It is time for reason.....and mass civil disobedience

© 2020 Jim Spence - One of my great friends and mentors once told me, “In America we have developed a cultural behavior pattern. “Anything deemed worth doing, is worth OVER-DOING.”

Sadly, it should now be clear to every American, that the dictatorial reaction of politicians to the pandemic, was overdone. That reaction is now becoming absurd. Look around. Citizens are being treated like cattle. Wal-Mart has painted arrows on the floor of their stores to tell customers the paths to walk through when visiting their stores. What is next? Cattle prods?

The group think is everywhere. George Orwell taught us long ago, there is nothing more dangerous than group think. Please do not misunderstand.
  1. Social distancing suggestions are fine.
  2. Wearing masks is logical.
  3. Better hygiene protocols for all businesses makes sense.
  4. Bringing testing to the masses as quickly as possible is common sense.
  5. Even having special policies for the most vulnerable in our society, such as the elderly, and those with existing respiratory conditions is appropriate.

But all of this?

Let us get on the record here. Opting to tolerate totalitarianism is stupid. In fact, it is beyond stupid. What is happening in places like New Mexico, California, Michigan, as well as in other places is an insult to the concept of stupid.

For anyone who is not sure what should have been the proper response, glance at Sweden. The Swedes have been taking all five of the common senses actions listed above. However, the Swedes never considered issuing, “stay at home ORDERS.” Accordingly, the Swedes are rapidly developing herd immunity, while their infection rates, and virus death ratios remain well below or in line with those in American states where governors have chosen to suspend the United States Constitution’s sacred guarantees and commit economic and freedom suicide instead.

Readers, the data is piling up everywhere and our elected officials are ignoring it. A couple of weeks ago a team of distinguished researchers from Stanford University finished an assessment of Chinese Coronavirus antibody testing in Santa Clara County, California. What these researchers discovered is something that six other independent studies have since confirmed in many other locations around the nation. There are 50 to 85 times more people who have already had and recovered from this virus than has been “estimated.” Still, the number of “confirmed cases,” which seems to still be an irrelevant obsession in the media, continues to be a meaningless data point taken completely out of context. One must conclude that this masking of relevant data has been done for dramatic effect.

Manipulating data is dangerous. It has already resulted in bogus estimates of virus, “fatality rates.” Baseless fatality rate estimates, which were immediately foisted on the American public, have now been reduced to tiny fractions of the original dumb guesses. With virtually NO supporting DATA, the original fatality rate estimates can now be deemed fraudulent.

However, observe the narrow benefits. “Bureaucrat experts” are having their Judge Ito moments every day at virus update press conferences. Fame is cool. It leads to lucrative book deals. All one need do, is keep the news cameras on one's self for a little longer.

Wake up America. STOP allowing your financial futures and your precious freedoms to be destroyed by bureaucrats and elected officials in exchange for a vague promise to, “take care of you.” Americans do not need to reduce our existences to that of obedient government robots in desperate need of daily programming nannies, who are drawing government paychecks, while most others wither financially.

In places like California, Michigan, New Mexico, as well as many other states, we are learning the sinister ways that despotic governors decide what essential workers and businesses are. First and foremost, ALL government employees are somehow essential. NO government employees are being furloughed without pay, even the millions doing the most routine and mundane tasks are getting paid, often to do nothing. The burdens of these stay at home orders are not being shared. It would seem that some animals are more equal than others.

Does anyone suffer from the delusion that this is all about your health? Health care services that are important to you, as well as your dogs and cats, are not "deemed essential” by your intellectual superiors. Let us address the delusions.

If you need your teeth cleaned to prevent the development of serious gum diseases, you are out of luck. In New Mexico, your governor has decided that human beings who need these services and those who perform these services are simply not essential. However, the state employed clerks processing vehicle registration renewals by mail, are totally essential. Sorry readers, this is not about your health.

Do you want to go to a grocery store and pick up some potato chips, candy bars, and sugar-laden soft drinks? Have at it. However, if you live in Michigan and you want to buy organic vegetable seeds to plant in your garden, forget it. According to the governor of Michigan, buying junk food is fine, but buying garden seeds at the same store is simply too risky. Again, this is not about your health.

Do you need physical therapy after a recent surgery or injury to prevent atrophy of muscle groups that are critical to your recovery? Forget about it. No way. You can limp or hobble around for the rest of your life because it is for the greater good. However, are you eight months pregnant and want to kill an already viable baby? Have at it.....because late-term abortions are life sustaining.

Do you want to play golf? No way. Do you want to stock up on some more booze or recreational weed? Go for it.

Do you want to get a haircut? Forget about it. That is way too risky. Do you want to go to a convenience store and buy a lottery ticket so the government can keep dumb money flowing into its coffers? Go for it.

Do you dare take your kid to play on the swing in a public park? Forget it. That is just too risky. Do you want to feel safe that convicted felons are locked up behind bars? Forget that too. Many governors and mayors are busy emptying jail cells of felons. They want to "protect violent criminals" from the virus. They are executing this policy after instructing law enforcement officials to issue citations and the threats of jail time to parents taking kids to public parks or adults walking on beaches.

