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Does anyone remember 2016 was a "change" election?

© 2016 Jim Spence - Not a big fan of Trump’s style? You are not alone. The news media (minus Fox) is virtually uniform in its disdain, for not only the Trump style, but also his policies. A friend of ours tells the story of a rodent exterminator he hired last year. He did not like much of anything about the guy except for his persistent efforts got rid of the rodent problem. This is the dividing line in America. We have a rodent problem. The mainstream news media is simply not trusted by the American public. The reasons for the distrust are like counting the stars in the night sky. It is tough to count them all. The best way to summarize would be to say that the mainstream media has grown fond of rodents.

To keep rodents in power in the U.S. the mainstream media has been pulling out all of the stops. They used fatally flawed polls to predict a Hillary Clinton landslide last year. Despite the fact that ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, MSNBC and almost every newspaper built their own biases into every polling narrative, when the votes were counted Hillary Clinton lost 30 of 50 states and 85% of all counties in the U.S.

This was alarming to Democrats. MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski encapsulated the media’s fears pretty well on MSNBC just yesterday when she said it was the media’s job to, get this…….“Control what the people think.” It is her deeply held fear that somehow Trump might be affecting how people think. Poor Mika doesn’t quite get it. Trump REFLECTS what 85% of American counties and 60% of American states think. This seems to be a fact too horrible to accept for Democrats.
Trump Fine Tuned Machine
The hysteria in the news media has never subsided in wake of the election. The public is told many things by the propaganda ministry as it tries to reassert its dominance over the narratives. First, we were told that misogynists (women haters) defeated Hillary. Next we were told that racists defeated her. The problem with these false narratives is that Trump attracted many millions of female votes and millions of votes in counties that went for Obama not once, but twice.

It would seem that Democrats along with the media (but I repeat myself) have finally coalesced around the idea that Hillary lost because the Russians were able to successfully phish John Podesta’s emails and release them. The contents of these emails showed that the Clinton’s cheated Bernie Sanders and collaborated with the media on debate questions to give her an advantage. These facts are painted over with the phrase "Russians hacked the election." This is asinine.

Sometimes politics is pretty simple. But if you are a Democrat you collaborate with the media to make politics seem complicated. After eight years of overt socialism, the policies of Barack Obama failed America. Accordingly, 2016 was a “change” election. Let me repeat this. America wanted change.

What we are witnessing now are entrenched bureaucracies resisting the change 60% of American states and 85% of American counties voted for. International globalists like George Soros who would love to control the U.S. from Europe have been hiring professional protesters to show up at GOP rallies and now town hall meetings. These paid protesters pretend they are working Americans who want to stop the “change” Americans voted for.

Some people ask why is the American news media so hated and so deeply distrusted? The answer is simple. It is their willful ignorance of reality. The media continues to deny that Americans want change. The media intentionally ignores solid undercover work by real journalists who expose the realities associated with professional protesters. All you have to do to realize this is true is watch a White House press briefing these days. When Sean Spicer points to the fact that protesters are being PAID to show up at town hall meetings and pan for mainstream media cameras, reporters at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, MSNBC and almost every newspaper seem dumbfounded. But the facts are what the facts are. Journalists are not the least bit curious about disgraced Chicago Democrat Scott Foval who was caught by undercover investigative reporters admitting that he paid protesters and put them on buses to disrupt GOP rallies. You can read about this HERE

If you did read about Foval you did something that most people at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, MSNBC and almost every newspaper in America refuse to do. The bottom line is the media is hated because they refuse to acknowledge the widespread documentation that runs counter to all of their preferred narratives. This why they get so many things wrong, starting with their ridiculous polls.

Working Americans want change because of the nightmare of stagnant wages in America intensified under Obama while all illegal immigration enforcement came to a virtual standstill. There is no public policy that will keep wages stagnant more than opening borders with a country like Mexico, where the government dominates life and workers must settle for peanut wages. Of course a gigantic percentage of illegal aliens that sneak across the U.S. border wind up on our welfare rolls while clogging our emergency rooms. This is reality.

