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Claiming victim status is in the DNA

© 2018 Jim Spence - The mainstream news media never uses the term “identity politics,” despite the fact the strategy is the most important philosophical pillar of the Democrat's political playbook.
What does the term “identity politics” mean?
Identity politics is how the Democrats like to think about human beings. Democrats don’t think of voters so much as individual human beings. For constructing their election strategies, they prefer to lump people together according to the “groups” that Democrats think they belong to. This identity grouping is done for the purpose of determining a person’s ability to cite grievances. Typically the grievances are very generalized and based simply on the idea that the people are members of certain groups.
There is an end game evolving with this strategy. Democrat’s ultimate strategy is to convince everyone in every group, except white men, that they are victims. This explains why Democrats are so willing to slap the racist label on any white person who is seeking office as a Republican. In the Democratic playbook, at election time, all white men are oppressors.
It was actually quite comical a couple of years ago when a CNN reporter stopped legendary Cleveland Browns running back and accomplished movie actor Jim Brown, as he exited a meeting with then President-elect Trump. Brown quickly bristled at her identity politics slanted question. He glared at the offending reporter and said to her emphatically, “I am not a victim.”
After making many millions of dollars in a wildly successful acting career after playing football, who could argue with Jim Brown? The answer is only a Democrat could argue that he is some sort of victim, by trying to lump him into their group-based victim’s hierarchy.
At first glance, it might seem odd that lately Democrats have taken to throwing “white women” under the rhetorical bus too. In the Democrat’s minds, white women are becoming tricky little hybrid identities. Sure, they are victims, simply because they are women. But they are also oppressors because they are white. Democrats have been slow to recognize they have been alienating white women by inferring that those of them who have white husbands, are all racists. Democrats also freely accuse the white women who don’t vote Democrat of being accomplices in white men's endless oppression of other, "groups."
What is the informal hierarchy for Democrat’s victim groups? Blacks lead the list, they are followed closely by Hispanics, Native Americans, all illegal immigrants, gays, lesbians, trans genders, and non-Christians, except of course for Jews who enjoy "privilege" except for that little holocaust thing.
How valuable is it for a Democrat to be able to claim they belong to a victim’s group? Apparently it is critical. Check out the machinations of presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren. Warren has been claiming she is part Cherokee for quite some time. Recently she actually went so far as to get a dubious DNA test done, ostensibly to prove her identity with Native American heritage. She did this despite the fact that the validity of such DNA tests for this purpose, is scientifically dubious at best. Over the weekend, Warren jubilantly announced the results of her private “DNA” test proved she actually does have some Cherokee blood.
Amusingly, the Cherokee Nation immediately responded to her saying Warren’s use of a DNA test to justify her claim of Native American ancestry were inappropriate. “A DNA test is useless to determine tribal citizenship,” the Cherokee Nation said in a statement released Monday. “Sovereign tribal nations set their own legal requirements for citizenship, and while DNA tests can be used to determine lineage, such as paternity to an individual, it is not evidence for tribal affiliation. Using a DNA test to lay claim to any connection to the Cherokee Nation or any tribal nation, even vaguely, is inappropriate and wrong. It makes a mockery out of DNA tests and its legitimate uses, while also dishonoring legitimate tribal governments and their citizens,” the tribe said.
Still, according to Warren, supposedly she is between 0.09 and 1.5 percent Native American. This means she has possibly at least one Native American ancestor between get this……….6 and 10 generations back. Apparently, the average American’s DNA would yield similar results thanks to plenty of DNA combinations dating back to 1492.
It turns out that Carlos D. Bustamante, the Stanford University professor who actually conducted the Warren DNA test, said Native American DNA does not exist in DNA researcher’s databases because tribal leaders discourage members from participating in genetic testing. And according to Warren’s close political pals at the Boston Globe, “To make up for the dearth of Native American DNA, Bustamante used samples from Mexico, Peru, and Colombia to stand in for Native American. That’s because scientists believe that the groups Americans refer to as Native American came to this land via the Bering Strait about 12,000 years ago and settled in what’s now America but also migrated further south.”
The Elizabeth Warren story is not so much about her absurd claims for the purpose of securing group identity as it is about the political value perceived by those in the Democratic Party, of simply NOT being “white.”
Put me down in the Jim Brown camp. Jim Brown is not a victim. Neither is Elizabeth Warren or Colin Kaepernick for that matter. And the millions of poor whites in America did not really squander their "privilege." They never had any to squander. In the end, real victims don’t want to be victims. If you are a victim, it means something bad has happened to you…….unless you are a Democrat politician. If you are a Democrat politician, you crave victim hood. You also try to brainwash your constituents with the group identity scam for the political purpose of convincing them there is value in being a victim.
It would seem that multi-millionaire Kanye West recently discovered he is not a victim. What a shame.


