President/Media: Will Ignore Elephant in the Room

President Obama
From the El Paso Times - This city should be honored that President Barack Obama has chosen Fort Bliss to talk about the end of the war in Iraq, several political experts said on Monday. And no one in El Paso should feel slighted if the president does not talk about immigration, border security or the ongoing violence in Mexico, said Jose Villalobos, a University of Texas at El Paso political science professor. Obama will spend this morning at Fort Bliss where he will talk to the soldiers and thank them for their service in Iraq. He will leave Fort Bliss at 12:15 p.m. and go back to the White House to prepare for a nationally televised speech that will focus on the war and the military. White House officials said he is not scheduled to talk about any other issues while in El Paso. UTEP's Villalobos said that is understandable. "His visit here does beg the question of whether he will talk about border security and immigration," Villalobos said. "But I think that given the main reason for his trip here, the troop withdrawal deadline, it is understandable that he wants to focus on that and not talk about anything else." Read more here:



D. Nix said...

The president was wise to avoid answering any media questions or making comments with regard to the war being fought just a few miles away from where he was addressing the troops. His policies and unpopular "non-policies" on immigration and the war in Mexico reflect his inexperience and limited qualifications prior to his being elected. The American electorate was remiss in vetting his skills and qualifications as thoroughly as his election team investigated the qualifications of Sarah Palin. Is it even possible that she could have botched this situation any worse than President Obama and his cabinet?

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