Where is the Strategy to Address Brainwashing?

© 2020 Jim Spence - The evidence is everywhere. Our taxpayer-funded public education system has utterly failed us. This failure has been ongoing for several generations. Amazingly, those of us paying the property taxes (and other taxes) to support our corrupt public education system committed to brainwashing, are in fact, financing our own self-destruction.
The results of public education indoctrinating students instead of merely educating them are far reaching. In 21st Century America, the nation is routinely bombarded with misinformation and outrageous propaganda. It is peddled by supposedly reputable news media outlets and elected officials. The bombardments now occur daily and non-stop. This week on sports tickers at the bottom of horse racing coverage, absurd headlines dominated. Anyone challenging bogus information is immediately branded a "racist." It is bullying on a massive scale. Large corporate America is so bullied these days it is becoming the pawns of those peddling false and toxic political narratives.
Why does this work?
It is because public education has been allowed to brainwash a significant percentage of the population for several generations. The manipulation is especially pronounced in the presentation of dubious virus data by news outlets. Coronavirus statistics are shaped or omitted to create a state of fear and panic. Bogus news presentations and news tickers regarding important virus data should be a scandal.
Again we ask, how can this take place with so little scrutiny? The answer is pretty simple. The foundation of widespread ignorance created by a bad public education system has been increasingly corrupting major components of our basic information flows. News organizations have morphed into brazenly agenda and narrative-driven organizations. There is hardly even a pretense remaining that news outlets are seeking objectivity. Social media companies now brazenly censor communications offering dissenting viewpoints.
This sad state of affairs leaves citizens on their own, when trying to properly discard half-facts and half-truths. Sorting through mountains of propaganda disguised as "news" is now a daily chore, much like taking out bag after bag of garbage to keep the house from stinking.
Bad education is also responsible for perverting our language. The term “protesters,” which was once a word used to describe the act of American citizens exercising their sacred 1st Amendment rights, is now used routinely by journalists to provide cultural respectability for arsonists, murderers, and thieves. Criminals do not deserve deference or respect. Yet they get these things every day from so-called journalists.
It is hard to believe we have seen Democrats in charge of city governments around the nation, actually instruct law enforcement officials to haul hair stylists and church pastors before the court system. Hair cutters and pastors have been fined and jailed for opening their salons and churches. Now many of these same Democrats enforcing pandemic restrictions have ordered police forces to step aside and allow arsonists, murderers, and thieves to roam freely and destroy. This is insane.
Are we to pretend that starving hairstylists and church pastors are criminals.....while arsonists, murderers, and thieves are engaging in lawful activities? Make no mistake, Democrats are committed to making this the prevailing viewpoint. Their hope seems to be to let surrogates set the fires and then blame the resulting ruins on Trump.
It has become obvious that expecting Democrats to protect public safety is silly. Public safety is not anywhere near the top of the Democrat's policy priority list. This explains why riots are characterized as peaceful protests.
The widespread effect of a failed education system finds few boundaries. An alarming percentage of society, having been brainwashed by bad educators and a badly educated media, have been trained to relentlessly criticize America's failure to achieve perfection. It is seemingly in poor taste to report the fact that America, while nowhere near perfect, is still the most open, tolerant, and generous nation on earth. No real solutions are offered by America's critics. Instead, we are simply told to tolerate mindless destruction and violence and hate law enforcement officials because human beings working in law enforcement are flawed.
Locally, in New Mexico the cultural cancer has spread. Two key Democrat Senators, honorable people with common sense and good governing instincts, were defeated in primaries last week. The defeat of Senators Mary Kay Papen and John Arthur Smith will pave the way for economic and freedom-destroying policies by the new Democratic Party in New Mexico. No doubt all checks and balances keeping stupidity from being implemented in Santa Fe on a massive scale by radical progressive Democrats, are now gone. Expect Democrats to enact even dumber policies that are sure to create economic miseries and public safety hazards that plunge New Mexico to the very bottom of the quality of life heap.
The GOP has failed to logically address these grave threats. For decades sound advice on nominating minority candidates has gone ignored by the GOP. A perfect example is the way the New Mexico GOP swept aside the viable candidacy of John Sanchez in favor of Steve Pearce. While Pearce has almost always cast intelligent votes, he comes in a terrible wrapper. With a mostly brainwashed electorate, the "old white man" wrapper is not an easy sell. John Sanchez could be governor if the GOP activists had any collective sense. Of course this is not “fair” to Pearce. Who said life was fair? Understanding this anti-Anglo reality continues to be the difference between the GOP having a chance to win and having zero chance of winning.
Did the GOP activists not learn anything from the success of Susana Martinez? Do they think with a brainwashed New Mexico electorate, Martinez won because of her stances on public policies?
The GOP would do well to learn the lessons associated with seeing widespread arson, murder, property damage, and theft applauded by its opposition. Republicans should commit immediately to nominating full slates of minority member candidates for office. Budding stars like John James in Michigan and Tim Scott in South Carolina are the only hope to fight this tidal wave of cancerous "racialism" that is destroying the nation.
Will the GOP play to win long term, with a strategy that addresses the damage done by putrid public education? It seems doubtful. Will America understand that Democrats want us to believe people willing to commit arson, murder, property destruction, and theft are interested in social justice? Not if all forms of news and social media can help it.
Years ago in this column, it was suggested that the GOP wake up and smell the roses. The strategic dilemma facing Republicans has not disappeared. Win or lose come November, Donald Trump is not a long term strategy. The best case scenario is that Trump becomes a two-term lame duck. The GOP needs a real game plan that adapts to cultural realities and the threats of economic destruction. The GOP needs to start thinking long term.
This will be the last column posted on this site for the summer. A break is needed to tend to the responsibilities and training that come with exercising one's 2nd Amendment rights.