It is still clear that the news media doesn’t get reality, which explains why Americans are choosing their information sources carefully. While ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, MSNBC and almost every newspaper are running stories on what paid protesters are doing (without identifying them as paid protesters) Americans are watching Donald Trump do pretty much what he promised to do when he won 60% of states and 85% of the counties just four months ago.

Americans demanded change at the ballot box. Minus the coarse Trump style, it is pretty refreshing to see somebody actually win an election and then do his damnedest to keep his promises. And it is disgusting to watch the press pretend about virtually everything that occurs right under their noses.

All talk

© 2016 Jim Spence - Successful business people understand that you must “talk” to communicate your goals. Talking to teammates each day is part of the normal course of executing tasks to achieve goals.

There is nothing wrong with "talking" per say. Local sports broadcasting became a hobby of mine more than thirty years ago. I worked high school football and basketball games as well as women’s basketball and baseball games for NMSU. There was plenty of talking going on with those radio broadcasts. The toughest game to broadcast was baseball. With so much time between pitches, you had to do plenty of talking. We armed ourselves with mountains of statistics and stories to fill the downtime.

When you have to “talk” about something every day, as the news media does, it is a trap for audiences. The news media “talks” every day because their business is to “talk.” Their business models require millions of people to listen and more important, partake of the commercials. I remember my late great mother-in-law getting angry at Dan Rather thirty-six years ago. Rather would interrupt her soap opera almost every day at the same time. The music and the graphics on the lead in to Rather would indicate that he had “breaking news.” When the dramatic music stopped and the graphics came down, Rather would then say, “There’s no news about the hostages in Iran.” CBS must have had a daily sponsor paying for the right to be featured for breaking news on the hostages.

The truth is we have a twenty-four hour news cycle, but there is not something significant going on all the time. Much of what gets covered is noise or nonsense that gets repeated over and over with spin.

Politicians talk too. Sometimes politicians execute, but most of the time they talk. Trump has been executing, but this weekend he made the decision it was time to go to Florida and talk to the people....and the cameras. He blasted the mainstream media......again.

Trump Rips The Press
Consider the House Republicans. They have all done plenty of “talking” about Obamacare. They passed bills on six different occasions to repeal Obamacare over the last seven years. Of course the GOP knew if the bills got through the Senate, Obama would veto those bills. In effect it was all talk. Recall how quickly Paul Ryan and the GOP were going to do things with Mr. Trump ready to sign their bill. At least that is what they “said” back in November. Think again. That was all talk too. The GOP has had four months to pass yet another Obamacare fix. We have seen nothing from Paul Ryan. Ryan is like a barking dog that caught the car he was chasing. When I watch how Ryan and Mitch McConnell operate at one quarter speed I am reminded that the Democrats, who did more to ruin this nation over the last eight years, aren’t the only problem we have. The GOP, which claimed it was powerless to stop Democrats, now seems hesitant to do anything except confirm appointees now that they have the majority. It is pretty clear the GOP Congress is carefully weighing what is really and truly best……..for their re-election hopes. They are by and large, a conspicuous collection of gutless politicians.

I found it interesting that HBO Democrat Bill Maher actually went off on a fellow progressive over the weekend. Apparently whacked out author and Michael Moore wannabe Jeremy Scahill did not like it when Maher booked Brietbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulus on his show. Yiannopoulus is the man that California Berkely protestors decided to silence with a riot last month. Yiannopoulus had been booked to give a speech at Cal a few weeks ago, but protesters turned violent and his presentation was cancelled.