In a state of over two million people there have been 93 deaths from the virus in New Mexico. One must take the decimal points out three digits to get the percentage of the population the virus has killed. It is 0.00443%. Mayor Martin Hicks of Grants, New Mexico put it best when he said, Governor Michelle Grisham, “is killing us. She’s totally killing us.”

Readers, this is not about your health. It is about power in the hands of hacks instead of freedom for all. The good news is citizens are beginning to take actions to render stay at home orders null and void. This small wave of civil disobedience should mushroom into a tsunami. These governors should be banished to what they deem to be "non-essential" activities.

Self-appointed nannies

© 2020 Jim Spence - A blind person could see New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham’s penchant for becoming the self-appointed “nanny” for more than 2 million New Mexicans a month ago. Seeing this little dictator announce she was utilizing her “emergency powers” in ways that made absolutely no sense, was a big red flag. Just yesterday, the New Mexico governor ignored all pleas to begin to re-open New Mexico’s businesses. Instead, she extended what amounts to martial law, until May 15th.

Grisham is a career bureaucrat. She is clearly in way over her head. Her decisions have been political, capricious, and beyond arbitrary. Accordingly, I fled the state for our summer home in Colorado earlier than planned. Colorado is a state where much more reasonable virus precautions are in place.

Hundreds of thousands of New Mexicans are ready to make a trade with South Dakota. In South Dakota, Governor Kristi Noem, respects the Bill of Rights and particularly the ability of state citizens to process widespread information and take precautions on their own. Unlike Grisham in New Mexico, Governor Noem in South Dakota has taken note of the glaring fact that extremely strict shutdown policies are NOT having a better impact on infections around the country. Therefore, her virus policies are far less strict than the business destroying edicts issued in New Mexico.

It was a tale of two Wednesdays yesterday. From her dictatorship perch in Santa Fe, Lujan-Grisham thumbed her nose at hundreds of thousands of citizens wanting their basic freedoms back. She ordered all New Mexico citizens to continue to stay at home for another three weeks. In the meantime, in South Dakota, Governor Noem announced that her state was winning the war against the coronavirus, without ever implementing extreme and draconian economy-killing measures. In her explanation, Governor Noem simply pointed out the obvious. Despite earlier projections by "expert" bureaucrats of a surge in virus cases that would swamp South Dakota hospitals, Noem said the state has not seen a surge. In fact, South Dakota currently has less than a hundred people in the hospital with the virus.

Noem said, “We have 2,500 beds set aside for COVID-19 patients, but we only have 63 in. We probably, from all our projections and studying the science behind the virus, we won’t peak until the middle of June. But we already have done much better than what we had thought would have been hitting our state already.”

Data from all over the nation tells the mostly untold story. Hospitals are running at a fraction of capacity, minus a few hot spots in places like New York City and New Orleans, where Democrat mayors, originally trying to prove how much they hate Trump, chose to ignore original virus guidelines. The point is simple. In places like New Mexico and South Dakota, stay at home orders have been unnecessary.

The philosophical dividing lines are clear. New Mexico Democrats argue that all citizens are completely incapable of making intelligent decisions about virus safety. They crassly support the grabbing of emergency powers over all aspects of life using the excuse that we all must be protected from ourselves. BUREAUCRATS decide what is essential not citizens.

Alternatively, GOP governors like Kristi Noem say keeping the freedom to make intelligent choices in the hands of people makes more sense.

When you watch the behavior of Michelle Lujan Grisham, and you realize Democrats have been in charge of the state legislature virtually non-stop since the 1950’s, you understand why the state is ranked 49th and 50th in every meaningful measure of living standards. The majority of New Mexico voters are getting what they deserve.....more poverty.

"In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

© 2020 Jim Spence - George Orwell is widely regarded as a 20th Century prophet. Recently, we completed a series of lectures on the life of Orwell. It turned out to be a timely foray into the widespread nature of disinformation. With disinformation, comes the loss of basic freedoms and the tyranny of dictatorships. The dangers of citizens ceding control of their lives to people who engage in what Orwell called, "Doublethink," should never be underestimated.

According to Orwell, Doublethink is, "The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them." This helps explain why some governors find it easy to claim stay at home mandates and lock downs are absolutely necessary to save lives but the murder of babies via late-term abortions are a must, because they are "life sustaining."

Another Orwell gem describes the willingness of the news media to continue to report on the "confirmed" case count of viruses, while ignoring the wide ranging prevalence of virus antibodies, which by the way, are also confirmed virus cases. Orwell says, "In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." Thus, ignoring the widespread prevalence of virus antibodies in reputable new scientific studies, allows the media (and its power-seeking friends) to pretend this virus problem is more fatal and worsening, when just the opposite is true. Again, it is no wonder the media is describing people protesting against disinformation, tyranny, and the loss of basic freedoms, as radical revolutionaries. The media lives in a time of deceit. The truth is revolutionary to most working in the field of journalism.

We have been living in an era of deceit for quite some time. Accordingly, Americans are being presented with two false choices:

1) total normalcy or 2) stay at home orders and other arbitrary emergency fiats that destroy basic liberties.

One must ask this question about the one-size-fits all approach of stay at home orders: If the State of South Dakota was one of the only hot spots in the nation for Chinese Coronavirus, would the State of New York issue stay at home orders? If not, why must the reverse be true?

Orwell made this observation that most certainly applies to governors issuing sweeping stay at home orders, "We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it."