And, the "Social Justice" Olympic Gold Medal Winner is...

© 2020 Jim Spence - Barack Obama is the greatest living example of an insane contradiction in human history. He takes his place beside former British slave trader John Newton, who also wrote the beautiful hymn “Amazing Grace.”
Elected to two terms as President of the United States, Obama, is the son of a Kenyan man and an American woman. When Obama needed funds for college, he claimed he was “foreign born,” on his student aid application. Because America is generous, foreign students routinely receive more aid than American born students. Presumably, Obama lied on his application.
Of course, years later, Obama and all his allies in the media, lashed out at those who actually “believed” what Obama himself wrote on his own student aid application. You must understand how to distort the idea of social justice. In Obama’s mind, it is perfectly fine to lie on your student aid application, but it is also racist when someone believes what you wrote on your application was true.
Yesterday, Obama was at it again. He has a recent history of chastising Americans for wanting tight controls on U.S. borders. Obama would prefer to open the borders like floodgates to accommodate millions of people desperately wanting to emigrate to the U.S. from elsewhere.
Obama never considers the implications of calling for open borders, because he simply does not want to discuss why millions of people desperately want to come to live in the United States.
Incredibly, Obama told America and the world yesterday, that George Floyd’s murder occurred, because most Americans (presumably "typical" white Americans) still embrace the original sin of racism. Along with censured A.G. Eric Holder, Obama said, “……stereotypes, born in slavery, in the notion — you know, in order to enslave a people, you had to think they were in some ways different, in some ways inferior. Those attitudes … are still part of the American psyche.”
Obama did not stop bashing the American psyche. Instead he piled it on thicker saying, “Every step of progress in this country, every expansion of freedom, every expression of our deepest ideals have been won through efforts that made the status quo uncomfortable. And we should all be thankful for folks who are willing, in a peaceful, disciplined way, to be out there making a difference.”
America has been watching the videos of thousands of violent crimes being committed. Peaceful? Disciplined? Who are you kidding?
The great irony is that Mr. Obama is a great beneficiary of just the opposite of what he says. For decades America has been the most open and tolerant nation on earth. Is America perfect? No way. America is the most just nation on this universally imperfect planet.
This fact alone explains why hundreds of millions of people in other places want to come to America to live. Still, instead of pointing to nations like the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Greece, Germany, Belgium, Japan, China, Russia……all nations that have NEVER elected a black person as prime minister or president, our former president, insists on arguing for endless self-loathing in America because we have not achieved perfection in an imperfect world.
Why does Obama continue to do this? His intent is to get what he really wants, which is more power for government through freedom-denying socialism.
Instead of dwelling on the contradictory manipulator Barack Obama, let us turn to retired George Mason University professor Walter Williams for some actual facts. Williams teaches us, “A recent study by Just Facts, an excellent source of factual information, shows that after accounting for income, charity, and non-cash welfare benefits such as subsidized health care, housing, food stamps and other assistance programs, the poorest 20% of Americans consume more goods and services than the national averages for all people in the world's most affluent countries. This includes the majority of countries that are members of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, including its European members. The Just Facts study concludes that if the U.S. "poor" were a nation, then it would be one of the world's richest.
And yet, those supposedly advocating for the poor in America are suggesting the torching of our nation isn't horrific crime, it is a “wake up call.”
Walter Williams
The data supporting Walter Williams view of social justice in America is overwhelming. As early as 2010, 43% of all poor households owned their own homes. The average home owned by persons classified as “poor” by the Census Bureau is a three-bedroom house with one-and-a-half baths, a garage and a porch or patio. Eighty percent of poor households have air conditioning. The typical poor American has more living space than the average non-poor individual living in Paris, London, Vienna, Athens and other cities throughout Europe. Ninety-seven percent of poor households have one or more color televisions -- half of which are connected to cable, satellite, or a streaming service. Some 82% of poor families have one or more smartphones. Eighty-nine percent own microwave ovens and more than a third have an automatic dishwasher. Most poor families have a car or truck and 43% own two or more vehicles.
These are the FACTS behind the reasons that millions of people all around the world desperately want to come to live in America. They want to live here because this nation bathes in superior social justice every day. Can America improve? Certainly. Are we the gold medal winners in the social justice Olympics? You better believe we are. Yet Democrats, hell bent on freedom-denying socialism, pretend the punks who torch our nation while looting and stealing, have legitimacy.
Walter Williams encourages us to: “Imagine that you are an unborn spirit in heaven and God condemns you to a life of poverty but will permit you to choose the country in which you will spend your life. Which country would you choose? I would choose the United States of America.”
Barack Obama knows what Walter Williams says is true. Obama would choose America too. Ironically, Obama chose to go on national television yesterday and encourage America to allow Democrat-backed criminal elements, who use the Floyd murder as a pretext to steal and destroy other people’s property.
There is nothing honest being told to America about how amazingly advanced social justice is here. We get only lies from those wanting to grab more power for government and destroy personal choice and freedoms.
Finally, Joe Biden and his minions believe that America is an also ran in the social justice Olympics instead of the gold medal winner. That is what the vote is going to be all about come November.