It seems that Mr. Scahill couldn’t riot on the HBO set, so he simply boycotted the show rather than debate with Milo. And as goofy as Bill Maher is, he is not in Scahill’s league. Maher to his credit, has cautioned Americans about the dangers to women’s rights of bringing in fundamentalist practitioners of Islam into America. He like anyone else with common sense realizes that women are treated like livestock by most Muslim men in the Middle East. Maher has also challenged the strict Islamic culture for the oppression of minorities, curbs on free speech, and the commingling of religion and government policies. Of course all of these warnings fall on deaf ears with American progressives, who practically lionize Muslim refugees, while demonizing any Republican who offers warnings similar to those of Maher.
Maher’s response to the refusal of Scahill to tolerate free speech at Berkley and elsewhere drew this stinging rebuke: “Liberals will continue to lose elections as long as they follow the example of people like Mr. Scahill whose views veer into fantasy and away from bedrock liberal principles like equality of women, respect for minorities, separation of religion and state, and free speech. If Mr. Yiannopoulos is indeed the monster Scahill claims — and he might be — nothing could serve the liberal cause better than having him exposed on Friday night.”
There is a real problem with 21st Century progressives and free speech. They are indoctrinated in grades one through twelve to be progressives. Colleges and universities often behave as if they believe their missions are to serve as left wing boot camps for young adults rather than a broad menu of ideas. News media outlets minus Fox affirm everything Scahill would like for young Americans to be told. Any open and free debate that challenges Scahill's ideas are to be squelched.

As we move deeper into 2017 two realities emerge. Progressives like to talk and they don’t like to listen. And by the way, the very same statement applies to the GOP Congress. So far they are all talk with their new found majority.


Swickard: A state government too big to cut

© 2017 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.   It’s amazing watching the New Mexico Legislature. They want to name the Green Chile Cheeseburger as New Mexico’s Burger. But they are ignoring that Texas is about to get New Mexico’s crop water in court so the only Green Chile available for burgers may come from Colorado.
            And that’s not all. The Legislature was called into session primarily to deal with a large amount of money missing from the budget. The first thing said by some leaders in the House and Senate was that the New Mexico Government is too big to cut. Too many New Mexicans have been hired to fire any of them.
            They got that from the banking crisis of 2008. It worked for the bankers then and seems to be working now. Thanksgiving will be awful if some of the state worker cousins gets laid off and other do not.
            Since the state government cannot be cut, taxes must be raised. That is exactly what the citizens do not want. But the next election is many months away and many of the leaders in the Legislature didn’t have an opponent in this last election so the citizens have no control.
            Making it worse is the betrayal in the Legislature. Years ago, Governor Bill Richardson, who spent every second running for President of the United State had a plan to make New Mexico better and get lots of press while doing it. The food and medicine tax was abated while that amount of money was made up by raising fees.
            He was celebrated for his plan which almost got him to Washington but for a few details. New Mexico was out the money for his run at the Presidency but no one seems to care. Anyway, that Bill Richardson plan compensated by increasing fees for the loss of revenue from the tax on food and medicine.
            The rank and file New Mexicans paid the same amount of money out of the family budget each month but people who were struggling daily would struggle less. Fast forward to today where since the Legislature cannot cut the too big to cut state government they are going back to taxing food and medicine, but the fees are going to be raised also.
            To make us feel better, if that is possible, the Legislature is not putting all of the taxes back on food and medicine. But the counties were supposed to be held harmless by Richardson’s taking the taxes off food and medicine. The Legislature was supposed to make up the loss of taxes. Then the Legislature decided to not do that but let counties raise that money themselves in taxes. Already then taxes doubled since the fees were raised.
            The revenue was neutral when taxes were taken off food and medicine and fees to the state were raised. Counties then raised the taxes in their county since the Legislature would not share any of that extra state money from fees. Now the Legislature is bringing back taxes on food and medicine while raising the state fees even more. Essentially, the citizens got taken three times.
            And what the Legislature this session was supposed to do is fix the economy and find a way to deal with the loss of so much water in the Texas lawsuit. Without water for crops there isn’t going to be Green Chile, onions, alfalfa and Pecans. There will be plenty of pecan firewood for sale.
            These things will make the state much less attractive for businesses. Taxes going up and minimum wage going up. You know the minimum wage is price-fixing. It’s fixing the price of labor. Politicians don’t care.
            What’s the tipping point in New Mexico? The edge where many businesses and citizens leave? When enough leave, the budget crisis gets worse. Can’t cut the state government because it is too big to cut. If New Mexico had enemies who wanted to harm the state, what would they do differently in the Legislature? Nothing.
            We will find out what Green Chile Cheeseburgers made with Colorado green chile taste like since the Legislature is doing nothing to replace the water lost to Texas. At least the green chile isn’t coming from New York City.

