Mythological "Renewables"

© 2019 Jim Spence - So many times, in this space, we speak of the Democrat’s beliefs/assertions that simply are false. Let’s consider the insistence by all those Democratic Party presidential candidates, save but a couple who are polling at zero percent, that the U.S. will simply STOP using oil and gas and power everything with wind and solar farms (combined with a massive increase in the use of batteries) IF they are elected.
These assertions are preposterous for so many reasons. Let’s set aside the crippling costs of such a sweeping re-tooling of the economy, which would be both massive and ongoing. These proposals would drive living standards around the world right through the floor.
What is still never discussed by Democrats or most Republicans, is the simple fact that abandoning oil and gas to use wind and solar, would require an ASTRONOMICAL expansion in mining activities. Not only would the volume of mining activities be required to explode, these activities themselves would produce unimaginable quantities of waste.
Let’s think about this. The idea of “renewable energy” is actually a pipe dream (no pun intended). What Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders never tell anyone, perhaps because it never comes up at their Kool-Aid parties, is that wind and solar machines, and the batteries required to store what energy these machines produce, come from………NON-RENEWABLE materials themselves. Duh!
Accordingly, this preposterous energy revolution which is being pitched by almost all U.S. Democrats, will result in the need for the disposal of astonishing amounts of plastic waste. Even with government subsidized wind and solar equipment, we can already expect more and more of this equipment to decommissioned in the years ahead. This alone will generate countless tons of waste. For every electric-car battery manufactured, mining companies will have to process and transport more than 500,000 pounds of raw materials. We are talking about TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of tons of the earth being disturbed. And this will have to occur somewhere on the planet. This is of course, the same planet these lunatic greenies claim they want to save.
Of course, there are alternate paths. We can walk everywhere. We can start raising horses again and try to breed the flatulence propensity out of the species. Or, how about this? We can simply go on disturbing about ten percent of the total tonnage needed for one car battery and get the same number of vehicle-miles/units of energy.
Relatively tiny gas-fired turbines produce energy efficiently. On the other hand, a wind turbine requires 900 tons of steel, 2,500 tons of concrete and 45 tons of non-recyclable plastic to make. And of course wind turbines kill endangered bird species when the blades hit them as they fly too close to these monster-sized units.
Solar power equipment requires even more concrete, more steel, and more glass than wind generators.

There are many metals required for this mythological green conversion Democrats pitch, including silver, iridium, cobalt, and lithium.

The points here are simple.
  1. The science behind man-caused global warming theories is very dubious, which is why Democrats changed their label to climate change.
  2. Even if you swallow the man-caused global warming junk science they offer, the electricity that comes from wind or solar machines is going to require far more raw materials, waste, landfills, and environmental damage as fossil fuels.

The bottom line is just as a Dutch government-sponsored study concluded after considering all the facts. Exponential growth in renewable energy production capacity around the world is simply not possible with present-day technologies and annual metal production.
Sometimes it is hard to tell what actually motivates Democratic Party candidates to call for such dumb policies. But it is not hard to see that the general population has been sufficiently anesthetized to swallow just about any bone-headed scheme they trot out.


