comfortable in the company of, a white leftist or a black conservative?

2) Would you rather have nine white leftists or nine black conservatives on the U.S. Supreme Court?

3) Would you rather your child marry a black Christian conservative or a white non-Christian liberal?

Prager says he has posed these three questions many times, and Prager confirmed what I already knew. Every white conservative he has ever posed these questions to, has responded as follows:
1) They are MORE comfortable in the company of a black conservative. 2) They would prefer nine black conservatives on the Supreme Court, and 3) they would prefer that their child marry a black conservative than a white leftist.
When I read the Prager column, I was reminded of a fascinating conversation I had with a black leftist attorney from Houston, who was in town playing golf with me and one of my buddies. The topic was Clarence Thomas. This black leftist attorney told me that he thought Clarence Thomas was a terrible judge who made terrible rulings. My response was that I was sorry he had opposed the Thomas nomination, because I liked the Thomas judicial record. This man quickly corrected me. He told me he wanted Thomas to be confirmed on the Supreme Court.
“But you just said he was a lousy judge,” I said with a confused tone. He smiled and allowed as how the fact that Thomas was black was more important than his qualifications. I was stunned by this statement and I never forgot that exchange. It helped clarify for me where the most radical views on skin color were in America. They resided within the delusional minds of American leftists.
Let’s move on to Democrats and their claim of the horrible problem with whites oppressing minorities. It is best to consider the case of Rachel Dolzeal and Elizabeth Warren. Neither of these women are actually a member of any racial minority group. And yet both of these women are high profile examples of people who found it much more useful to be the member of a minority group than to remain “privileged white persons.” Apparently, these women saw so much advantage in claiming to be a minority member, they lied, and pretended to be one.
Going back to the Prager column, it is not surprising that Prager said he has never run into a white conservative who: 1) would not prefer the company of a black conservative to a white leftist, 2) who would not prefer nine black conservative justices like Clarence Thomas to nine white leftists like Stephen Breyer, and 3) who would not prefer his or her child marry a black Christian conservative than a non-Christian white leftist.
Anyone who interacts with conservatives regularly already knows all of these things. This not to say there are no racists. But racists are marginal members of our society not commonplace. And they wield almost no influence whatsoever.
But of course, Democrats understand this is not about truth, it is about power. And because Democrats control public education, the news media, and the entertainment industry, they must attempt to keep brainwashing all Americans with myths. They are compelled to ignore all of the facts about racism. Otherwise Democrats would not be able to toss the racist label around whenever it suits their whims.
What is fascinating is watching white leftists like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi get accused of being racists by others within their own party. Even Barack Obama accused Bill and Hillary Clinton of being racists in the 2008 primaries. Of course the same Obama endorsed and campaigned for the same despicable racist in 2016 when it suited his whims.
What a crock.

Democrats have changed

© 2019 Jim Spence - Let’s all consider how much things have changed in the Democratic Party over the last few years. All of the Democrat's presidential candidates, save for a couple, are now advocating for the abolition of private health insurance. Apparently, they want the federal government to do for private health care what it has done for VA hospitals.
Almost all the Democrats are calling for the elimination of U.S. borders. They go so far as to brand the U.S. Border Patrol and its support agencies as terrorists. Long gone are the lessons taught to us by the bi-partisan 9-11 Commission that reported to the American people about the hazards of lax border enforcement policies.
It goes on and on. Virtually every Democrat who is running for president supports the doubling of income tax rates including an onerous 70% top income-tax rate. Most are calling for annual taxes on wealth. It seems we just have too much wealth around here.
Democrats want a college education to be “free.” One can only suppose taxpayers will foot the bill for every Tom, Dick, and Mary who wants to go to college, regardless of academic achievement in high school, which is already sorely lacking all over the country.
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has now joined the amazing chorus of Democrats calling for taxpayers to shell out reparations for slavery. Nobody knows how the government might devise a system to reward families whose great great great great grandparents died fighting to end slavery nearly 160 years ago. There were hundreds of thousands of them. The main thing is to make sure black Americans feel like "victims."
Most Democrats, who have huge carbon footprints out on the campaign trail, want to destroy the fossil fuel industry and the nation’s economy along with it. This idea is to fight the mythical beast known as climate change. The cost could run $100 trillion for Democrats to get themselves in charge of the energy industry.
Some U.S. companies have gone so far as to declare themselves Democrats. Think about Nike's management, which has decided under advice from the brilliant Colin Kaepernick, that the Betsy Ross American flag should be banned because it is a symbol of slavery and oppression.
The pro-abortion wing of the Democratic Party has decided that killing babies in the birth canal is a woman’s healthcare “choice” instead of infanticide. What is next? Will Democrats demand that mass murderer Kermit Gosnell be released from prison and declared a folk hero? Should we build a monument to a baby killer and put it on the mall in Washington D.C.?
Whatever happened to the Democrats I knew growing up? They were adamant supporters of free speech and all other forms of civil liberties. Right under our noses Democrats of my youth have been replaced by 21st century Govbots who think the solution to every problem is to give more power to the state. Lenin, Stalin, and Mao must be wondering why they were born way too early, with all of the opportunities that are presenting themselves to totalitarians in America in 2019. These guys killed millions who disagreed with them, but they had to do so without an assist from today's U.S. Democrats.