Choices Being Made

Left-Wing Violence


Sometimes the O.J. Simpsons get away with murder

© 2020 Jim Spence - Inquiries are coming in from many people these last few days. What about the killing of a man in Minneapolis while in police custody? What about protests, riots, looting, arson, and senseless violence directed towards innocent people and their property? Rioters are destroying the life savings of innocent people and beating them up.

First and foremost, we should all recognize the all too familiar recurring patterns. These acts of violence are being choreographed as part of the broad strategy of Democrats. Oddly, progressives are equivocating again. This is nothing but tacit support of arson, looting, and violent attacks on innocent people. Will appeasing these acts return Democrats to power in November?

At its core, this process is radical Democratic Party politics. All one need do is listen to mouthpieces of the Democratic Party. The truth is plain. This a continuation of the scorched earth politics Democrats have deliberately engaged in since they lost the White House in November of 2016. Even Joe Biden’s campaign staffers are donating their own personal funds to provide bail money for violent criminals who have been committing horrific crimes in full view of supportive media cameras.

China is loving it. While running ethnic Muslim concentration camps in Eastern China and illegally seizing Hong Kong in violation of international agreements, the dictatorship of Xi Xinping is grinning ear to ear. So are other dictatorships all around the world. They want America to unravel.

Some Democrats instruct us to take a step back and “listen” to the protesters. They trot out woefully ignorant Kaepernick wannabes and Hollywood jet setters to help in this violent diversion. Some "stars" are willing accomplices in these crimes.

Make no mistake, protesters who march peacefully should always be listened to. However, arsonists, thieves, and other violent criminals deserve no forum.

The bigger picture is just the opposite of what we are told. So please America, let us not delude ourselves. The big picture is right under our collective noses. China, which is a totalitarian dictatorship, where there are ZERO human rights, is cheering on the riots. The same is true in Russia and Iran, where the same forms of oppression and tyranny dominate life instead of freedom.

We are lectured daily by Democrats that the socialism that dominates daily life in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Greece, Germany, Belgium, or anywhere else in European Union are preferable to that of the "racist free market" in America. Yet none of these nations has EVER elected a black as prime minister or president. Neither has Japan, China, Russia, or dozens of other nations. And none of the poorest people in any of these countries enjoy the living standards that the poorest Americans do.

The truth is pretty easy to see. Millions of Americans of dozens of different ethnic heritages live the dream that is chased by millions of would-be immigrants. Immigrants coming to America are clamoring to get into America....not away from America. Immigrants desperately want to come to a place that is fair.....not unfair.