El Paso and Dayton every week

© 2019 Jim Spence - The power of the media should never be underestimated. When news broke of the shootings in El Paso Saturday, my wife read some of the breaking details from the app on her phone. We both shook our heads and grieved for the families involved. Later that day we heard the news that our sister-in-law’s own sister was in the check out line at the Wal-Mart when shots rang out. Fortunately for our family, she left the store safely. And yes, she is Hispanic.
After some time passed, I went back to my sports programming. I record the golf tournaments on the weekends and watch them on a delayed basis. When I turned on the recording of the golf tournament, the CBS local affiliate in El Paso preempted the golf to broadcast news of the horrific events.
Of course, the national news media was all over the shooting incident with wall-to-wall coverage too. Not long after these sorts of tragedies take place, the politicians are brought on the air to try to score political points. As soon as it became clear that El Paso police were dealing with a sick racist scum ball with a vendetta against Hispanics, the acrimony against the GOP was heightened. This was followed by calls for more power to go into the hands of government. Of course, the solution to every problem for Democrats is to give more power to the state and of course, to end GOP influence on government policies.
This all seems so sad. The horrific nature of these killings is just awful, and it seems almost sanctimonious to wade in. But the hypocrisy of what the news media tends to emphasize these days needs to be scrutinized. The loss of life in El Paso was horrific Saturday. And nothing that anyone does or says is going hasten the healing of the families affected.
However, we need make our national news media outlets stay true to their supposed concern about the loss of life. El Paso is a pretty large city, but it has been a pretty safe city. Things don’t happen in El Paso like this very often. In fact, I can never remember anything like this happening in the city that is just forty miles south of our home.
Let’s consider how the media handles the greatest unreported scandal in U.S. history. In Chicago over this very same weekend, as was the nightmare in El Paso, more than 50 people were shot with six people killed. The number of shooting victims in Chicago in 2019 is close to 1,700 and the dead body count is close to 400. And the vast majority of the victims are black. In my place of birth, Baltimore, Maryland the city has a per capital murder rate that makes Chicago’s seem tame. So far in Baltimore in 2019, the murder count is 199. Again, the vast majority of these victims are black as are the murderers.
Let us all hope and pray that nothing like this ever happens in El Paso again. But sadly, there seems to be no hope for Chicago, Baltimore, or dozens of other American cities where local gun crime is a way of life. Where are the news reports? Where are the documentaries? Where are the TV specials?
The cynical side of me thinks that what amounts to a never-ending El Paso and Dayton never gets any coverage because these cities have been firmly under the political control of Democrats for decades. Also, Chicago and Baltimore already have the toughest gun control laws in the nation.
What is the media interested in if it is not interested in reporting on murders in these cities that dwarf what happened this weekend? Is it simply interested in helping Democrats acquire more power for the state and federal governments? Is it simply in damaging the GOP every time there is a mass shooting instead of fifty individual shootings?
Know this. Chicago and Baltimore are and have been KILLING ZONES every single weekend for decades, not just once in a lifetime. Where is the mounting concern? Instead it seems diminished. Where are the calls for solutions? Where is the accountability? Does anyone care about all of these shooting victims when there is no way Democrats can play the race card and get a gotcha on the other side?
Shooting victims in Baltimore and Chicago are human beings. They all have families. Many are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. These THOUSANDS of victims should not be ignored because they are of no economic value to the news media or the politicians who think giving more power to the state is the solution to every problem.
Here’s a news flash THAT WON'T BE REPORTED… weekend there will be the equivalent of another El Paso and Dayton in Chicago and Baltimore.
Does anyone care? Not the media. It seems obvious that with journalists and politicians, in areas where strict gun laws are on the books, astonishing levels of black-on-black crime is not newsworthy.


Doing real soul searching after a heart-breaking tragedy

© 2019 Jim Spence - The blame game began before most of the victims in El Paso had even been transferred to the trauma units at local hospitals. Donald Trump was blaming video games and a desensitized culture of violence in America. And Democrats tried to make the point that the president has inflamed the violent tendencies of those who agree with him by using harsh words and images about the reasons for controlling borders.
It seems to be a good time for reflection. Everyone should read the pair of quotes below made by the president and see if we can finally all agree that these are pretty darned inflammatory, anti-Hispanic, statements that have to be considered likely to trigger violent behaviors by unstable people:

“All Americans, not only in the States most heavily affected but in every place in this country, are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country. The jobs they hold might otherwise be held by citizens or legal immigrants. The public services they use impose burdens on our taxpayers. That's why our administration has moved aggressively to secure our borders more by hiring a record number of new border guards, by deporting twice as many criminal aliens as ever before, by cracking down on illegal hiring, by barring welfare benefits to illegal aliens.”

“We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked, and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently, and lawfully to become immigrants in this country.”