Saying the words, "I told you so," is rarely any fun. Who said life was always fun? Less than nine months ago I wrote a column on this site entitled: The Civil War Sequence. It is probably worth a read. Just click on the title.

Some of the most basic tenets made in that column apply even more strongly today. The telltale signs of the possibility of a second American civil war are everywhere. All one need do to recognize the signs is take a long glance at the behaviors of Democrats and their embracing of disinformation, dictatorial powers, and Doublethink. We now have dozens of governors who are acting as dictators under the guise of emergency provisions. Several have found that it is just fine to smoke grass. However, until further notice citizens can’t mow the grass in their yards. Doublethink. Some governors have ruled that citizens can buy vegetables at the grocery stores, but can’t buy vegetable seeds there. Doublethink. The governor of New York has shut down churches, but allows mosques to stay open. Doublethink.

Take a step back. Understand that the Democratic Party mindset that was prevalent in 1860 America, is once again prevalent today. As was the case with the election of the “controversial” Abe Lincoln in 1860, Donald Trump’s election in 2016 has been followed by a series of efforts at nullification.

Astonishingly, after months of debates, the Democrat's presidential candidate field was finally whittled down. The choices were a 78 year old do-nothing Marxist, or a 78 year old career politician suffering from the obvious onset of dementia. The Democrats weighed carefully and finally made their choice. They decided to go with the man who is clearly suffering from dementia.

How might a second U.S. Civil War play out? Let’s build a plausible scenario.

1) The electorate in America, just might deny desperate Democrats the White House again in 2020, just as it did in 2016.......and 159 years ago in 1860.

2) Elite globalist Democrats, are constantly parroting the bullet points of a communist dictatorship in China, a dictatorship that just allowed the infection of the entire world with a deadly virus thanks to disinformation. Democrats are defending the criminals while criticizing those on the firing line trying to fix this mess. This is not playing well domestically.

3) In conjunction with their irrational hatred of Trump, many Democrat governors are abandoning the fundamental principle of FREEDOM that binds together all Americans.

4) Armed Americans have had enough. Tens of thousands are marching on state houses all over the nation. They are demanding the return of their constitutional rights. They simply want to go back to work to stave off bankruptcy. So far their 1st Amendment rights that include freedom of assembly are being respected. However, should the governors send in police forces to enforce their "stay at home" edicts, all hell could break loose.

5) Many Democrats are insisting on economic suicide. This position will have a short shelf life. Millions of Americans will not surrender their freedoms indefinitely. Many are drawing lines.

Is the possibility of a second Civil War far-fetched? To say definitively is sheer speculation. But the deceit is paper thin these days. Just before the Democrat's hapless impeachment effort failed, they collectively decided to completely ignore the virus. In what must be described as one of the great exercises of Doublethink, most high-profile Democrats are now pretending they never called virus precautions "racist" or encouraged the ignoring of basic social-distancing. Now they are encouraging aggressive dictatorships at the state and local levels. Democrats do this even as overall death rates in America plunge rather than surge.

All one needs to do is watch film clips of Joe Biden trying to form sentences to understand what Democrats are trying to foist on the nation as their solution for a better future.

Millions of Americans are going to continue to refuse to jump off cliffs, simply to get rid of Trump in favor of the dementia-plagued Joe Biden. They will reject Biden because they know we live in a time of deceit where the media is trying to convince us Biden does not belong in a memory unit at an assisted-living facility in Delaware.

Just like toddlers

© 2020 Jim Spence - Have you ever done babysitting with a toddler who is beginning to experiment with telling fibs? You stay engaged with them while letting them do the talking. It can almost become comical to see their little wheels spinning, as they contemplate what they will say next. Truth has not yet become a virtue in their tiny childish worlds.

So much has been written about the communist dictatorship in China and their virus. The politics behind this global catastrophe have been breath-taking. Observing the process is very similar to the one described above with the toddler. Sadly, all over the world we have adults in powerful positions trying to get away with behaving like toddlers. Each day they are caught contemplating how to shape the lie they are going to tell next. Each lie is structured to theoretically “strengthen” the lies they have already told.

This latest mess started with a Chinese dictatorship that engages in lies and cover-ups as a matter of routine. When the Chinese communists first lost control of this highly contagious and deadly virus, they began sanctioning local physicians, who were sounding the warnings. The dictatorship's damage control team quickly convinced the W.H.O. bureaucrats to discard their responsibilities in favor of keeping up a good appearance....for the Xi dictatorship.

Democrats, like lying toddlers have done a one hundred-eighty-degree flip flop on the virus before our very eyes. As misinformation followed by more accurate information flowed on the pandemic, Democrats were still pot-committed to impeachment. As Trump’s advisers began to convince him things were serious, and then the W.H.O. finally admitted the virus was contagious as hell, Democrats were all patting each other on the back, as Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler made fools of themselves. Conspicuously, Trump’s poll numbers rose during the entire impeachment fiasco. The toddlers were puzzled that the adults response to their scam was disbelief.

