Weekend Update: In 2 Days, 13 More DEAD in Juarez, 10 More in Chihuahua, 23 total

Armed Drug Cartel Members
Drug-related clashes in Mexico's volatile northwestern border state of Chihuahua have resulted in the deaths of 23 people in 24 hours. According to Chihuahua state prosecutors, 13 people were killed between late Friday and Saturday in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, across from the US city of El Paso, Texas. Ten others lost their lives in separate incidents in other locations around the volatile state. According to officials, one of the deadly incidents took place during a car theft, while a couple was killed in an attack on a shopping mall, AFP reported. Since 2006, Ciudad Juarez -- the scene of violent drug-related crimes -- has been the epicenter of a wave of drug-related violence between rival drug cartels, which have left some 28,000 dead. Read more here:


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