Border War Continues Unabated

While the United States House of Representatives prepares to consider dubious legislation that would prevent regular law enforcement and border patrols in newly designated "WILDERNESS AREAS," along the border, local citizens must contemplate the resulting creation of a corridor in Southern Dona Ana County for drug and human smugglers to use. In the meantime, the war across the border involving law enforcement officials and drug cartels rages.
According to the El Paso Times, two Ciudad Juarez police officers were shot and killed yesterday afternoon in Juárez. Apparently the officers were in a patrol vehicle when they were shot by gunmen who fired from a moving vehicle about 3 p.m. on Avenida Gomez Morin, a police spokesman said. Once the officer behind the wheel was hit, he lost control of the patrol vehicle and crashed into a tree. The officers were reportedly assigned to prison transport duties. With these latest murders the number of police officers killed in Juarez this year rises to 32.


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