When asked about Trump’s travel ban order in late January, the universal response from Democrats was nakedly POLITICAL. The toddlers said, Trump did the travel ban because he was a racist. The great irony is that New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio insisted until just a few weeks ago, that because Trump was a jerk, New Yorkers need not be the least bit concerned with the virus warnings. This miscalculation probably cost the city untold thousands of lives. New York is one place where the warnings should have been heeded. The toddlers hated Trump, more than they hate eating broccoli. So their idea of leadership was to ignore serious warnings until that was proven to be foolish, and then pretend they wanted travel bans all along before Trump did.

Let's take a break from the toddlers. There is good news. Though we are dealing with a new virus, which means there is no vaccine yet, there will be soon. Scientists vying for Nobel Prizes are working furiously to develop a vaccine. The other good news is that in many ways, this Chinese virus behaves like other viruses that medical science has already defeated. We have drugs that have been approved as safe for decades to treat diseases. These drugs are saving lives despite Democrats making up lies to discount the efficacy of these drugs…….because Trump mentioned them as offering “hope.”

Ever behind in the appropriate response category, New York Mayor DeBlasio now says he wants to keep New York City shut down for many months. His original response to deny the Trump claim that the virus was threat, was political. And now DeBlasio's insistence on staying in lock down indefinitely, is also political.

The same can be said for Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi posted her February 24th appearance in downtown San Francisco on Twitter. There she was filmed encouraging all Californians to ignore the virus warnings and commingle. Like her now infamous tearing up of Trump’s State of the Union message, which also contained warnings about the virus, the Pelosi response to this mess has been political every step of the way. Pelosi now favors lock down until November.

The same is also true of the atrocious responses of Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and legions of Democrats disguised as journalists working at CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. Literally every media outlet except Fox, and every Democrat of any national stature, has done a complete reversal of their position on the virus. First, actions taken by Trump to stop the spread were described as racist by all media outlets listed above, as well as most elected Democrats. Now that Trump wants to re-open the economy, and get tens of millions of people out of lock down mode and back to work, these same people are demanding we stay at home indefinitely. They claim Trump is only trying to return to normalcy, because he wants to people to die. They demand a long lock down.

The timeline seems clear. Trump was dismissive of the virus early, while Democrats were mesmerized by their own impeachment scam. Trump’s mistake was thinking the W.H.O. was doing its job, while Democrats were under the mistaken impression that getting rid of Trump is their job. Once the W.H.O. flipped, Trump followed along immediately. Within 24 hours Trump got serious about the virus and almost immediately after that, the Democrats, reacted like small children formulating their next lie. The best they could come up with on short notice was to call Trump a "racist" for banning travel to and from China.

Things changed quickly once the virus started killing people in the U.S. Still reeling from the failed get Trump impeachment scam, it did not take Democrats long to formulate their next lie. They held press conferences. And before adoring fans disguised as reporters, they forgot about everything they said earlier, and indignantly claimed that, Trump didn’t do enough....soon enough.

Sadly, everything we call "news" is a game of "pretend" these days. Democrats pretend they care more about human life as they pound the table demanding we allow late-term abortions. They characterize the killing of viable babies as being “life sustaining,” while banning sales of vegetable seeds to gardeners. Again, Democrats are lying like little children, as they argue for the termination of.......well.....little children.

Perhaps the most incredible lie of all is the one Democrats will be telling all summer. It has to do with the mental health of Joe Biden. Biden’s handlers know their guy couldn’t debate Trump for 90 seconds without losing his train of thought, let alone for 90 minutes. As of this moment, you can bet Biden’s handlers are desperately searching for a lie that might explain why Biden won’t appear in a debate with Trump. If Democrats can’t come up with a plausible lie, maybe they will simply send poor old Joe out there on the debate stage for 90 minutes, and then pretend he did well, knowing their pals in the media will back them up. The summer should be excruciating. Biden belongs in a memory unit in assisted living, not on the top of the Democrat's ticket.

Staying informed in America has been reduced to a process that reminds us so much of interacting with toddlers who think they can get away with lies. It is quite nauseating. When little toddlers do this charade it is sort of cute. However, when elected officials holding increasingly oppressive powers over us do it…….it is terrifying.

In the weeks and months ahead those who have lied to us, will keep lying to us because they think we are dumb and they are smart. As usual it will be done with the intent of regaining lost power. Look for Democrats to lie about the reasons why they are fighting the easing of one-size fits all lock down policies. This is the tip of a horrible political iceberg of lies.

These lies are becoming a shocking repudiation of our history. It disposes of all that is involved in preserving real freedom. American freedoms have come with a big price tag. The bodies buried on dozens of islands in the South Pacific, and at Normandy serve as stark reminders of the price real American heroes have paid for our basic freedoms. This includes coming and going as we please, while being prudent about it at the same time. We don't need a nannies.

Please don’t let power hungry adults, who lie like little toddlers, con you into surrendering your freedoms. Toddlers that are allowed to make your decisions for you, become oppressive tyrants.

Free Speech is the Ultimate Equalizer

© 2020 Jim Spence - The positive response from readers on the musings format in yesterday’s column was high. Accordingly, we will continue to touch on multiple topics in each column for the time being.

The Trump vs. Democratic Party media (every outlet except Fox) continues. The media has had things their own way for so long they have forgotten their role. Our amazing U.S. Constitution provides us with a, 1) free press 2) freedom of speech. Both these guarantees are enshrined in the first amendment.