Carl Jackson tells it like it is

© 2018 Jim Spence -  It is time for a history lesson courtesy of Townhall.com contributor Carl Jackson. Jackson says the teaching of history is critical. However, revising history to fit a political narrative is what Democrats have been doing at high schools and on major college campuses for decades. Jackson says, redacting important facts from the teaching of history has become the favorite past time of activists Democrats involved in the revision of history. How else can we explain that the simple truths regarding the delivering true freedoms are not known by the vast majority of adult Americans, even people who vote Republican for other reasons, do not know much about the facts Jackson establishes.
Most people know that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, and he issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which was later signed into law to abolish slavery in the United States. However, most Americans don’t know, because they were never taught properly, that it was the Republican Party that introduced and passed the 13th Amendment, which effectively ended all forms of slavery and involuntary servitude in America.
The GOP did not stop there. Republicans also spearheaded the passage of the 14th Amendment granting all freed slaves U.S. citizenship. Then came the 15th Amendment, also passed by Republicans, which recognized the right to vote for former slaves. Did you know that the very first Civil Rights Act was passed against the wishes of Democrats in 1866? The law protected the rights of freed slaves.
Did you know that over the opposition of Democrats in 1871, the GOP passed the Anti-KKK Act, which effectively destroyed the Ku Klux Klan. Later the Klan was revitalized by Democrats, including former Klan member and Democrat Senate Majority Leader Robert Byrd, who was in the Senate until 2010, when he finally died.
The era of Reconstruction is largely lamented in the history textbooks. However, there were some good things that happened during Reconstruction. The very first black Congressmen were elected during Reconstruction. All of these men were Republicans. Were you taught these facts?
President Dwight D. Eisenhower created a Commission on Civil Rights back in 1957, and in 1960 he sent federal inspectors to the voter registration polls to insure fair treatment of blacks who were attempting to exercise their rights to vote. In 1964, it was the Republican vote in Congress, particularly in the Senate that passed the Civil Rights Act. A higher percentage of Republican Senators supported that law than Democrats. Did your history teacher explain this to you? I am guessing not.
Do you find Martin Luther King Jr. to be one of the most compelling figures in human history? Do you think it is taught at any level in our education system that it was not until Republican President Ronald Reagan’s tenure that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday became a national holiday?
And how about the actual presidential numbers on  appointing more blacks to high-level positions in the federal government? Do the history teachers at any level in America teach students that Republican President George W. Bush, more than any of his predecessors, created major advancements for people like Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, and so many other gifted black Americans?
Everyone knows that inner city schools are an abject failure. Democrats won’t send their kids to them if they have options. But poor African American families in the inner cities don’t have alternatives. In 2011, it was a Republican Congress that tried to change this situation when it voted to fund the D.C. school voucher program. This was a real reversal of the damage done by Mr. Obama and Democrat Harry Reid when these two Democrats stripped the funding away from the voucher program as a payoff to their National Education Association buddies. The NEA is a stalwart Democratic Party contributor that resists all efforts to promote educational reforms especially school vouchers. Has this ever been explained to you?
Carl Jackson summarizes this situation well in his column at Townhall.com today:
"Republicans were instrumental in using the law to greatly diminish the effects of racism in America so that everyone, regardless of race, could reach their God-given potential. But, legislation alone can’t change a man’s heart. That part is up to God, and unfortunately the modern Democratic Party wants nothing to do with Him. As long as that’s the case, we can expect racism to be an unresolved issue in American politics for generations to come, and I’m convinced Democrats are OK with that."
Conservative Dining in Washington D.C.