Those attempting to mount a defense of the points the president seemed to be trying to make with these statements, is the fact that polls suggest most people agree with him.
Let's take a step back. It is true that most Americans are intolerant towards those types who take cuts in long lines. In fact, when this happens on highways, and is completely unrelated to illegal immigration, it can lead to violence via road rage.
Then there is of course, the tens of thousands of people who actually enter this country illegally, and once they elude the Border Patrol, they commit crimes. There have been many well publicized instances of these circumstances that can also inflame attitudes. And of course, there is no question illegal immigration imposes incredible stresses on taxpayers through unchecked demand for government services. This too can create resentment and anger.
Still, the violence in El Paso over the weekend has brought tremendous scrutiny to the inflammatory things the president has said about illegal immigrants. Is he at least partially to blame for saying these things about illegal immigrants?
There is one final piece to this puzzle to consider, as the politicians in America on both sides of the aisle look to pin the blame on the other side.
The president’s remarks are direct quotes. The first statement was made by Bill Clinton on January 24, 1995. Ten years later the second statement was made by Barack Obama on December 15, 2005.
It would seem that one man’s statement on border policy is another man’s racist, mass murder-inciting rant. It also seems clear that being guilty of racism is tied to the question of "who" is trying to take advantage of a heart-breaking tragedy so he or she can score some political points.
Joe Biden was certainly trying to score points on the tragedies over the weekend when he expressed agony for the people in "Houston and Michigan." Way to go Joe.


The Civil War Sequence

© 2019 Jim Spence - It’s no fun to be a devoted American these days. Most of the components required for a civil war are falling into place within our country. It has been 159 years since the first American Civil War. And since 2016, the telltale signs of a second civil war are everywhere. All you need to do to recognize the signs. Take a long glance at the behaviors of Democrats and those of the violent radicals they embrace.
The Democratic Party mindset that was prevalent in 1860, is once again prevalent today. Elected Democrat’s guiding principle today is “nullification.” Consider the pathetic state of California, which is 21st Century America’s equivalent of South Carolina in 1860. In South Carolina elected Democrats decided, because the majority of its residents wanted to continue to expand the institution of slavery and hated everything Abe Lincoln stood for, that it would simply deny the American electorate the validity of its decision to elect Lincoln.
California is taking the same exact action in 2019. Because California wants to expand the institution of the welfare state, it wants to deny the validity of Trump’s election. In fact, in some ways, California is more anti-American union in 2019, than South Carolina was in 1860.
Consider the most recent decision by California’s elected Democrats to deny Donald Trump a position on the GOP primary ballot in California’s 2020 primary election. This would be the equivalent of keeping Lincoln off the ballot in 1860.
All of this is ominous. California will get a say in 2020, just as it did in 2016. And Trump has about as much chance of winning California’s massive electoral college vote count in 2020 as Lincoln did of winning South Carolina’s 160 years ago.
Astonishingly, Democrats in California arrogantly believe that how other states vote should not matter. Accordingly, they have decided to employ Stalin-like tactics to pre-emptively deny the possibility of any election results they don’t agree with. Sorry folks, this is not democracy, this is dictatorship.
So… might a second U.S. Civil War play out? Let’s build a very plausible scenario. Here would be the sequence:

The electorate in America, despite all wishes of Democrats, just might deny them the White House again in 2020, just as it did in 2016 and 159 years ago in 1860.

1) Should Trump win the White House for a second term, it is reasonable to expect that the Democrats in California, who are so used to having super majorities, they are trying to ban Trump from the state ballot before the election, will take actions after they lose again, that are the equivalent of nullification and secession.
2) Specifically, it is reasonable to expect the elected Democrats in Sacramento, the heirs of Jefferson Davis, to take actions that mimic those of South Carolina in 1860. They will effectively refuse to accept the consequences of any election that does not produce their desired result.
3) When California openly defies the fundamental laws and principles that bind together American states, the nation can expect Trump to do what any American President since Lincoln would do in response. He will send federal troops to occupy the state capitol in Sacramento and force the rogue California legislature and governor to conduct themselves like American adults instead of spoiled children.
4) Should federal troops be called in to California to enforce the results of a federal election all Americans participated in, we should all expect the violent radicals who routinely destroy property around the country to behave as they have since Trump was duly elected in 2016, and descend on Sacramento. They will don their black masks, flack jackets, clubs, chains, and torches, and commit acts of violence. No doubt they will get subsidies from people like George Soros, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and others who will try to destabilize America. This has already been happening.
5) The national guard and other military units will do their duty and meet lawless violence with force.