Why do millions of people from elsewhere want to get inside our borders? The reasons are almost endless. To begin with, Americans peacefully transferred power from George W. Bush to Barack Obama. We are the most open and tolerant nation on the planet and would-be immigrants don’t pretend otherwise.....like American Democrats do every day. This has little to do with Trump. Trump is not responsible for our legacy of tolerance and wealth. He is a beneficiary as we all are.

America is not raging. A few thousand people with no sense of how stupendously free we are, have been conned into trying to destroy the last bastion of hope this world has. And in doing so they have an excuse recognized by the media that allows them to smash windows and steal brand new Nike tennis shoes that carry Colin Kaepernick’s endorsement. It was comical to watch looters exiting burning stores with stolen property, only to have it stolen by other looters waiting outside for them to do the heavy lifting.

In the early stages of my adulthood I spent time in courtrooms at the desk of a defense attorney. I witnessed police officers lying under oath. In one trial of particular note, my defense attorney father successfully defended two black kids wrongfully charged with murder. In that trial, some of the officer’s behaviors were troubling, while others were straight arrows. On the other hand, the defendant’s behavior had been deeply troubling too. Both WERE acquitted of the murder charges, but rightfully convicted of strong-armed robbery. Both were sent to prison. Hopefully they went straight.

The point here is still simple. Human beings misbehave. We all do. Sadly, sometimes human beings cross universally recognized standards of behavior. Citizens of all races do this. And yes, cops sometimes do so too.

When human beings commit violent crimes, we MUST rely on our justice system. Does it always work? Of course not. Why not? Because human beings run our justice systems. Human beings are not perfect and unfortunately, we must hire human beings to be cops. Most are brave protectors of public safety. A few are power hungry bastards.

Do white and black police officers sometimes commit crimes? Yes, they do. Did hapless jurors allow O.J. Simpson to commit cold-blooded murder? Yes, they did. Did cops lie at O.J. Simpson’s trial. Yes, they did. Was he a murderer anyway? Yes, he was.

America has choices to make. Despite all our flaws as a nation, past and present, and so many of our best efforts to treat all citizens fairly, as human beings we come up short. The solution being posed by Democrats is to engage in self-loathing. Rioters want us to direct animosity towards ALL COPS. This is as stupid as embracing racism.

This is not about race. It is a political scam. We are being bullied. The effort is designed to convince us to toss away the best functioning system the world has ever known.

Democrats want us to adopt socialism. Socialism is a freedom-killing model that has failed everywhere it has been tried.

Americans who twice elected a black president, are being lectured and manipulated by global leftists. Those living outside of America, where racial intolerance still runs on steroids, want the most tolerant and prosperous nation on the planet to go down in flames.

Our best hope is to trust our system. Yes, sometimes the O.J. Simpsons of our nation get away with murder, but the system remains our best hope.

What we are seeing in major cities across America is an appeasement of horrifically violent criminal behavior by Democratic mayors. This is scorched earth politics. If this continues, the Civil War that threatens all of us, gets closer at hand.

Joe Biden and all those who would have us elect a man who is obviously plagued with dementia, are the biggest threats the world has seen in many decades. Don't buy it. Pass it on.

The Essence of the Democrat's Take on Minneapolis

Minneapolis Riot


Just a Cringe? Where is the outrage?