Kanye West and Taylor Swift Speak Out

© 2018 Jim Spence - Just as everyone in America does, entertainer celebrities have the right to express their opinions. However, it has been quite informative to watch how the mainstream media reacted to two different music artists who weighed in on politics this week.
First there was rapper Kanye West who has teamed up with Obama supporter Jay Z to make some of the crudest and most vulgar songs ever recorded. The mainstream media never took West or Jay Z to task for some of their lyrics, but man did the folks at CNN go off when West met with Donald Trump in the White House this week.
It seems that West's coming out in support of a man who won an electoral landslide victory in 2016 requires ridicule. On CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, CNN commentator Bakari Sellers said, “Kanye West is what happens when negroes don’t read.”
Wow! Let’s just imagine for a millisecond if a Fox commentator had said the same thing about Jay Z and Beyonce after one of their countless visits to the Obama White House. Just imagine what would have happened. Whoever said that would have been justifiably crucified.
The barrage of attacks on West on CNN continued. Kanye West is, “An attention whore like the president,” said CNN’s Tara Setmayer. But Setmayer did not stop there, “Black folks are about to trade Kanye West in the racial draft,” she declared indignantly.
Really? Is there actually such a thing as the, “us versus them” racial draft? Are the “thems,” in Stemayer’s world all white people? Who thinks like this, gets a forum on national television, and goes unchallenged by those sitting next to her? This is America's mainstream media.
Setmayer topped off her blatantly racist rant with this gem, “Kanye is the token Negro of the Trump administration.”
All that can be said about this sort of stuff is wow! This woman still has a job at a major news network?
Taylor Swift waded into the political pool this week too. It seems she said she is not going to vote for the GOP’s Marsha Blackburn in the U.S. Senate race in Tennessee. On Fox and Friends Charlie Kirk, who runs a pro-GOP organization called Turning Point USA, said that Swift should, “Stick to singing instead of politics.”
Again, all Americans are entitled to their opinions. Personally, I happen to love Taylor Swift’s music and don’t care at all for Kanye West’s vulgar rap. However, it is long since past the time when Americans should think about CNN and their obsession with policing the thoughts of free Americans. Specifically, we should think about how brazenly bold the CNN pundits are at trying to control the thought processes of all black people. When a black man like Kanye West strays off their orthodox thought plantation, they scream “runaway” and demand he be punished by their listeners. What comes next now that they know Kanye like millions of others, actually supports Trump? Do these CNN pundits demand half of one of Kanye West's feet be chopped off since he is black?
Alternatively, should Taylor Swift stick to singing since those in the GOP disagree with her about the Tennessee senate race?
There is danger here. Expressing opinions is as American as apple pie. Every American should enjoy freedom of expression. Debate is healthy.
However, what CNN did to Kanye West was not the expression of an opinion or engagement in debate. Instead they simply ridiculed West in a despicably racist way, as if all black people must think in a certain way. The language the CNN pundits used was the language of the Ku Klux Klan. Sadly, CNN is composed of dozens of hopelessly partisan hacks with naked hatreds for those who dare to veer away from their contempt for anything that is not Democrat.
It is no wonder that the ever-combative Trump calls CNN the enemy of the people and thousands chant, “CNN sucks” at rallies all over America. The fact that these racist bastards continue to contribute at CNN, is all the evidence one needs to conclude that CNN does suck.