Will the sequence described above escalate into a second Civil War? It will depend on whether elected Democrats, the news media, and public education in places like California decide to revert back to embracing the rule of law. Most high-profile Democrats have been tacitly embracing violence and other forms of lawlessness instead. Will they overtly embrace violence and secession in the face of yet another bitter election defeat?
Of course, there is an alternate scenario for all of this. Democrats, the news media, the entertainment industry, and public education may well convince Americans to vote to expand the welfare state and win the White House in the 2020 election. If they do so, they will put themselves in a position to legally destroy the fundamental strengths of America.
Either way, all one needs to do is read excerpts of these so-called Democratic debates to realize that America needs a cleansing. Perhaps a civil war will have to be the way we get cleansed. Or perhaps Americans will simply choose to jump off a cliff and get dirtier.


Recalling the attempt to lynch Clarence Thomas

© 2019 Jim Spence - Dennis Prager is one of America’s great thinkers. He has been attempting to introduce sanity to the greater Los Angeles area for twenty years on his radio show. As hard as he has tried to help L.A. think clearly, the results are pretty mixed.
Prager wrote a column earlier this week that was quite profound. I’ll borrow from his piece and expand on it since my personal experiences confirm what he wrote.
Let’s try some thought experiments to get to the root of this horrible problem Democrats go on and on about. To hear Democratic Party candidates and the media speak, there is one horrific problem in America that goes beyond all other problems. The claims are simple. Because of widespread racism in America, oppression and subjugation of millions of minority members goes on and on. Yes, due to the awesome power of white people everywhere in America, who are almost all racists, minorities in America simply don’t have a prayer.
The problem is specific of course. According to Democrats, all white conservatives are racists. Amazingly, this pretty much encompasses about half the electorate. So, basically half of America is evil. In fact, according to Democrats, Mr. Trump was elected by people who are not only irredeemable, they are also deplorable, as all racists are.
Let’s see now. Let’s think about these damned racists. Racists are horrible people because they have a pathological dislike for people based simply on race. But most specifically, racists dislike and distrust all black people. This is not just one of the Democrat’s arguments; it is their fundamental claim about America.
Prager addresses this pretty amazing claim in a profound way. He says we should ask every white conservative who is undoubtedly according to Democrats, a racist, the following three questions:

1) Do you have more in common with, and are you personally more comfortable in the company of, a white leftist or a black conservative?

2) Would you rather have nine white leftists or nine black conservatives on the U.S. Supreme Court?

3) Would you rather your child marry a black Christian conservative or a white non-Christian liberal?