The idea of a free press and free speech used to be understood universally. These days not so much. We’ll skip over all the reasons America is forced to endure a Trump-hating media obsession. Suffice to say the Trump-hating press has enjoyed its first amendment rights, without recognizing the alarming reality that Trump also has the right to speak freely. Trump actually did so in a recent presser. He began the briefing by showing a video, which was nothing more than a digital record of the lies and misrepresentations of everyone involved in U.S. politics, especially the press.
Long gone are the days of, “he said, she said.” Digital records provide unequivocal evidence of what political participants....really SAID. Video evidence makes it very difficult to re-write history. When one is on film saying the opposite of what he or she is saying today, it does not play well for the liars. It came as no surprise that virtually the entire White House media quickly became incensed as Trump grabbed control of what had been the daily anti-Trump propaganda proceedings. Playing video clips exposing the lies and hypocrisy of those who attack him during every single press briefing created anger the likes of which has not been ever seen. Acrimonious grandstanding by "reporters" followed. CNN and MSNBC decision-makers quickly cut away from the Trump briefing, once they realized that they were being exposed as rank phonies. It is kind of funny how freedom of speech works for everyone.

The battle lines are being drawn now that America realizes overall death rates in the nation have declined by 15% since March 1st. Still, Democratic Party governors seem universal in the determination to KEEP the economy at a standstill. They do so in part because they think this hurts Trump. They do so with the politically convenient cover of "saving innocent lives." Many of these same Democrats are simultaneously decrying the shuttering of abortion clinics during the crisis. Apparently, some lives are more worthy of saving than others. Babies are the modern day versions of Dred Scott. Democrats claimed Dred Scott had no standing either.

It is quite extraordinary that the Democrats, the party that loves to think of itself as the diversity party, chose dementia-plagued Joe Biden as its standard bearer. Biden is being carefully handled like Woodrow Wilson was after his devastating stroke. Anytime Biden speaks publicly he is a liability. One wonders how long this charade regarding his mental status will continue. His dementia will only get worse with the passage of time.

The fatality rates for the Communist Chinese virus are plummeting just as we suggested they would many weeks ago. The math was faulty from the beginning. The good news is thanks in part to martial law and the modification of frequent visits by seniors to doctor's offices, flu death counts have collapsed. There are lessons to be learned here.

Ironically, the Mayor of New York Bill DeBlasio is unlikely to survive this crisis. He was recorded offering suggestions to New Yorkers, living with little personal space to begin with, to co-mingle. DeBlasio's dismissal of common sense no doubt resulted in thousands of deaths. The mayor's suggestions were intended to show everyone just how much he despises Trump. Sometimes hatred causes irreparable damage to the hater. Even Governor Cuomo is keeping a safe political distance from the mayor of death.

Democrats and Republicans will need to work together to provide gigantic incentives to bring most manufacturing back inside U.S. borders within three years. The “costs” of locating manufacturing facilities in China were grossly under-estimated by both parties. Maybe with all the death and economic destruction caused by attempting to trade with totalitarian dictators like Xi Jinping, will finally create a bi-partisan consensus. Once all the bodies are buried and the bankruptcies are all processed, will common sense prevail? Stay tuned.

Finally, it is interesting to see which elected officials are using inferred sweeping emergency powers as a precept to dominate the private lives of American citizens. Obtaining more power over people can based on an “emergency.” This is now a viable political theory. No doubt there is plausible deniability that the new American dictators are behaving like....well....dictators. However, some arbitrary state and local actions don’t pass the smell test. All Americans would do well to watch their governors, mayors, and their law enforcement tendencies very closely during this period. Some governors and mayors are releasing felons from jail, while instructing police to harass people in their locked cars listening to church services. Suddenly, we see little Stalins and Maos popping up everywhere. These tin horns should be removed via the ballot box by those who still think wide-ranging FREEDOM is the defining virtue of our nation.