© 2020 Jim Spence - Democrat U.S. House Representative James Clyburn admitted that he “cringed” when he saw the video of Joe Biden lecturing black people while making an appearance on a national radio show last week.
Why would Clyburn cringe at something a candidate he is planning on campaigning for said? It is because Biden went so far in his condescension towards black voters that he actually said any African American voter who might be weighing his or her voting options (Trump or Biden), “Ain’t Black.”
It is curious that James Clyburn was not angry. Instead he was merely cringing like we have all done when our child does something juvenile that embarrasses us. Clyburn should have been seething with anger, but he wasn’t, simply because he is part of a large group of black Democrats who live off the block vote that Biden was desperately trying to keep in the proverbial, "take that block vote for granted," corral.
That the following people are not black is news to them: Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Herman Cain, Star Parker, Clarence Thomas, Dr. Benjamin Carson, Larry Elder, Armstrong Williams, Alan Keyes, Alveda King, Burgess Owens, Condoleezza Rice, Tim Scott, Shelby Steele, Alan West…..you get the idea. You can bet they are all weighing their personal voting options. Additionally, none of the men and women listed above, would ever dawn a phony “black accent,” when addressing a primarily black audience to demonstrate their “authenticity.” Yet we have many video tapes of Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and even Barrack Obama doing so.
At some point the Democrat’s blatant con job on America’s black community will stop. Instead of the lies taught in our mostly corrupt public-school systems, all American children will be taught the truth about our country. And the truth is this: While our nation has its flaws, we live in the most tolerant and open society on earth. While we Americans are constantly getting lectured by the British Broadcasting Co. and other entities in Europe about racial intolerance, nobody seems to have ever gotten around to asking these lecturers on tolerance why the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Greece, Germany, Belgium, or anywhere else in European Union have NEVER elected a black as prime minister or president. The same goes for Japan, China, or Russia. Talk is cheap and race baiting is stale.
Recently, American “reporters” of Asian descent have been openly attacking Trump because he is constantly reminding the press the coronavirus was unleashed on the world by China. Apparently, it is OK in the minds of Trump-hating reporters for the Democrats running the higher education systems to intentionally limit the number of Asian-Americans admitted to the top universities, but it is racist when Trump reminds us of how we got into this virus mess that is killing so many people.
Here is the truth about race in America. Democrats constantly drum up racial paranoia for political advantage in our country. But Joe Biden is so plagued by dementia he has forgotten the do’s and don’ts of “playing the race card.” The proper way to play the race card is to infer all whites who don’t vote Democrat are supremacists. This is how you divide our society by color. The improper way to play the race card is to be openly condescending of black people who are weighing their vote carefully. That is why James Clyburn cringed. Biden was manipulating black voters improperly instead of doing it properly.
Biden is an old 78. He does not remember the playbook of Democrats who have dominated places like my hometown of Baltimore, as well as Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, and many other cities. In these places voters have elected no other candidates except Democrats, for generations. In St. Louis where ten black people were shot and four killed over the weekend, voters have not selected a Republican mayor since 1949. Still the Democrat mayor of St. Louis was lamenting the lack of social distancing in the Ozarks over the weekend, instead of lamenting the horrific black-on-black crime under her watch. In Chicago where black-on-black violence is a plague, voters have not chosen a Republican mayor since 1931.
Let us be clear. Democrats, including Joe Biden, define black voters as their property. “You belong to us, or you ain’t Black,” is the cringe worthy interpretation of what Joe Biden said last week.
Donald Trump is willing to compete for the black vote and his poll numbers in the black community are soaring. This reality scares the hell out of Democrats who thought they held title to the minds of those human beings.
Who knew that blacks are NOT all the "same?"