Prager says he has posed these three questions many times, and Prager confirmed what I already knew. Every white conservative he has ever posed these questions to, has responded as follows:
1) They are MORE comfortable in the company of a black conservative. 2) They would prefer nine black conservatives on the Supreme Court, and 3) they would prefer that their child marry a black conservative than a white leftist.
When I read the Prager column, I was reminded of a fascinating conversation I had with a black leftist attorney from Houston, who was in town playing golf with me and one of my buddies. The topic was Clarence Thomas. This black leftist attorney told me that he thought Clarence Thomas was a terrible judge who made terrible rulings. My response was that I was sorry he had opposed the Thomas nomination, because I liked the Thomas judicial record. This man quickly corrected me. He told me he wanted Thomas to be confirmed on the Supreme Court.
“But you just said he was a lousy judge,” I said with a confused tone. He smiled and allowed as how the fact that Thomas was black was more important than his qualifications. I was stunned by this statement and I never forgot that exchange. It helped clarify for me where the most radical views on skin color were in America. They resided within the delusional minds of American leftists.
Let’s move on to Democrats and their claim of the horrible problem with whites oppressing minorities. It is best to consider the case of Rachel Dolzeal and Elizabeth Warren. Neither of these women are actually a member of any racial minority group. And yet both of these women are high profile examples of people who found it much more useful to be the member of a minority group than to remain “privileged white persons.” Apparently, these women saw so much advantage in claiming to be a minority member, they lied, and pretended to be one.
Going back to the Prager column, it is not surprising that Prager said he has never run into a white conservative who: 1) would not prefer the company of a black conservative to a white leftist, 2) who would not prefer nine black conservative justices like Clarence Thomas to nine white leftists like Stephen Breyer, and 3) who would not prefer his or her child marry a black Christian conservative than a non-Christian white leftist.
Anyone who interacts with conservatives regularly already knows all of these things. This not to say there are no racists. But racists are marginal members of our society not commonplace. And they wield almost no influence whatsoever.
But of course, Democrats understand this is not about truth, it is about power. And because Democrats control public education, the news media, and the entertainment industry, they must attempt to keep brainwashing all Americans with myths. They are compelled to ignore all of the facts about racism. Otherwise Democrats would not be able to toss the racist label around whenever it suits their whims.
What is fascinating is watching white leftists like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi get accused of being racists by others within their own party. Even Barack Obama accused Bill and Hillary Clinton of being racists in the 2008 primaries. Of course the same Obama endorsed and campaigned for the same despicable racist in 2016 when it suited his whims.
What a crock.

Democrats have changed

© 2019 Jim Spence - Let’s all consider how much things have changed in the Democratic Party over the last few years. All of the Democrat's presidential candidates, save for a couple, are now advocating for the abolition of private health insurance. Apparently, they want the federal government to do for private health care what it has done for VA hospitals.
Almost all the Democrats are calling for the elimination of U.S. borders. They go so far as to brand the U.S. Border Patrol and its support agencies as terrorists. Long gone are the lessons taught to us by the bi-partisan 9-11 Commission that reported to the American people about the hazards of lax border enforcement policies.
It goes on and on. Virtually every Democrat who is running for president supports the doubling of income tax rates including an onerous 70% top income-tax rate. Most are calling for annual taxes on wealth. It seems we just have too much wealth around here.
Democrats want a college education to be “free.” One can only suppose taxpayers will foot the bill for every Tom, Dick, and Mary who wants to go to college, regardless of academic achievement in high school, which is already sorely lacking all over the country.
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has now joined the amazing chorus of Democrats calling for taxpayers to shell out reparations for slavery. Nobody knows how the government might devise a system to reward families whose great great great great grandparents died fighting to end slavery nearly 160 years ago. There were hundreds of thousands of them. The main thing is to make sure black Americans feel like "victims."
Most Democrats, who have huge carbon footprints out on the campaign trail, want to destroy the fossil fuel industry and the nation’s economy along with it. This idea is to fight the mythical beast known as climate change. The cost could run $100 trillion for Democrats to get themselves in charge of the energy industry.
Some U.S. companies have gone so far as to declare themselves Democrats. Think about Nike's management, which has decided under advice from the brilliant Colin Kaepernick, that the Betsy Ross American flag should be banned because it is a symbol of slavery and oppression.
The pro-abortion wing of the Democratic Party has decided that killing babies in the birth canal is a woman’s healthcare “choice” instead of infanticide. What is next? Will Democrats demand that mass murderer Kermit Gosnell be released from prison and declared a folk hero? Should we build a monument to a baby killer and put it on the mall in Washington D.C.?
Whatever happened to the Democrats I knew growing up? They were adamant supporters of free speech and all other forms of civil liberties. Right under our noses Democrats of my youth have been replaced by 21st century Govbots who think the solution to every problem is to give more power to the state. Lenin, Stalin, and Mao must be wondering why they were born way too early, with all of the opportunities that are presenting themselves to totalitarians in America in 2019. These guys killed millions who disagreed with them, but they had to do so without an assist from today's U.S. Democrats.