The Genius of Tony Branco

Mainstream Media Propaganda


Global Warming - Climate Change in Denver

© 2020 Jim Spence - Its time for musings on a variety of subjects. Let’s begin with some personal notes.
With New Mexico’s governor ruling by emergency fiat, that every golf course in the state should close indefinitely, I left the state for our summer home in Colorado earlier in the month. As an avid gardener, it figured to be a good time to get all the starter plants going. It turns out it is a good thing we don’t have a home in Michigan instead of Colorado. In that state Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who is under the impression that she has absolute dictatorial powers, declared it illegal to sell….get this…..vegetable seeds at grocery stores. She seems to really be digging this chance to try on her new martial law dress and strut in front of the cameras. Tough break for all vegetable gardeners in “Pure Michigan.” Just shut up and buy commercial non-organic produce this summer.
As the pandemic numbers roll in, a few items seem noteworthy. Overall deaths in the United States, even with the ravages of the Chinese virus are DOWN 15% year over year for the month of March. Let that sink in for a moment. It seems all the social distancing, particularly within the vulnerable senior population, has spared us tens of thousands of flu deaths. The theory on the astonishingly lower overall death number, is that U.S. seniors are staying away from doctor’s offices for what would normally be routine visits. As a result of this simple behavior modification, many seniors are not catching the flu in those waiting rooms and dying later. Maybe we have learned something valuable here. Even with Wuhan Coronavirus making the rounds, isolated and socially distanced seniors are dying much less frequently in 2020, than they were from 2016-2019. This has led to an unprecedented DECLINE in overall U.S. deaths. Don't wait for the media to tell you this.
A survey of most hospitals outside of a few areas where mayors defied early warnings from the Trump administration (New York, New Orleans, etc.) finds that they are running at a tiny fraction of capacity. A tent city hospital specially constructed in Seattle to treat the hordes of anticipated Wuhan Coronavirus victims, was dismantled a month after it was thrown up. The makeshift facility never treated a single patient.
It seems that martial law is getting out of hand in many places. In Brighton, Colorado a man, his wife, and his six-year-old daughter were playing softball in an empty park last week. The three family members were abruptly confronted by several police officers. The officers decided to violate the social distancing policies while placing emphasis on their new power and authority. They did so long enough to handcuff dad and toss dad in the back of a squad car for a few minutes. Later the City of Brighton acknowledged that perhaps the officers had taken martial law a bit too far, since the family had not violated any of the tenets of the governor’s latest dictatorial mandates.
In Mississippi last week, people inside their cars with windows up in the parking lot of a church, were issued citations for listening to a service on the radio. These police actions seem to provide a stark contrast, when compared to the treatment of others in churches around the country who have been filmed while harboring and assisting illegal aliens who unlawfully crossed U.S. borders and are on the lamb from the Border Patrol and I.C.E.
Finally, on the martial law front sampling, in San Diego, police issued citations to people parked inside their cars with their windows up because they were near the beach. The theory was they violated social distancing fiats issued by California’s dictatorship last week. Power corrupts.
Democrats have big plans for the fall. They are busy trying to use this virus outbreak to promote more opportunities for widespread voter fraud. The sequence is simple. Clerks are told to never purge any voter from the rolls, regardless of whether those on the rolls are dead or have moved. There are still family members on the rolls in New Mexico who have not lived there in twenty years. Democrats have already fought all efforts to require proper identification for those attempting to cast legal votes. It does not take much imagination to understand how a massive voter fraud scheme will be part of the Democrat push in November.
Chicago’s mayor ordered every barber and hair salon in the city to close earlier this month. She told her minions via video that everyone can do without a trim for a few weeks. Then, a few days later she decided she needed to get what is left of her hair cut. She allowed as to how it was important that she “look good” since she is the face of the city. Good luck with that.
CNN is officially an activist arm of the Democratic Party. The network has resorted to running nakedly partisan attack tickers during press briefings held by Trump and the Wuhan Coronavirus Task Force. The only thing left for CNN is to change their slogan and mission statement to accurately reflect their single purpose. “Get Trump No Matter What.” In the meantime, CNN reports every bogus statistic coming out of China as gospel. If CNN chief Jeff Zucker lived in China and conducted a smear campaign against Chinese dictator Xi, like he smears freely elected President Trump, he’d be swimming with the fishes.
Finally, there is the fond recollection of Democratic presidential debates and press conferences. As recently as February, after Trump issued travel bans to and from China, bans that were quickly dismissed as anti-Asian racist policies by most Democrats, most Dems insisted the greatest threat to mankind was global warming/climate change. This morning, as the future was contemplated from our summer home in the suburban Denver area, the temperature was sitting on a new record low. It was 11 degrees outside and the wind chill was zero. While we remain in isolation, it does make staying at home easier knowing there are record cold temperatures and six inches of snow on the ground. The dog walk will be short this morning. This global warming is brutally dangerous. Glad we have long underwear on to confront it.