If Trump is for it, they are against it

© 2020 Jim Spence - America is morphing before our very eyes. It isn't pretty. There is no professional basketball, hockey, baseball, or golf. The Coca Cola 600 was run in Charlotte in front of nobody last week. Horses are racing at Churchill Downs and other large venues, However, there are no fans there. Schools have been closed for months and nobody seems to know when or how they will reopen. Everywhere you in go in America, businesses are closed. If they are open, people are wearing masks. Sorry folks, that is not my America. Is everyone ready to settle for this?
When you think about the images we have seen from Asia over the years, particularly China, masks have been a way of life there. Why?
The air is shamelessly dirty in China. Additionally, most public places, including transportation facilities, eateries, and shopping areas in China are notoriously unsanitary. Coronavirus is not the first disease originating in China that has spread to the west and done serious damage. However, Wuhan Coronavirus does seem to be the most contagious.
Given the misinformation that came from the World Health Organization, after its “experts” visited China to check out the seriousness of the virus, everybody is mad as hell at both the W.H.O. and the Chinese Communist government. Back in early January, the W.H.O. announced that the virus could NOT be transmitted from human-to-human. That is tantamount to "health experts" saying that stage four cancer is not serious. Leaked memos out of China make it clear that the Xi dictatorship made a conscious decision to mislead the world about the virus. Was the spread of the virus allowed intentionally, or simply downplayed? Nobody knows because the Chinese dictatorship lies about everything. Many nations are furious with China. Some are suing. The damages are in the trillions.
Oddly, while almost everyone is unhappy with China and the W.H.O. the American Democrats are now DEFENDING the CHINESE DICTATORSHIP. Simply put, Democrats are scrambling to jumble up the American voting public’s understanding of how irresponsibly the Chinese behaved from the outset of this pandemic. It is all part of their latest scheme to win in November.
It is important to put what the Democrats have been doing about the virus in context. Since the election outcome in 2016, and even before, Democrat’s visceral hatred of Donald Trump has been off the charts, resulting in increasingly bizarre behavior. So much did Democrats hate Trump, the Obama gang used bogus information manufactured by Hillary Clinton and the DNC to manipulate the judicial system into allowing the FBI and CIA to do electronic surveillance of the GOP. This conduct is Nixonian, because like Richard Nixon, Barack Obama was so obsessed with his perceived enemies he went so far as to use the machinery of the federal government to sabotage the candidacy (and then the presidency) of his opponent.
Democrats have gone from being merely overly obsessed with their dislike of Trump, to embracing uncontrolled hatred and rage.
When independent investigations of Russian collusion allegations showed that the Democrat's contrived narratives were totally bogus, and their scam failed, they went straight to the Ukrainian scam/impeachment proceedings. Of course this scam failed too. In fact, it backfired. Trump's poll numbers surged as the public saw through the dirty tactics of Pelosi, Schumer, and Co..
It seems that whatever Trump is for…..Democrats now feel pathologically compelled to be against. A columnist at The Nation suggested last week that we should all vote for Biden, even if it turned out he assaulted female aides and ate babies. Really?
A recent poll showed that 36% of Americans would be "less likely" to get vaccinated for protection against the virus, if Trump spoke favorably about such a vaccination. That 36% segment, is actually roughly the size of the Democratic Party within the American electorate.
This week New York Governor Andrew Cuomo began a new anti-Trump rant narrative based on something very stupid. Over and over Cuomo said, "European virus." He said it more than a half a dozen times at one of his press conferences. It was for effect. What effect?
It would seem Andrew Cuomo now thinks because Trump has continued to point out the fact that thousands of people have died because of all the deceptive ways China mislead the world about the virus, if he (Cuomo) simply keeps calling it a "European" virus instead, and other Democrats and pals in the media repeat it, the utterances will eventually negate the fact that the virus originated in Wuhan, China.
This sort of behavior goes beyond dirty politics. It is downright odd.
The insanity goes on and on. Trump announced during one of his press briefings this week that he is taking Hydroxychloroquine as a virus inhibitor. The facts are clear. There have been many studies suggesting the drug can inhibit Coronavirus, just as it inhibits malaria. However, despite the fact the drug has been approved as safe for human beings for decades, the Democrats have collectively decided as a political party, to pretend Trump is crazy for taking this drug, because it is suddenly and almost mystically "unsafe" and therefore risky. From the top to the bottom of the Democratic Party, and with the media chiming in to assist, progressives behave like parrots pretending that Trump’s doctor, who prescribed this drug that is taken routinely all around the world, is engaging in blatant medical malpractice.
Again, the context of all this is critical. If Trump is for anything, there is a pathological need for Democrats to be against it. This is unhealthy. Especially for those wanting to get on with life instead of raging all the time.
We are at a strange moment in global history. China has now proven itself a danger to virtually every citizen in every nation on earth. There is an URGENT need for MAJOR changes in China. This fact is irrefutable, and it goes hand in hand with most dictatorships. China’s gross misconduct towards the global community has destroyed life as billions of people knew it. They are bullies.
It is remarkable that Trump was actually feuding with the Chinese and their one-way trade policies long before the Chinese dictatorship either intentionally or negligently poisoned the world. Surely if police detectives were investigating the spread of the virus as a crime, there would be no nation with a greater “motive” to hurt America....than China.
Oddly, because Trump has pulled no punches with the W.H.O. or China, Democrats have decided to "defend" China and the W.H.O. In their strange world, Democrats now think if they are successful in protecting China, they can shift blame to Europe and eventually to Trump.
Make no mistake Democrats want to con voters into blaming TRUMP for China's gross misconduct. However, like the failed Russian collusion scam, the failed impeachment scam, and Democrat’s notorious rejections of travel bans and social distancing guidelines at the outset of the pandemic, attempting to dupe the independent segment of the voting public on China will not work either.
So.....while 36% of Americans may well refuse a virus vaccination to protect themselves if Trump speaks positively about it, that still leaves 64% of America that is not quite that dumb.....let alone so obviously and pathologically obsessed with hatred they will do dangerous things.