Let's Blow a Hundred Trillion Dollars

© 2019 Jim Spence - We need a New Green Deal according to every Democrat running for president. Most versions of their “deal,” demand that U.S. citizens spend about 100 trillion dollars over the next ten years to combat what Democrats rather whimsically refer to as, "catastrophic global warming." Of course global warming has been re-branded more vaguely as “climate change” by most Democrats since the body of temperature data stopped cooperating with their, "We are all going to fry," predictions more than fifteen years ago.
The abject stupidity of the Democrat's New Green Deal proposal is tough to over-state. However, the fact that this idea is absurdly stupid has not stopped Democrats from pretending it isn’t.
In the meantime, the reality of Mother Nature is imposing itself. As of 8:00 am yesterday, the Denver, Colorado metro area had officially received the most snow measured this late in the season, since May 29, 1975. Denver also tied the record low temperature for May 21st when the official thermometer for the city dropped to 31 degrees Tuesday morning. The high temperature on Tuesday was, for the second day in a row, between 30 and 35 degrees below normal. Additionally, the record “coldest maximum temperature” for May 21st was established 128 years ago in 1891. That record low high temperature was broken yesterday when temperatures never got out of the 30's.
Picture taken in Parker, Colorado on May 21, 2019
Of course, one need not bother presenting long term secular data points like those listed above to a Democrat. Their argument will go something like this: “Don’t talk to me about temperatures when we are discussing climate change. Temperatures are just normal fluctuations in weather.”
The point here is simple. Anytime the “weather” is hot somewhere, this is solid "proof" of global warming/climate change in the Democrat's own fantasy world. However, anytime cold temperature records that have lasted 128 years are shattered, this new low temperature data point is sure to be characterized as "irrelevant noise" that should be ignored.
After awhile, the relentless fact-dodging techniques employed by Democrats and their partisan pals in the media seem clear. Only data that supports the Democrat's anti-fossil fuel rants are relevant. Or put another way, only some facts matter. When weighing evidence on global warming, facts are to be cited selectively. Sorry folks, this is NOT science, this is anti-fossil fuel politics pure and simple.
Having planted my vegetable garden in pots earlier this month, the current temperature data has been exceedingly relevant this week. In fact, so relevant was the temperature data we had to move all of our vegetable plants into the garage with a dolly on Monday to keep them from freezing to death.
As uncomfortable as it might seem, recognizing the scientific realities of plants freezing to death is inescapable. And the prospect of plants freezing to death raises an interesting question. Since Democrats have decided to stick with their contrived climate crisis narrative, a narrative that attempts to convince Americans that everything is way too hot, one must wonder if these same Democrats left their own garden plants to freeze to death in Colorado yesterday, while they were calling for Americans to spend $100 trillion over the next 10 years to cool things off even more.