Crowd Size matter?

Encouraging rage

© 2016 Jim Spence - Barack Obama was president for eight years. Not everyone liked it. But Obama won. Most Americans who didn’t vote for Obama trudged off to work each day for eight years anyway. It is what you do win or lose.
America was faced with two choices in 2016, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Sixty percent of America’s fifty states (30) chose Trump, and only 40% chose Clinton. Astonishingly, Trump carried 84.28% of all U.S. counties while Clinton won only 15.72% of all counties.
In 2017 Americans are getting a good look at what Democrats do when they are out of power. They are "encouraging rage" while Trump fulfills the promises he made that enabled him to carry 60% of the states and 84% of the counties.
A good example of how low Democrat’s behavior is sinking is to consider their insistence on a slow motion confirmation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. It did not stop there. Democrats accused Jeff Sessions of being a racist, while Senator Tim Scott, the Senate’s only black Republican, was targeted for racist tweets by thousands of Democrats. The Democrat’s racist assault on Scott became so hostile and visceral the black Senator from South Carolina finally went to the Senate floor and read samples of Democrat methods. He omitted the hundreds of instances where Democrats called him the N word.
“You are an Uncle Tom, Scott. You’re for Sessions. How does a black man turn on his own,” Scott read. "Tim Scott ... doesn’t have a shred of honor. He’s a House Negro like the one in ‘Django.’”
Democrats have used the term, “diversity” in a very perverted way for decades. Democrats actually don’t want “diversity” if it means more black men and black women being accepted even if they chose to be Republicans. Senator Scott has one of only two black chiefs of staff in the entire U.S. Senate. The other African-American chief of staff in the United States Senate is also the chief of staff of a Republican.
Of course, there was no mass media coverage of the racist assaults on Tim Scott let alone any other stories exposing the utter hypocrisy of Democrats. It would seem that only racist assaults directed at black Democrats are worthy of coverage.
If you were watching the mainstream media Trump deplores prior to the elections, you would have thought that Hillary Clinton was about to carry 84% of all U.S. counties and 60% of all U.S. states not Trump. And if you have been watching any news outlet except Fox SINCE the election, you would still think Hillary Clinton actually carried 84% of all counties and 60% of all states, not Trump.
Many people don’t care much for Trump’s style or his personality. But it is clear that he won because to many millions of Americans, for now, his policies make more sense than those offered by Democrats.
Sadly, nobody should believe any polls reported by any news network anymore. Polls are propaganda. It is better to rely on common sense in the wake of the all the fatally flawed polls.
Only common sense is required to realize that anyone who opposes the basic requirement of photo identification for voting, wants to make it easier to commit voter fraud. Scientists are now engaging increasingly in whistle blowing, at great personal risk, to expose temperature data manipulation in climate change studies. Common sense dictates that we realize that the climate change science is not exactly settled, just increasingly marred by chicanery. When we see Democrats now pretending that Russia is the boogieman, a notion that Democrats laughed at just five years ago when Mitt Romney made the same assertion, we must realize Democrats are grasping at straws because they lost 84% of all U.S. counties and their ledger of ideas is bankrupt.
In my two previous columns I have suggested that it is increasingly possible that a second U.S. Civil War is looming in the not too distant future. The Democratic party was able to win just 16% of all counties and just 40% of all states. The Democratic party is taking actions that would nullify the same election that saw 84% of all counties and 60% of all states utterly reject its candidate and her ideas. This is dangerous business.
Close to 90% of all journalists, entertainers, and college professors also seem to think attempts at nullification are a good idea. All of this is taking place less than one month after the Trump inauguration.
Efforts to encourage rage and nullify elections are not without precedent. Democrat-dominated California is behaving like Democrat-dominated South Carolina in 1860. The eventual Democrat rebels in the pro-slavery states hated Lincoln’s guts. Lincoln clearly won the 1860 election, but did not receive 50% of the popular vote.
In 2017, Democrats are conducting an orchestrated political war after a convincing loss. It is a very dangerous response for Democrats to pretend they won when they lost. Just as the Democrats encouraging rage in the Black Lives Matter movement led to the deaths of law enforcement officers all over the nation, their blatant encouragement of rage within their constituencies, is going to lead to disaster for our nation.
Brace yourself.