Not much imagination required

© 2020 Jim Spence - Great insights could be gained by watching what the Democratic Party did in the aftermath of 9-11. As the popularity numbers of George W. Bush soared, Democrats became furious. Some radicals in the Democratic party actually floated conspiracy theories that accused Bush of orchestrating the 9-11 attacks. When these and other blame efforts failed, they blamed Bush for the damage done to the U.S. economy. And all along the way, as efforts were made to secure the nation, they played the race card and accused Bush of being an Islam-phobic.
The bi-partisan 9-11 Commission Report findings were eye openers. In efforts to understand how America could have been caught off guard by terrorists from the Middle East, the commission worked tirelessly. The answer to the central question was not nearly as complex as many people might think. First and foremost, the commission found America suffered from a failure of imagination. And this failure began with not imagining what would most likely happen if the U.S. did not insist on SECURE BORDERS. The commission was particularly critical that America did not secure borders given the number of nations that were hotbeds of radicalism and known to participate or at least openly tolerate terrorism.
Astonishingly, many well-read Democrats REFUSED to read the 9-11 Commission Report. Many of the same were known to have rushed to read the Warren Commission Report before the ink was dry on it.
Curiously, Democrat partisans did not want to know the findings of the 9-11 Commission simply because they saw that the 9-11 attacks strengthened the political hand of George W. Bush. Democrats almost uniformly denied the importance of one of the most seminal moments in American history for political reasons.
Suddenly, we have reached another seminal moment in American history. And our news media is no longer even pretending to be objective. When Trump instituted travel bans to and from the epicenter of the virus…..Wuhan, China, the Democrats and the media (one and the same) called Trump an anti-Chinese racist. After Trump’s State of the Union speech, where he mentioned the danger of the virus, the Speaker of the House childishly tore up her copy of the address in full view of the cameras....calling it all lies. The mayor of New York scoffed and encouraged New Yorkers to ignore the obvious virus warning signs.
In the end, there is much more to this horrific global event than meets the eye. And it does not take much “imagination” to figure out who the PRIME SUSPECTS and their accomplices are.
Consider the one-way trade arrangements with China that were condoned by all of Trump’s predecessors both Democrat and Republican alike. Trump wasn’t having a continuance of a lopsided trade deal with China. He said so before he won the election. Trump brought Xi Jinping’s Chinese economy to its knees with all-encompassing efforts to level the trade relationship playing field. Trump also taught Iran a tough lesson after it fomented and organized attacks on the U.S. embassy in Iraq. An Iraqi General met his maker while he was engaged in terrorism. And the Iranian mullahs, close allies of the Chinese dictatorship, were furious.
It doesn’t require much stretching of the imagination to realize that the Chinese have been paying close attention to the unprecedented domestic political strife in the U.S. They see that Trump gets 90% negative coverage in the Democrat-dominated news media. And so-called "journalist" Democrats can be counted on to parrot propaganda against Trump every single day. Their hatred of Trump mirrors that of the Chinese dictatorship. Useful idiots.
The Chinese regime must scratch their heads at the dissidence tolerated by the U.S. Constitution. However, the Chinese dictatorship also realizes all the easy ways to take advantage of the openness of America, just as terrorists did so when they took advantage of open borders to stage the 9-11 attacks.
The Chinese have been watching one Democratic Party coup attempt after another against Trump. And this all began even before he was sworn in. The Chinese knew they were losing big and Trump was winning the trade battle.
Many seasoned observers believe the Chinese were operating labs in Wuhan that were engaged in biological warfare weapon development. The out-sized Wuhan Coronavirus death tolls in Iran quickly suggest that Iranian agents were most likely involved in the alleged biological weapon development and these agents took the virus back to Iran.
Did the Chinese have a game plan? The dictatorship already had put the World Health Organization in its pocket with bribes. The WHO could be counted on to provide cover, once the infections began to spread in the local Wuhan community. Open travel opportunities to gain unfettered access to the U.S. could be leveraged. And with a little dis-information from the WHO here, and open borders all over the developed nations in Europe there, it would not take much to get a global pandemic going and lower economic conditions to those the Chinese were experiencing.
Once this global pandemic got going, the west would do what the Chinese Communist dictators don’t care much about. They would take economy-destroying steps to SAVE LIVES. And unlike China where the state media would be instructed to disseminate preposterous death counts, the western media would spread fear to every corner of the globe.
The domestic setup in the U.S. for the Chinese dictatorship could not have been better. Democrats, already deeply invested in what was obviously going to be a failed impeachment of Trump effort, would see their sham fiasco through to the end, providing even more cover for all Chinese misdeeds at the most critical moment. Use your imagination to see the glee spread across Chinese dictator Xi’s face, as Nancy Pelosi tore up her copy of Trump’s State of the Union message, which provided early virus warnings while impeachment dragged out.
No doubt this column contains significant amounts of speculation. However, like jigsaw puzzle pieces that have been identified, picked up, examined, but not yet plugged in where they most likely fit, everything is much more than plausible here.
The Chinese have taken both the U.S. and European economies down without firing a shot. And while there is significant outrage and anger being directed at China from nations like Japan where well-founded suspicions of Chinese treachery run high, the American Democrats have, right on que, continued their scorched earth political tactics against Trump. Democrats play politics every day even with promising medical treatments and in the face of a horrific national health emergency that requires unity and single-mindedness of purpose.
Did the Chinese conspire to do this? Did the Iranians participate? Only time will tell. Rumblings in China suggest many of those there, as well as westerners working in the vast network of intelligence operations all over Asia, seem to think so. Investigations are underway. The slow plodding efforts to learn all the facts will take time, years in fact, just as they did after 9-11.
In the meantime, there is one thing that is not speculative. There is no unity in America. Democrats with the help of their domination of the domestic news media, see this tragedy as their last great chance to win in November. Their political blame game against Trump has gone to nauseating extremes.
For now, the doomsters and gloomsters in America seem to have the upper hand. But unlike in places where dictatorships thrive and 100% of the news coverage of the un-elected dictators is positive, in America, where ironically 90% of the coverage of our most visible elected official is negative, Americans can and will use their imaginations to figure out where to look for clues as to what has probably been going on here.
A free pass for far.....but changes are coming, changes dictators will find perplexing, given their limited "imaginations."

