Picacho Hills Water Utility in Hot Water

Picacho Hills
The Public Regulation Commission (PRC) might not issue a record $850,000 fine or order a fraud audit of a Las Cruces water utility’s finances despite protests from some of its staff. The difference of opinion emerged during a hearing Tuesday and included a reference to a letter submitted by one staff attorney reiterating staff’s desire to see the utility face stiff punishment. “If penalties are not warranted here, where will they be,” reads a letter penned by PRC attorney Ashley Schannauer. The company “violated almost every procedural order in this case, illustrating disregard and defiance of Commission authority,” Schannauer wrote. The alleged violations by Picacho Hills Utility Company — the company at the center of Tuesday’s hearing — include failing to comply with a PRC order to extend a sewer discharge line to the Rio Grande in order to avoid sewer contamination of ground and surface water at the Picacho Hills Country Club, southwest of Las Cruces, according to a PRC staff report. Read more here:



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