John Moscato to Appear on News NM

The mystery man to News New Mexico listeners since July 7th when Mayor Ken Miyagishima first confirmed his offer to build a two mile extension of North Sonoma Ranch Boulevard is John Moscato (left). Moscato raised four children in the Mesilla Valley along with his wife Fran. Moscato developed much of the land around Picacho Hills Country Club (PHCC). 
Though he was not the original developer of PHCC he did pay for the entire upgrade of the old two lane road leading to PHCC into a four lane road. Moscato has offered (along with partners) to pay for the entire extension of North Sonoma Ranch Boulevard. He will explain his views on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams at 8:00am on News New Mexico Monday morning at 8:00am. Moscato will be followed by LCPS Associate Superintendent Herb Torres on Wednesday to shine more light on the puzzling blockade that is stalling the project. One mile from the end of the proposed four lane extension is a stranded golf course (above), which has also been held up from use by local citizens and visitors by a long series of City Council delays.



Unknown said...

The biggest problem with NM is that most don't
know their Arrey from their Derry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take away the scientist and engineers not involved
in NM politics, all you have is PhD's with degrees
in bird watching fly casting and basket weaving.

Most don't know that Geronimo told his braves to
head south and he would go north (Upham).

Ed Rooney

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