Fear Grips Social Fabric of Ciudad Juarez

From the Dallas Morning News - CIUDAD JUÁREZ, Mexico – Social worker Graciela de León spends her days crisscrossing this death-marred city alone, bringing health services to women in poor neighborhoods notorious for drug and gang violence. Graciela de León, undeterred by drug and gang violence, is determined to provide health services to poor neighborhoods. Not even the carnage that has gripped this city on the border with El Paso has deterred de León from her mission of combating another killer: cervical cancer, the No. 1 killer of Mexican women in their reproductive years and the cause of about 4,000 deaths each year – 12 women daily, according to Mexico's Health Ministry. "We spend all day in the street, and we go around afraid," de León said as she drove alongside the railroad tracks that famously divide the city's prosperous and poor areas. "But we don't stop doing our job – of course we don't." De León is one of the 1 million or so Juárez residents who haven't fled to Texas or elsewhere to escape the violence. Since January 2008, drug-related violence has killed more than 6,000 people in Juárez, including dozens of innocent people unconnected to the warring criminal organizations in the city. Read more here:


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