If you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth

© 2020 Jim Spence - My father was a trial lawyer. He loved to go to court. And he often defended criminals who were guilty as sin or argued for dubious personal injury claims.
It is no secret that most lawyers are relatively clever people. They are trained in law schools all over the nation to argue in favor of things they do not actually believe. Twisting the minds of juries, is the ultimate goal of any lawyer who represents a client who has a weak case based on the “facts” and the “truth.”
Clearly most lawyers embrace the mindset of the ancient Roman Governor of Judea, Pontius Pilate. Pilate asked of Jesus when he was brought before the governor, “What is truth?” Pilate did not ask what is “the” truth? Instead, he asked, what "is" truth? It was a very cynical question, indicating that Pilate believed there are always more than one valid version of the “truth.” This indicates Pilate felt the idea of "truth" was so malleable, the term itself, was a misnomer.
The beauty of governing Judea for Pilate was that “truth” was whatever Rome said it was. And by proxy, Pilate himself, thanks to his appointment by the emperor of Rome, could unilaterally decide truth, and take any action he deemed necessary for the benefit of the state, based on his arbitrary findings.
Until recently, Americans, living in a free nation, with democratically elected governors, and constitutional protections, enjoyed a life where it was more difficult for a would-be Pontius Pilate to simply issue edicts that have the same effect as “law,” without first persuading legislatures to pass laws.
Fortunately for those making an effort to be intellectually honest, history is replete with famously truthful men and women who understood the dangers of all power seeking politicians who are adept at peddling falsehoods disguised as truth. Ardent free-market capitalist Ayn Rand comes to mind as being in this camp, as do two famous socialists, Mahatma Gandhi and George Orwell, who also understood how oppression though manipulation works.
It is telling that we can readily find a capitalist and two socialists who were both able to produce profoundly wise observations on the importance of assigning virtue to facts and truth. All three were witnesses to ways in which the state used the media to produce propaganda and manipulate facts to produce the desired political outcomes.
In response to a cynical reporter who was commenting on the difficulty of overcoming the vast powers of the state to suppress facts, Mahatma Gandhi said, "Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.” It was Gandhi’s way of reminding the reporter that even if the vast majority of the public is deluded, this does not alter the truth.
George Orwell said, when commenting on the astonishing power contained in state sponsored propaganda, “Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”
It is naive to think these processes, which are fundamental to power seeking human beings, are not present all around us.
In America, while the details of how journalism schools influence students these days are endless, it is a pity that from the top of management to bottom level reporters, the news media is a business that is 70% political advocacy and 30% show business. For several decades media outlets such as CNN, NBC, NPR, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, have abandoned best practices in journalism. Instead of a honest search to determine and report only facts, these organizations routinely follow pre-determined narratives and produce infomercials for Democrats.
Alternatively, in recognition of a neglected market, based on narrative based infomercial operations at CNN, NBC, NPR, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, Fox News pounced on the under-served GOP segment more than twenty years ago. The market was wide open and Fox grabbed half the viewers.
This begs many questions for independents. In this polarized advocacy and show biz-based media environment: 1) What is the truth? 2) How do we sort out news coverage for facts when Fox presents one version and CNN, NBC, NPR, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post present a total contradiction?
Tearing human minds to pieces and putting those minds together again in new shapes of the media outlet's choosing ALSO means engaging in selective reporting. The omitting of stories that cannot be easily modified is a common practice associated with producing infomercials.
Take the recent fiasco this week related to Joe Biden’s comments on black voters. Biden said, “If you have a problem figuring out if you’re for me or for Trump, you ain’t black.”
Many of the news outlets (except Fox) simply omitted reporting on this outrageous statement, which essentially suggests that authentic blacks are a one-size-fits-all group of monolithic thinkers. Biden was indicating he thought, real black Americans are 100% ALIKE when it comes to political philosophy and vote casting. It was such a condescending statement it could not be made to fit the pro-Biden narrative. So, CNN, NBC, NPR, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post mostly omitted coverage or worked feverishly after the fact, to mitigate the implications.
The independent thinker must survey a wide range of reports rather than look to the same biased news sources dominating the American media landscape. In previous columns, it has been suggested that Donald Trump will capture an unusually large portion of the black vote that will spell doom for Democrats. As many black voters, like other independent voters, seek the truth through the surveying of multiple news media outlets, many will reject Biden's atrocious stereotyping of an entire race. Nobody has to "like" Trump to understand the dangers of those who try to control voters like Biden.
Several fundamental facts emerge from this discussion. The most important are these: 1) The vast majority of lawyers are like Pilate. They will vote for Joe Biden, 2) If you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.
Underwater Economy


Consenting Adults

© 2020 Jim Spence - It is a strange world. Doctors in the trenches, as well as bureaucrats with medical licenses, are taking questions from the press during virus briefings. Practicing physicians are livid, because they are feeling increasingly pressured to declare Coronavirus as cause-of-death on certificates of patients who are merely suspected of having the virus. This is true even when their patients also had very serious underlying medical conditions. This has rendered all statistics being foisted on the public regarding the virus as extremely dubious and suspect. Funeral directors in places like New York, New Jersey, and Minnesota report these deceptions too.

