Another 24 People Murdered in Juarez - Yesterday

According to the El Paso Times, twenty-four people were murdered last night in yet another horrifying round of violence just forty miles south of Las Cruces. Apparently between about 6:30 and 9:30pm Thursday night, the soaring death tally rocketed higher. In five separate incidents just across the border, gunfire broke out and dead bodies were strewn everywhere.
Earlier this week we posted a story on News New Mexico of a column written by Bill O'Reilly in which he pointed out how under-reported all of this violence occurring just across our border is in the national press. It is News New Mexico's intent to make sure this terrible situation  is not UNDER-reported here.
The violence is rooted in a battle for control of drug and human traffic to the U.S. And sadly, in the U.S. Senate these days there is a wide and sweeping new proposal made by.......get this....our own senators. This proposal by Jeff Bingaman and Tom Udall goes much farther than simply insuring open spaces. It creates a safer haven for illegal border crossings in Southern Dona Ana County! How? By making use of the 1964 Wilderness Act. What will happen if this law passes? The proposed new law will severely restrict the mechanized patrolling activities of our Border Patrol.
No doubt drug and human cartels just south of the border are licking their chops at the possibility that New Mexico' U.S. senators are going to open up a softer spot on their own border. How can this happen? So far there has been far too little resistance from local citizens in the form of vociferous objections to the bone-headed legislation that can make this possible. The plan begins with a careful disguise. The law was given a noble name; the "Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks Wilderness Act."
Can Dona Ana County citizens end the horrible violence in Mexico? This is doubtful. Can citizens take actions that make it far less likely these conflicts will spill across the border into the place where we live? We think so. It will being with placing telephone calls Senator Jeff Bingaman's office 202-224-5521 and let him know there is a big difference between open space and wilderness and you understand what those differences are. For more information simple search for border stories on this site. The senator's email address is



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