The truth about the special assessment district proposal

Here is Las Cruces City Councilor Dolores Connor's take on the situation involving the Special Assessment District for Sonoma Ranch Boulevard.
We at NewsNM appreciate very much her willingness to come to our program to talk about this with us "on the record" and to discuss her perceptions in writing.
From Heath Haussamen's - By Las Cruces City Councilor Dolores Connor - This column is in response to the Aug. 6 commentary by Michael Swickard, “Lacking a trustworthy local leadership,” and comments posted at the end of that column. There has been a lot of conversation about Sonoma Ranch Boulevard as it travels north from U.S. Highway 70. It has even been linked to “inexperience” on the part of the city council. Please note there is so much information about this project that the inexperience comes from those who want to push it through at any cost. We must first look at the process. Read more


Anonymous said...

Job killing, anti-growth political hacks! Get a rope!

Anonymous said...

The councilor's excuses for saying "NO!" on $10 MILLION in jobs and additional funds for the city is nothing more than a continuation of nonsensical blather for a monumental blunder by a group of inexperienced, anti-growth hacks who aren't worthy of leading this community. The property was APPRAISED and deemed sufficient collateral for the bonds in which the city had NO FINANCIAL RISK WHATSOEVER. Why should the developer start over again? How much more time needs by these inexperienced, misinformed, SILLY councilors? You know, it's so hard to find decent representation in politics these days. Hows SAD for the SAD that this line of bull persists instead of facing up to the real truth...THEY BLEW IT.

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