War in Mexico Rages in All States

Mexican President Felipe Calderon
Mexico City, Mexico (CNN) -- Five police officers and a transit worker have been arrested in the abduction and killing of a mayor this week in the Mexican border state of Nuevo Leon, the state's governor, Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz, announced Friday. The bound and blindfolded body of Santiago Mayor Edelmiro Cavazos Leal was found Wednesday, two days after his abduction. "The investigation is just beginning," Medina de la Cruz said. Four of the police acted as lookouts on a major road out of Santiago, while the fifth participated in Monday's early morning abduction, said Alejandro Garza y Garza, attorney general of Nuevo Leon. The mayor's bodyguard also was involved in the abduction, Garza y Garza said at the news conference. Read more here:


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