NM public schools will now get graded the same way their students are

From Capitol Report New Mexico - Gov. Susana Martinez appeared at an elementary school in Edgewood to officially sign a bill into law that will require public schools across the state to begin receiving annual report cards with letter-grades attached. Just as kids across New Mexico wonder (or worry) whether they’re getting an A, a B, a C, a D or an F, individual schools will now be in much the same boat. The Governor signed the bill in front of a large group of students at the Route 66 Elementary School in Edgewood, one of three schools nominated by the US Department of Education as a “blue ribbon school.” “We have to find ways to honor out students, we have to find ways to honor our staff,” school district superintendent Karen Couch said. “This will be a much better system than No Child Left Behind.” Under the new law, if a school receives a failing grade twice within four years, parents can take their kids out of that failing school and transfer them to another. Read more

Govt. Spends $1 Mil So Illegals Don’t Drown

From themoralliberal.com -In a reprehensible waste of taxpayer funds, a government agency is spending more than $1 million to install floating devices along a canal where hundreds of illegal immigrants have drowned trying to sneak into the United States. The costly project was inspired by pressure from the mainstream media, which portrayed government officials as “indifferent and callous” that scores of illegal immigrants have died in the canal that runs along the California-Mexico border. More than 100 life-saving buoys have been bolted across the desert waterway in the last few months at a cost of $1.1 million, according to a national news wire.  More News New Mexico

At a Tea Party Rally, Sanchez Inches Closer to Senate Run

John Sanchez
Pulaski note:  In a recent article that can be seen here John Sanchez had this to say about the Tea Parties: "Sanchez said the support of Tea Party activists won't be the deciding factor in the primary race. "I don't necessarily need to be the Tea Party candidate," he said, noting he shares their values of "lower taxes, less government."" 
From newmexicoindependent.com -Lt. Gov. John Sanchez inched closer to announcing a Senate run this weekend at a tea party rally in Moriarty. Sanchez has been named as a potential Republican candidate for the open Senate seat.  KOAT reported that “Sanchez sounded like a man with a plan to run for the Senate.” “If we do, we’re in it to win it clearly,” Sanchez told KOAT. Sanchez recently attacked perceived frontrunner Heather Wilson, a former U.S. Rep., as a moderate and signaled that he was close to announcing his Senate intentions.Wilson was also at the Moriarty tea party event.  More News New Mexico

Sex, Work Slavery Spikes in NM

From koat.com - The FBI and Albuquerque Police Department said human trafficking cases have increased in New Mexico, and the agencies are desperately trying to save people from becoming slaves. “(It’s) modern slavery,” FBI Supervisor Lenny Johns said. Human trafficking, which includes both sex and work slaves, has spiked in New Mexico in recent years. “It’s the second fastest crime that we have growing right now,” Albuquerque Police Department Commander Doug West said. West said the increase can be linked to the thriving Internet sex industry. In the past year, West said the department has prosecuted four human trafficking cases in Albuquerque, including the arrest and conviction of Tilford Black. “It’s a substantial increase because we basically never had a human trafficking case up until last year,” West said. The FBI also said human trafficking has jumped in border states like New Mexico.Both federal and local law enforcement members said there are several reasons that make New Mexico’s human trafficking unique, including the intersection of two major interstates. “It’s a corridor. It’s a central location for people to come,” West said.  More News New Mexico