Do elections have consequences?

© 2016 Jim Spence - The U.S. propaganda ministry has turned militant. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, MSNBC, the New York Times, The Washington Post, the vast majority of local newspapers, radio stations, and televisions stations around the nation are engaged in all out war against the new president. Even in states where socialism is exceedingly unpopular, journalists emerging from colleges and universities where they have been indoctrinated to be hardcore activist Democrats, slant headlines and shape basic coverage of most news and fake news to suit their political viewpoints.
Of course, we knew from the way the propaganda ministry fawned all over Barack and Michelle Obama that there was an unmistakable bias, but now that America’s heartland voted the Democrats out of power, we feel not just the propaganda ministry bias, but its fury. Instead of dealing in misrepresentations and distortions to make Obama's failed policies seem palatable, they are engaging in slander and libel to hurt Trump’s corrective agenda. This naked fury is actually perfectly tolerable, but only if you accept the following view points:

1) If you are a business person, you must admit you really do not add value to society or to your customers. Instead, you are part of the class of people in America that merely exploits others for your own benefit. You are to be taxed and regulated to protect the innocent from your excesses.

2) If you are a turf-protecting bureaucrat that does every task at one quarter speed, you should never have your work ethic or your motives questioned simply because you live a life that is purely selfless.

3) If you nodded your head during Bill Clinton’s lamenting of illegal immigration, which can be seen/heard here, or Barack Obama’s lamentations which can be seen /heard here, you must be able to do a one hundred-eighty degree about face when you hear or see Trump’s exact same views expressed on illegal aliens.

4) If you are concerned about women’s rights you must be willing to look the other way on all of the tenets of Islam that subjugate women to a category that is one step above property or livestock. You must also pretend that as more and more Muslim men who live by these tenets are accepted into U.S. society, these Stone Age views won’t begin to affect women’s rights.

5) If you are a woman you must pretend that anyone who suggests that everyone pay for their own birth control costs is conducting a war on women, even if you pay for your birth control.

6) Your reaction to overwhelming evidence of the deliberate suppression of scientific dissent on earth temperatures, along with the outright falsification of most climate data hasn’t happened, despite the fact that highly placed whistle blowers within the scientific community have been insisting that it is ongoing.

7) You should pretend that Hillary Clinton’s acceptance of millions of dollars from Wall Street investment banks for 35 minute speeches, and her husband’s appointment of a Goldman Sachs banker as Treasury Secretary was OK, but Trump’s Treasury Secretary Nominee is evil because he worked on Wall Street.

8) You must pretend that defaulted on solar energy loans made to Obama fundraising bundlers by Obama’s Energy Secretary were all unfortunate but legitimate, but the appointment of Texas Governor Rick Perry from an energy rich state, is suspect.

9) You must pretend that not much of anything including making America’s tax structure more competitive can prevent union jobs from leaving the country, but if Boeing wants to build a second plant in a right to work state like South Carolina, it is an ”unfair labor practice.”

10) You must accept being lied to about keeping your doctor and your health insurance if you liked it, because it was Obama who lied to you.

11) You must insist that mothers have ZERO choices on educating those they give birth to, but government should give pregnant women the right and the money if they “choose” to kill their unborn babies.

12) You must pretend that people making death threats and hurling racial insults against Tim Scott are OK because though he is black, because he is also a Republican. You have to hold the conviction that only black Democrats can be real targets of racists.

13) If President Obama or his press secretary chooses a reporter that is not an open opponent of his policies during a press conference it is just fine but if Trump or his press secretary does so it is because he only wants a soft ball question.