They don't have the votes

© 2018 Jim Spence - Engage Democrats online in the comments section of a website where news articles are published, and you will encounter rage almost immediately. This rage is as disturbing as events in San Jose, California a couple of years ago, when Trump supporters were filmed as they were chased, slammed to the ground, pummeled with fists, kicked, and even pelted with eggs and hard projectiles.
Since the Trump 2016 election victory, throngs of criminals chanting anti-Trump rhetoric have dragged people from their cars in places like Chicago and beaten them. Elsewhere, armies of masked black-clad “antifa protesters” have engaged in senseless acts of violence. In Portland, Seattle, and L.A. they have routinely beat up people they suspect did not vote Democrat. Riots have broken out all around the country. Washington D.C., Portland, Seattle, and Berkeley, are just a few of the places that have been made unsafe for free speech. Allison Stanger, a professor of political science (a Democrat) was injured by an anti-free speech mob that was opposed to her hosting author Charles Murray, when he was speaking at Middlebury College. Louisiana Republican Steve Scalise was shot and critically wounded by a pro-Bernie Sanders gunman in Washington. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was threatened and chased out of a restaurant by Democrat protesters. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and her family were kicked out of a restaurant by the Democrat owner. Ted Cruz and his wife were threatened at restaurant by a screaming mob of anti-Brett Kavanaugh protesters. Earlier this week Hillary Clinton said, get this........Democrats need to be less civil and more “ruthless.” Wow, she actually one-upped serial violence promoter and fellow Democrat Maxine Waters.
Are these people you want to give more power to?
Let's return to the real problem here. The problem for Democrats is they don’t have the votes, which ironically is pretty much what it takes to govern.
Consider how Democrats and Republicans have behaved regarding a few recent Supreme Court nominees. With Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, the Republicans did not have the votes. No Republican would stoop so low as to trash these two people personally, despite the fact that all Republicans knew these nominees would not rule the way the GOP wanted them to on court cases. Both Kagan and Sotomayor sailed through their confirmation hearings with discussions limited to legal questions. Both received GOP votes.
With Merrick Garland, the last Obama nominee, the Democrats only held 46 senate seats. Garland was simply not going to be confirmed.....period. Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell cited a precedent established by then Senator Joe Biden to deny Garland hearings and a vote during a presidential election year. Democrats didn’t like it, but they did not have the votes. The outcome on Garland was never in doubt and Garland went back to his job on the bench as a Court of Appeals judge, without being trashed as a human being by people who were opposed to his nomination.
Brett Kavanaugh was nominated and once again, as has been the case for quite some time, the Democrats didn’t have the votes. We all saw what happened. Because they were angry, like the mobs they incite almost every day, and because they did not have the votes, Democrats decided to use a person who wanted to remain anonymous, to accuse Kavanaugh of being a rapist thirty-six years ago. These charges were so frivolous the objective was delay, not deny. However, there is no doubt that Judge Kavanaugh was forced to deny the slander as well as explain to his two young daughters what happens when Democrats don’t have the votes.
Americans see how Democrats behave when their bad policy ideas don't yield votes. Do you want these people to have more power or less power as an appropriate reward for their very bad policy ideas and atrocious anger-driven behaviors?


