Progressivism - From Religion to Intellectual Bankruptcy

© 2020 Jim Spence -  Part IV of this column series contains a simple summary in the first sentence of the final paragraph. "The Church of Progressivism is not winning because it is bankrupt of ideas that could IMPROVE America and solve sticky problems."
That is a pretty strong statement. It must be defended by facts that support it.
The best evidence of the fact that The Church of Progressivism is not winning because it is bankrupt of proven ideas, goes far beyond a recent election, or a point of view on any particular subject.
Sometimes we should all set the church aside (if we have one) and simply form our own points of view on any particular subject. And because no two human beings should ever agree on everything, unless one of them is not thinking, we must also have a framework and stick to it that settles our disagreements in a civilized way. (U.S. Constitution will do just fine)
Religious wars tend to come about in human history when religious fanatics try to take over. And when religious warriors lose, they will often resort to engaging in “Scorched Earth” policies as they retreat.
Look at the conduct of the bullhorns, the high-profile personalities in the Church of Progressivism as they retreat intellectually.
Let’s begin with most media anchors and most opinion writers at major metropolitan area newspapers. They are constantly going on the record suggesting that half their potential market is stupid (the half that disagrees with them).
Media anchors have national forums on cable networks and broadcast networks. Their level of sarcasm and scorn for political opponents is on the record. And it is more visceral than anything history has seen in 90 years.
In the end, litigating the impeachment proceedings is a colossal waste of time. Fanatics will waste your time. Discussing other efforts to change the outcomes of the 2016 and 2020 elections, that were also heavy on rhetoric and political opinion, but very light on facts, is a waste of time. We are learning that media fanatics will waste your time, if you let them. They believe they are in the business to do 24 hours a day of sermons.
Fanaticism has spread. In addition to the media anchors, fanaticism has infected Church of Progressivism members who have been elected to the House and Senate. Even icons in pop culture are infected. Members in all these professions are passing the collection plates within their own congregations regularly.
Observers can see that Progressives are in full scorched earth mode because of their constant efforts to ATTEMPT to use the full FORCE of their faith, to nullify a presidential election, with another presidential election right around the corner. This suggests an intellectual  mindset not unlike that of Japanese warrior mentality in the Phillipines, once it was obvious Japan was losing the war. Sadly, they engaged in a bitter scorched earth policy while retreating.
There is an important principle involved here. Politics is a rough business. People like Donald Trump all know full well that the game of national politics is very rough long before they jump in the game. However, we are seeing the church mouthpieces descend deep into bizarre behavioral depths. At their depth, they constantly direct shrill sarcasm, scathing ridicule, and toxic cynicism not only towards elected officials, but towards sixty-two million citizens. This is UNPRECEDENTED.....period.
When independent observers see this, they get the distinct impression that not only is the Church of Progressivism losing, but its deacons, choirs, and preachers are all consumed religious fanatics.
Most people understand the dangers they pose, and nobody wants the U.S. to turn into Northern Ireland fifty years ago, or South Carolina in 1860.
Unfortunately for the Church of Progressivism, shrill sarcasm, scathing ridicule, and toxic cynicism is not swaying enough people in enough states. SCORCHED EARTH rants don't play well in many places. Having run out of ideas, the church finds itself in a serious predicament. Outside of demanding more laws, more regulations, and more bureaucrats, the church has nothing. When these three things are all that a church offers........the religion is intellectually bankrupt.



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