What we are witnessing is the acceptance by Democrats that there are not any laws or rules. They are using rogue courts to pretend they can overrule constitutional decisions on national security. The propaganda ministry is engaging in libel and slander every day. Colleges and Universities are suspending the 1st Amendment. The state of California is nullifying federal laws and is planning a referendum on secession just as South Carolina did in 1960.
What we are seeing is an all out war being waged on a duly elected government. This war is becoming more and more organized by the Democrats who are acting in concert with Democrats in academia, the Democrat run teacher unions, the Democrat dominated entertainment industry, and most important of all, the Democrats who control the U.S. propaganda ministry, which is also known as most news outlets. What was once described as a cultural war is morphing before our very eyes into a second U.S. Civil War. The first U.S. Civil War was initiated by Democrats. I t looks like they want to do it again.
Mr. Obama once infamously said, "elections have consequences.” Mr. Obama was so right about that. If elections don’t have consequences then civil war or anarchy are sure to follow. We move perilously closer to one or the other every day.
9th Circuit vs Travel Ban

Swickard: From video games to real revolution

© 2017 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.   It seems we, as a nation, are becoming more violent and aggressive. Several of us were talking after the Super Bowl that many of the commercials were very violent. People killing people seemed to be most shown. And it seems to reflect the way people are acting in our society.
            Perhaps we are just oldsters who pine for the good old days of a different century. But today many people are beyond aggressive as seen on Facebook and on our highways. When I was younger this behavior would get you a punch in the nose at the very least.
            It could be something else. I remember writing a column in 1993 that included:
            He was six years old with an innocent angelic face. As I was talking to his mother I noticed him looking at a sales catalog so I asked, “Did you see something you want for your birthday?”
            He said, “I want this video game.”
            The game seemed extremely violent. I asked, “Why this game?”
            He said, “It’s got the very best fatalities.”
            “Excuse me?” I must have heard wrong.
            “It has the very best fatalities,” he repeated. I asked, “What makes for the very best fatalities?”
            He grinned. “When blood spurts out, their bones show and their skin burns off while they die.”
            I was very shocked by this small child wanting the very best fatalities. His mother told me most young kids feel the same way about those games which is why there are so many violent games on the market.
            There has been concern about what appears to be increasing violence in our society. I believe the reason we have so much violence in America is that many Americans simply like violence. The enjoyment of violence is a many year product of the entertainment industry.
            There are gentle people and violent people here in America. It is hard to spot any difference in their general appearance. The lambs and lions lay down together but only one gets up. The lions enjoy violence while the lambs do not.
            There are times when violence is the only option. Still, even after thousands of years, the same blood lust central to the society which enjoyed going to the Roman Coliseum to watch gladiators kill each other, is alive in our own society.
            In a few years, the young boy who likes fatalities may move to real death on the streets. At the murder trial a lawyer may call his mother to the stand. She will admit she allowed her son to enjoy violence. Society must decide what to do with him once it has been established how much he enjoys the very best fatalities.
            That’s what I wrote in 1993. Over the years, I have seen many young people who are far more aggressive than people in past years. There is also the anonymous ability of some people to be jerks without getting the punch in the snout they deserve.
            Which takes us to the violent protestors that have sprung up in the last year in response to police actions and Donald Trump being elected President of the United States. The police are the police and as to the election, like it or not there is no way to go back. Donald Trump is now the president of our country.
            But we are seeing people block highways, set fires and generally throw a tantrum over the election results. They are blocking ambulances and damaging property. People are randomly being assaulted as our society is moving toward ever more violence.
            There is a concern that another Civil War is breaking out with those people unable to accept the results of the November 2016 election. They are acting out against the society. One state, California, is talking about leaving the United States but it isn’t that easy since the people of the state are citizens of the entire country.
            Could it be that so many of these protesters are acting out roles that they have experienced in video games and so are divorced from reality. That easily could be. I don’t know why they seem to enjoy the chaos they cause. But this won’t end well for any of us.

Travel Ban 9th Circuit