The atrocity of the Kavanaugh hearings

© 2018 Jim Spence - “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

Every U.S. Senator takes the above oath. And according to this oath, the U.S. Constitution is the centerpiece of our nation’s governing framework. Sadly, Democrats don’t care much for the U.S. Constitution. It gets in the way of their obsession with making government and crony capitalists more and more powerful. Despite all the security and prosperity our U.S. Constitution has brought, not just to U.S. citizens, but others around the world, Democrats constantly emphasize what is wrong with America to the point of destroying what is right with America. Astonishingly, Mr. Obama called for the "fundamental" transformation of the most successful nation in human history, as if there is something fundamentally better about more powerful bureaucrats and crony capitalists.
It is time to delve into the factors that have made absurd last minute accusations become the political weapon of choice of Democrats. In the wake of an utter repudiation of many Obama policies by the electorate in 2016, in 2018 Democrats demonstrate the same sort of rage they did one hundred fifty-eight years ago when they suspected that slavery as an institution, was living on borrowed time. The Democrat's rage prior to the civil war was also triggered by the election of a Republican. Like their slave holding ancestors, in 2018, Democrats are engaging in increasingly violent acts of aggression that could lead America to civil war. And strange as it might seem, slavery is once again the issue. Democrats have a vision that citizens ought to become the slaves of bureaucrats. Examples of this are how citizens are treated at veteran’s hospitals, departments of motor vehicles, and security checkpoints in airports. Democrats pretend these bureaucracies provide adequate service. Citizens know better.
Politics is mostly about having good ideas regarding public policies. Winning politicians must provide superior historical evidence that their ideas/policies work better than those of their opponents. And in civilized societies, after elections are held, the incumbent losers transfer power to the election winners. And they do so peacefully.
Here comes the problem for Democrats. Increasingly, in America it is obvious that Democrats think it is acceptable to react to their huge losses at the ballot box with violence instead of peaceful concessions. It comes as no surprise that what we have seen since 2016, is hardly a peaceful transfer of power.
The reasons for the frustrations of Democrats are obvious. When it comes to proposing ideas and policies to the electorate, policies that work……Democrats are bankrupt. They simply cannot provide convincing evidence that anything they are in favor of, actually works. This reality began to become pretty clear in 2010 after Democrats were handed control of the White House, the House of Representatives, and a super majority in the Senate in 2008. In less than two years Democrats screwed up their chance to show they had intelligent priorities. They screwed up in an epic way. Instead of looking to grow opportunities for those citizens who are willing to work, they hijacked the nation’s healthcare system and put it in the hands of lazy bureaucrats and crony capitalists. Thanks to Democrats, lazy bureaucrats and crony capitalists still control the healthcare system. While citizens hate what they did to healthcare, Democrats remain undeterred. Democrats want to do to most aspects of life in America what they did to healthcare under Obama.
As was likely to happen, all of these realities came crashing down on Democrats in the 2016 election. And since the news media is composed of 90% partisan Democrats and only 10% journalists, the fires have been stoked and raging for the last 23 months.
This brings us to the utter atrocity of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Can you imagine being falsely accused by some lunatic prosecutor and being forced to draw from a jury pool consisting of Democrat Senators? Can you say life in prison?
The Kavanaugh hearings were a prime example of what unprincipled bastards do. Democrat’s great hopes for continuing to empower bureaucrats and crony capitalists were with corrupting the court system and promoting judges they know will ignore their oaths. Democrat appointees to the courts, as a matter of routine, can be counted on to refuse to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.
Make no mistake, Donald Trump dashed these putrid hopes. Accordingly, you don't have to like Trump the person, to like what he has done. Putrid hopes should be dashed.
Next month the American people will once again have a choice in the mid-term elections. They can not only deny support for those who refuse to defend the Constitution of the United States, they can also talk to the undecided in their ranks and help them understand what is at stake.
In the end, the atrocity of the Kavanaugh hearings served as an alarming illustration of the depth of evil out there. America has  too many sleaze balls in the U.S. Senate, including both New Mexico senators, who rank among the most unprincipled elected officials in America.