There is no such thing as Democratic Socialism

© 2019 Jim Spence - Note- We took a month off to prepare for the birth of our granddaughter!
Let’s see…..what is happening around the world in countries that long ago adopted what they absurdly claim to be, “Democratic Socialism.”
Cuba’s notoriously oppressive socialist regime, actually sent police to beat up and imprison approximately three-hundred people who gathered in Havana last Saturday for what the socialist leadership called, “An illegal gay pride march.”
And in what some Democrats might call a more enlightened France, also a country that is deeply socialist, assaults on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, hit a record high in 2018. According to the LGBT support group SOS Homophobie in France, there were 231 physical attacks on the LBGT community in 2018, up from the previous annual record of 188 assaults in 2013. These violent acts of intolerance occurred when the French government decided to pass same-sex marriage legislation.
The facts regarding liberal intolerance in socialist places like France and Cuba, places that home-grown American idiots like Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Nancy Pelosi, want Americans to emulate, are daunting for the LBGT community.
The truth is simple. Despite the asinine proclamations of all ambitious Democrats in America, we Americans live in the most tolerant nation on earth. Jerks who victimize those with different sexual preferences, are by and large marginalized in this country, while economic opportunities for the LBGT community are greater here than anywhere else on the planet.
Sadly, the obsession with hating Donald Trump causes U.S. socialists to overstate the problem of intolerance in America, while underplaying intolerant violence everywhere else. This is particularly true in Muslim nations and also in nations where socialist totalitarian dictatorships flourish.
In the end, it is the imbeciles in the U.S. Democratic Party who will destroy the hard fought freedoms and corresponding tolerance that is the law of the land here. This will happen because American Democrats pine for so much government control of every aspect of American life, their deeply held ignorance will lead to an astounding level of intrusion in private life.
For the LBGT community it is getting awfully late in the game. The time has long since passed when a pathological paranoia of the GOP and more specifically Donald Trump, should be replaced with a permanent wariness of Democrats and the threats these jerks pose to real freedom for ALL Americans.
Is there any hope for the American public grasping the sheer magnitude of this threat? This seems doubtful. All one has to do is watch the avalanche of propaganda disguised as news. We are inundated with bogus news “stories” about an intolerant America, while what happens in the LBGT community all around the world goes ignored. The obsession with “getting Trump” is going to come with a cost, and the LBGT community is going to pay that cost if Democrats prevail at the ballot box.
In the end, of the American public does not wake up and smell the roses we will surrender freedoms hard won through military victories over dangerous political movements such as national socialism in Germany in the 1930’s and 1940’s and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. It is important to note the term "socialist" in each of these oppressive nation's self-chosen names.
In the 21st Century there is not enough space to document the abuses of the LGBT community in socialist China. Suffice to say, a pro-free market, live and let live GOP in the U.S., which opposes big government, will always be the best friend the LBGT community ever had. 
Will the American LBGT community ever figure out these glaring facts? Again it seems doubtful, as it goes against the grain of every propaganda-laden newscast they watch on MSNBC.
The point here is clear. History teaches us there is NOTHING Democratic about socialism.

Meersheidt: No Longer a Local Recreation Center

© 2019 Jim Spence - The elected officials at the City of Las Cruces officially changed their priorities on Tuesday. Just sixteen months after Las Cruces city councilors unanimously voted to affirm the city’s policy of ignoring illegal immigration, the city officially began breaking contracts with local taxpayers and siphoning away resources meant for local fund services for illegal aliens.
Why are these funding commitments being broken? It seems that Meerscheidt, a facility that was constructed with local taxpayer dollars and is operated each month with local taxpayer dollars, is now one of several locations in the area where elected city officials have decided to provide housing for illegal aliens.
Yesterday, the city announced that youth league practices and other “events” planned at Meerscheidt Recreation Center have been cancelled. The city also admitted it had unilaterally CANCELLED contracts with local youth league coaches who arranged practice rentals at Meerscheidt. Rental contracts arranged long ago, that paid for practice times at Meerscheidt won't take place. Contracts that were scheduled for April 16th through April 18th, will not be honored....according to the city. No doubt these contract-breaking procedures are a sign of things to come.
Some youth league games will be moved to Sierra Middle School. In using Sierra, it seems that the Las Cruces Public School District will also begin to divert tax dollars away from operations designated to make local student activities possible. Apparently, local school board members and the LCPS superintendent prefer to join the city in encouraging illegal immigration, rather than honoring their commitments to use funds provided by local taxpayers, to pay for local school services.
These are astonishing decisions that the local press ignores. They have been made, no doubt, by the Mayor Ken Miyagishima, the city councilors, and the city manager.
This change in financial priorities by our city is simply a natural course of events. And it seems quite certain that this situation will get much worse, as more illegal alien caravans are moving through Mexico to the border area.
Let's take a step back. The primary reason why local taxpayers and their children are seeing important commitments to them broken, is because locally and statewide, too many voters have chosen poorly when it comes to electing people to represent them.
Both U.S. Senators from New Mexico (Udall and Heinrich) and all three U.S. House members (Lujan, Small, and Haaland) support leaving our borders unprotected, while providing unlimited accommodations of dubious “asylum” requests by millions of illegal aliens. The new governor is also in favor of taxing New Mexicans to pay for illegal immigration. The same is true of virtually every elected official in Dona Ana County. None of these Democrats have ever mentioned to local taxpayers that they would get cheated out of services they pay for, to fund an insane open border scheme that is at the heart of the Democratic Party platform. However, this is EXACTLY what is happening right now.
Will local voters connect the dots and begin to recall these two-faced elected officials? Or will they continue to see services they pay for cut, while taxes they pay rise? Who knows? Many wake up calls have already been ignored, and nobody in the local media or public education system is going to tell the truth.
Pass it on. This is what Democrats want to happen.