Coronavirus Cure Killing America


Listen to the Swedes, Don't Buy It

© 2020 Jim Spence - David Catron wrote a brilliant piece in the American Spectator last week. Catron points out that coronavirus is a global tragedy. This entire mess is a sobering experience for anyone who cares about human life. I will borrow heavily from Catron's column in this piece.
The Democrats have a new national strategy for re-taking the White House. This is now pretty obvious to all. It is all hands-on-deck in the blame Trump for this game, which is played daily by advocates disguised as reporters. You can see it in the press conferences. Wonderful news on safe drug treatments are brushed aside. And despite the fact that Trump’s “Task Force” has been steadily reducing wildly pessimistic projected death tolls, most of the nakedly anti-Trump pro-Democrat “reporters” are having none of it. Every question picks at the scab. Every question is divisive. Every question is political.
Shamelessly, elected Democrats, who once branded Trump as a racist for his earliest efforts to protect Americans from international travelers, particularly those from China, now claim he was late, and they were somehow early. They pretend nobody remembers what they said or did, even though it is all captured on camera and retrievable on Youtube.
When listening to Democrats, you begin to understand they think they have the perfect set up. Most Americans think coronavirus is about horrific threats to their jobs and the health of their loved ones. Democrats think it is about their final opportunity to depose Trump. To do so, they feel like they have the ultimate cover. They can argue for martial law for as long as possible, or November, whichever comes first, while claiming they are noble and interested in public safety. It seems pretty bullet proof.
In doing so, Democrats know martial law will inflict the maximum damage on the economy and the voters. And the beauty of it all, is they can argue for these things through their political prism without worrying about having their motives questioned.
Astonishingly, Democrats have anointed the dementia plagued Joe Biden as the water carrier for the Democratic Party White House hopes. Sadly, if you watch Biden for just five minutes, you realize he can’t remember what day or year it is, let alone why he carries the political hopes of his party. More on the Joe Biden dilemma another day.
It might be worth visiting Sweden’s approach to this global pandemic mess. It is important to realize there is not a "get Trump at any cost" movement in Sweden. The Swedes have a consensus and they have made the decision to reject both isolation and economic ruin. The country has not ordered much of any martial law-like social distancing mandates. Instead the country has isolated the most vulnerable. Full scale lock-downs were simply never under serious consideration in Sweden.
While high schools and colleges are closed in Sweden, the nation has kept preschools, grade schools, bars, restaurants, parks, and shops open. Nobody is being threatened with fines and jail time by politicians who are also quietly emptying their jails at the same time.
Johan Giesecke, Sweden’s adviser to the Swedish Health Agency, said other nations, “Have taken political, unconsidered actions, that are not justified by the facts." He says Sweden is focusing on social distancing. However, focusing social distancing only among the known risk groups, like the elderly.
“We try to use evidence-based measurements,” Emma Frans, a doctor in epidemiology at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute, told Euronews. “We try to adjust everyday life. The Swedish plan is to implement measurements that you can practice for a long time.”
Sweden’s elected leaders, as well as opposition leaders, recognize that an indiscriminate lock-down strategy that goes on for months is economic suicide. They understand a nation with unemployed people everywhere due to a wrecked economy, will do far greater damage to public health.
The population of Sweden is 10 million. Through the end of March just 401 coronavirus deaths have been reported there. Sweden’s daily intensive care unit census, reports admissions to every ICU in the country are either flat or declining for more than two weeks.
You knew when virtually every prominent Democrat insisted that Trump’s travel bans were steeped in racism a couple of months ago, that we had another situation where politics was a big part of the equation. However, as medical science triumphs and the health crisis winds down in the weeks ahead, you can bet the political chicanery to blame this entire unfortunate human tragedy on Trump, will go into overdrive. Expect the media to put the pedal to the metal with more bogus stories, more lies, and more absurd distortions. You will see more deceitful efforts than you have ever seen in any election year in the history of our nation.
Don't buy it. It looks like the Swedes are getting this right.

Paying the price for believing false racism claims

© 2020 Jim Spence - It seems that there is a cost associated with branding people with different viewpoints as racist. The cost is no longer a slap on the hands like it was for the notorious hate crime staging actor Justin Smollett. The price is death.

Late January and early February 2020 seems like a decade ago.  Democrats and the mainstream media outlets were pitching their impeachment potion to the public. One third of the country was gobbling it all up, one third of the country was calling it what it was…..filthy politics. And the third in the middle, the independents, were gradually coming to the conclusion that it was pretty much filthy politics. Drawing these conclusions caused Trump’s poll numbers to rise while Democrats insinuated that he had committed everything except possibly bestiality.

On January 30th the dubiously named World Health Organization, finally stopped trying to help the totalitarian dictatorship in China hide the dangers of coronavirus and the resulting devastation in Wuhan. The W.H.O. declared that we had a global health crisis on our hands.

Within twenty-four hours Trump ordered a travel ban be placed on all traffic going to and coming from China. What followed will go down as the most-costly false racist accusation campaign in human history. Tragically, the epicenter of the phony racism charges leveled against Trump this time around, is now the epicenter of the American coronavirus crisis.

New York’s elected officials are almost all Democrats, especially in and around New York City. New York Senator Chuck Schumer ignored the W.H.O. declaration and instead tweeted that Trump’s travel ban was, “Just an excuse to further his war against immigrants.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration was not only quick to condemn President Donald Trump's travel restrictions for New York residents as, "childish retribution based in racism," as recently as March 13th DeBlasio called for all New York City residents to go about their lives in a normal way.

The examples of Democrats elected to public office in the state of New York insidiously attempting to get Trump’s early actions to stem the spread of the coronavirus to be seen as racism, are almost endless. Unfortunately for New York residents, this time these filthy political tactics employed by those they elected, came with an unfathomable price tag. The death counts in New York are dwarfing those in all other states, while these same New York Democrats attempt to deflect their false racism charges.

Will people begin to realize there can be horrific consequences as a result of Democrat’s signature response being, "racism" when addressing any policy advocated by their opponents?

Only time will tell.

Tony Branco is a genius

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