Even many bureaucrats agree they disagree. Bureaucrat Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House Coronavirus Task Force response administrator, was filmed openly challenging bureaucrat Dr. Ray Redford, at the Center for Disease Control Director. These two physician bureaucrats were engaged in a heated conversation when Dr. Birx finally got the last word in. She told Dr. Redfield, “There is nothing from the CDC that I can trust!”


In the community of Castle Rock, Colorado, a snitch took video of a crowded restaurant, and called local bureaucratic “authorities.” What followed should become a national symbol for the over-reach of governments all over the country. The Governor of Colorado and the Tri-County Health bureaucracy, which has somehow become a self-appointed dictatorship in the Denver area, ordered the eatery closed.

The video of the C & C breakfast and Korean Kitchen is worth a review. It looked like any other video that might have been taken at any popular eating establishment until recently. The video triggered a dangerous government reaction. It clearly demonstrates as Colorado allegedly wants to "re-open," how governors and health officials remain enamored with having the raw authority to use “emergency powers.” This fondness for unrestrained power retention is destroying the freedoms and financial lives of millions of people.......all under the respectable guise of “saving lives.”

Upon serious contemplation one has to ask, “What is wrong with this picture?”

After considering the video images and all the implications for stolen civil liberties in America, one can only be reminded of the anti-homosexual laws being enforced a generation ago, over the vigorous objections of civil libertarians everywhere. This begs the question, "Where are those civil libertarians now, as governors and local bureaucrats seem hell bent on converting temporary emergency powers into permanent suspensions of the U.S. Constitution?"

The draconian police-state efforts of the governor and bureaucrats in Colorado is clearly anti-freedom more than anything else. Bullying restaurant owners and anyone else daring to offer Americans basic “choices," tramples the concept of letting “CONSENTING ADULTS” alone to live their lives.

People who willingly chose to frequent gay bars used to be stigmatized and bullied. However, these days no governor in his or her right mind, would suggest returning to the enforcement of anti-homosexual laws still on the books, simply because there is a possibility that people engaged in homosexual activity might contract HIV. Closing the local eatery in Castle Rock seems to be the 21st Century equivalent of jailing hotel owners because they know people are engaging in unprotected sex in some of the rooms.

The point here is simple. Dangers associated with the Chinese Coronavirus are no longer new news. After nearly three months of being drowned in dire forecasts, incomplete anti-body data, false records regarding causes of deaths, and the resulting phony fatality rates, Americans are painfully AWARE of the existence of dangers associated with the virus. Every single patron at the Castle Rock eatery already knew about the virus. And no doubt those in the area who fear contracting the virus, would have never even considered going to that establishment to get food. This same freedom of choice applies to the scant traffic volume on cruise ships, trains, buses, cabs, and airplanes these days. Traffic is down, but one can still CHOOSE to fly or ride a train......if one wants to "risk it." Will you get in your car and drive? If you are, you are taking a risk every day. It is called LIFE.

What a contrast. Somehow in America in many locales we have allowed power-hungry authoritarians to destroy our civil liberties and our choices.

Finally, consider the Swedish government’s response to the virus. The Swedes calmly and rationally warned the public to take precautions, without self-appointing themselves as dictatorial nannies indefinitely.

The cost of not demanding the return of basic choices in American life is going continue to produce financial devastation on a massive scale in America. The news media, which has once again presented a false narrative, is lying to us. Suggesting that governments must choose between the physical well-being of the nation or our economic health, is just another brazen lie. Crushing free will and terminating the ability of "consenting adults" to make their own choices, pretends that nothing else factors into our health and well-being, and we are all way too stupid to make our own choices anyway.

Emergency powers that become indefinite is no different than DICTATORSHIP. Eliminating choice options for consenting adults, is what gets done as a matter of routine in places like China, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, and Cuba. Wake up America. We don’t want to live in those places. We want to live in America, where tolerance and respect for CONSENTING ADULTS having the freedom to make their own choices, is the essence of our liberal culture.