Yea but.....did you see what Trump said the other day?

© 2019 Jim Spence -  Interacting with people who are infected with sympathies for those who argue against free market capitalism and in favor of progressive socialism, is getting more and more tedious. There are so many truly dumb ideas out there that would make for disastrous public policy, it is hard to keep track of them all. But attempting to discuss disastrous public policy proposals in 2019 is almost impossible. Intelligent policy proposal discussions are practically extinct with the onset of the presidency of Donald Trump.
Let’s face it, Donald Trump is a very poor messenger for what are basically the sound public policies he embraces. Perhaps Ross Perot would have been elected to the office of president way back in 1992, if he had fought back against the establishment elite in both major parties as hard as Trump did leading up to the 2016 election. But of course Ross Perot was a reasonably polite person and not nearly as prone to bragging and making foolish proclamations like Trump. Again, all of this has little to do with the overall wisdom embedded in Trump's support of capitalism, business formation, and free market principles. But sadly in 2019 America, weighing good ideas versus bad ones gets lost in emotions and "feelings" of dislike towards Trump the person.
More and more often I find articles spelling out absolutely asinine proposals from progressive Democrats. It is not only the greatest fool of them all (Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez) who is proposing economic self-destruction. Virtually every Democratic Party presidential candidate is already on the record with policy proposals that go far beyond tragically stupid. Just last week Senator Ron Wyden proposed taxing unrealized capital gains, which goes so far beyond stupid it requires no further comment.
The problem we have here is very dangerous. You don’t have to love Trump to realize the alternative to his presidency is to hand the U.S. economy off to small children (Democrats) who also have dynamite, gas lighters, and fuses in their play pens. Still, with the way the news media biases work in the U.S., the coverage of Trump is never about the overall efficacy of his policies. It is only about his admittedly dubious personality shortcomings.
Too many people are missing the point. Many otherwise intelligent citizens have stopped thinking about what constitutes intelligent public policy versus what is actually asinine idiocy. Stupid ideas that will never work, now get a free pass while the disdain for Trump's abrasive nature takes center stage.
It is not a good sign when you point out the asinine idiocy of public policy proposals that will never work, but are vehemently supported by Democrats, and the response from seemingly intelligent citizens are: “Yea but did you see the stupid thing Trump said the other day.”
For those of us who understand that the continued success of our country relies on sound public policy, we have to deal with two things these days. First, we have to keep ignoring the fact that with regularity Trump utters nonsense that has nothing to do with his basically sound policies. And second, we have to deal with the frustration of too many good people in America walking around with bad public policy blinders on. These blinders cause them to forget what elected officials are in office to do……which is support sound public policies and/or propose improvements.
A great illustration of this dilemma is going on in the state of Rhode Island right now. Rhode Island is a state that has been dominated by the Democratic Party for many years. And in Rhode Island it is perfectly legal for teachers and other school employees to have sex with their students, once the student is 16 years of age. Recently, there was bill introduced in Rhode Island that would make the atrocity of an adult employee at a school having sex with a student a crime. Astonishingly, BOTH teacher's unions in Rhode Island have taken a public stand in opposition to the bill. Apparently, the teacher's unions would prefer public policy to leave Rhode Island high school students without any protection from sexual predators, including teacher's union members who might decide to sexually abuse them after their 16th birthday.
My guess is the response from Trump haters to this outrageous public policy position by Democrats in Rhode Island would be......yea, yea, yea, but did you see what Trump said about blah, blah, blah, the other day?