We have a duty

© 2018 Jim Spence - You would never know it by following the mainstream media, but America has been improving nicely for twenty-one months. Everyone can see the stunning recovery in the GDP figures and especially in the jobs numbers. Millions of people are off of food stamps and working. The results are actually amazing. But of course, there is so much more potential to be realized in our state and our nation.
Democrats are political animals. They network and they recruit. And they don't care about the recovery, they care about making government bigger and more intrusive. Non-Democrats tend to go to work and mind their own business. Unfortunately, this presents a problem for those wanting this economic miracle to continue. Democrats don't want it to continue. If you visit this site regularly and read the commentary here, a duty is looming on your horizon. It is not going to be enough to personally get out and vote for candidates that will support policies that will bolster the amazing rebound America and New Mexico have been experiencing. You are going to have to identify people who do not follow such things and talk to them about what is at stake next month. Please speak to young people in your family who are not "in to politics" and try to open their eyes.
There is nothing that explains all the good happening in America better than record employment figures for minority members and teenagers. Please speak to at least two people you would normally not discuss politics with and explain to them that Democrats are mostly in favor of policies that destroy prosperity instead of building on it.
Young people should understand that they don’t have to like Donald Trump to understand what his POLICIES are doing for America any more than they have to like Tiger Woods personally, to appreciate how well he plays golf.
Ultimately, rooting for the American rebound to continue is in everyone's best interests. I hope everyone energizes over the next few weeks so we can continue to climb out of the trough we have been in. It is not like travelling overseas to defeat tyranny as our ancestors did in WWI and WWII but it is our duty.


It is time

© 2018 Jim Spence - As the November mid-term elections approach, it is time for all of us who find keeping up with the never-ending power grabs by big-government totalitarians tedious, to admit we are going to have to ENERGIZE and turn out in DROVES if we hope to prevent the destruction of what has been accomplished over the last eight years in New Mexico and the last twenty-one months in America.
There are three types of people in America. We have independents who want to be left alone. We have GOP activists. And we have Democrat activists. Of course independents don’t trust either party any farther than they can throw them. This being said, for good reasons, independents had had enough of Barack Obama after a very short period of time, simply because he lied to us about what he would do. Many of us liked our health insurance and then saw our choices destroyed and our deductibles and premiums skyrocket after Obama promised what he was doing would produce just the opposite.
Most GOP activists have businesses and/or jobs in the private sector. In short, people with businesses and private sector jobs know something about competing to make customers happy.
On the other hand, most Democrat activists milk taxpayers through big government. Accordingly, they pursue political power 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Most Democrat activists don’t care about the economy, simply because they have no direct connection to a good economy. Providing customer satisfaction is not what they do all day because, they get their funds from government where a culture of customer service-orientation is non-existent.
The Kavanaugh circus is a call to electoral arms for everyone who voted for change two years ago. The efforts to affect sweeping changes in Washington have produced tangible results. We wanted and we got higher real wages, a doubling in GDP growth rates, lower taxes, and rising consumer confidence. Consumer confidence is up to an eighteen year high. Because we have gotten what we hoped for two years ago, virtually all Americans are better off.
The responses from Democrat activists to higher wages and historic improvements in employment for all Americans have been nothing short of astounding. They have either ignored or denied the good. Only Obama, who realized how much good has been produced, actually stepped forward recently to not only acknowledge the improvements, but predictably, to try to take credit for them.
Democrats big play right now is a smear campaign and they have plenty of help. Dozens of classmates of Brett Kavanaugh have been receiving phone calls from “reporters” digging into Kavanaugh’s background. Digging into a nominee’s background is totally appropriate. However, the reports are, that these reporters are not merely seeking the truth about this judge, they are trying to get former students at Yale to level charges against Kavanaugh. When no charges are forthcoming during the early part of the phone calls, leading questions are asked by reporters with negative overtones towards the judge implied. When there are no corroborations to these implications, the reporters hang up and the responses to their calls are not reported, they are discarded.
Here is the bottom line as the beginning of October 2018 looms. The call to arms seems pretty clear. If you think America was headed in the wrong direction for decades and the changes coming about since early 2017 are a major improvement for our country, you must not only reject Democratic Socialist candidates (there are no other kind). You must talk to people you know who are sitting on the fence and encourage them to vote with you, so that we do not backslide in the direction of decline and decay. It is really that simple.
Sadly, those of us who realize that things have improved, cannot simply get on with our busy lives and think the problem has been fixed. We have only made what could very well could be temporary improvements. The reason why they could very well be only temporary, is because Democratic activists will never rest. They will never realize they support too many stupid ideas. Instead, they will double and triple down on idiocy. And they have 90 percent of journalists and educators behind them and their smear campaigns. Not only is this coalition downplaying the improvements we all see, they are going to continue to prey on the uninformed, and encourage them to buy, not just into dumb ideas, but into their absurd smear campaigns.
Folks, we finally have a political foothold on some real economic reform in this country. But it is as tenuous as the early stages of the fight for Iwo Jima. Let’s not allow ourselves to get pushed back down on to the economic beach and shot dead. We have to keep fighting the battle of good ideas and good results, while the other side lies and plays the smear game. Please pass this on if you agree. It is time to turn out. Independents cannot indulge in the luxury of sitting back and hoping.


