Human Smuggling - Deadly Lure of U.S.

Boston, on the east coast of the United States, was the destination when Hermínio Cardoso dos Santos and his friend, Juliard Aires Fernandes, left their sleepy rural town in south-east Brazil on 3 August. The two young men had relatives there: they dreamed of earning a good wage in a vibrant city that boasts a sizeable Brazilian community. Warning signs litter the road they took out of their home town, Sardoá, which cuts through the mountains towards Governador Valadares, the nearest city. "Dangerous curve ahead," the rusty green signs advise. "Attention! Wild animals." But when 24-year-old Hermínio and 19-year-old Juliard boarded the bus, they could have had little real idea of the mortal danger that lay ahead.
"Hermínio left the house and said: 'Dad, God willing I'll go and work there and get some money together, and then God willing I'll come back,'" Antonio Ramos dos Santos, Hermínio's 64-year-old father, told the Observer at the family's small ranch. "I said: 'God be with you. Be happy'." Hermínio's sister, Marlene, fought back tears. "They both had the same dream: to go to the United States. And then this happened." read more here:



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