Bogus Rumor Back Stabs Haussamen

Heath Haussamen
News New Mexico was stunned yesterday afternoon when we were perusing the Joe Monahans New Mexico blog. It made a potentially damaging claim that founder Heath Haussamen's "financial prospects could improve if Susana (Martinez) wins. He's getting prominent mentions in political circles as a possible communications director for a Governor Martinez."
Knowing Haussamen as we do this rumor struck us as 99.99% likely to be completely bogus. Accordingly, we did what the Monahan blog writer should have done. We contacted Haussamen to confirm our suspicions that it was a completely unfounded rumor. Heath immediately responded to our inquiry and assured us the rumor in the blog was "absolutely untrue." Naturally, the potential damage is serious because it questioned integrity and pokes at "reputation." From our viewpoint there is NOBODY working in journalism in the entire state of New Mexico who sets the standard for honesty and fairness higher. Nobody does more unbiased reporting than Heath Haussamen. In our view, given the insidious nature of the statement in this particular blog, we want to call on those involved to apologize for posting an unconfirmed rumor on the site. In the future we recommend more homework before doubts are cast on the objectivity of a truly responsible journalist. Haussamen has no financial interest in the outcome of the gubernatorial race whatsoever and that was a fact that could have been confirmed in five minutes.



Anonymous said...

It's a shame that Haussamen could be slandered this way. Monahan is probably jealous that is the place people go for news...not gossip. I'm a Denish supporter but it seems like Monahan has a particular axe to grind with Martinez. This year, he llost whatever shred of credibility he had left.

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