Universal desires?

© 2018 Jim Spence - Often opposing attorneys, to keep trials from going on forever, will stipulate to what both sides can agree on as irrefutable facts. Sadly, there are no stipulations regarding current events today.
What does America want? What do Americans universally agree about? You would think there would a few things that are universal, things that transcend politics. There seems to be only one thing that is nearly universal in America. Ask one hundred American adults if our system of government in Washington D.C. needs changing, and ninety-nine will say yes, we need change. Hold that thought.
Another question arises. If you talk to those in what might be broadly labeled as “conservative circles” what do people want besides a change in Washington? There are four major ideas within these circles that stand out. 1) GOP types want steps taken to make sure nuclear powers never escalate war dangers. 2) They want freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. 3) They want a solid growth rate in the economy so prosperity is available for those willing to work and save. 4) They want laws enforced so it is safe to move about. They want these things for themselves, their family members, and for all law abiding citizens.
What about Democrats? Do Democrats agree with the four major desires listed above? Let’s take a look. 1) Do Democrats care about the threat of nuclear war? In theory Democrats care deeply about preventing nuclear war, but……they don’t actually care deeply enough to affirm the idea that Trump’s friction reducing talks with Putin and Kim reduce the threat of nuclear war. In the end, all Democrats brush aside efforts made by anyone other than a Democratic Socialist to defuse the threats of nuclear war. They do care about the threat of nuclear war, but they care about the threat of losing political power more. 2) What about freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution? How do Democratic Socialists feel about these? Again, when asked, the initial response of any Democrat will tend to suggest they care deeply about freedom. However, Democratic Socialists treat the freedom guarantees in the Constitution as if they are vague and flexible. They do this because they only want freedoms protected selectively. On college campuses all over the nation, Democrats oppose freedom of speech if the speaker figures to say something they disagree with. This not really support for the 1st Amendment, this is a totalitarian desire for the freedom to squelch the speech of those they disagree with. Freedom of speech protects the right to disagree, it does not demand agreement as a pretext. Democratic Socialists say they care about freedom, but they care about holding and exercising political power more. 3) What about a nice growth rate in the economy? Democratic Socialists, when asked, will pretend they care about opportunities and solid economic growth. However, they can be found praising sub two percent GDP growth while denying the value of four percent plus GDP growth every day. They routinely deny the value of significant increases in wages for working people. Democrats say they care about growth, but they care about holding power more. 
What do Democratic Socialists say about lowering crime rates? Again, and in theory, Democrats will always “say” they desire less crime. But in reality, they are sympathetic to movements that make excuses for criminal behaviors and are deeply suspicious of all law enforcement officers. Democratic Socialists will passionately decry isolated incidents when bad cops commit crimes against citizens, while never decrying the astounding murder rates in virtually every large Democrat run city in America.
Let’s go back to the thought we were holding. What about the one universality of thought that says all Democrats and Republicans believe Washington D.C. is broke and we needed a change in the system? Democrats will say they wanted a change in the system. They will say they want a reduction in the threat of nuclear war. They will say they want freedom. They will say they want a strong economy. They even say they want less crime. What Democrats say may well be things they think they hold true in their minds. But their behaviors betray their words. They want power more than they want all of these things. 
Why would this be so? The answer is simple. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Dianne Feinstein is the best example of this phenomenon, at this moment in history. Feinstein should be universally denounced, but half the nation wants power more than it hates corruption.