Photography Intern Lastest Juarez Murder Victim

From the El Paso Times - JUAREZ -- A photography intern of Juárez's largest daily newspaper was killed and another intern injured in an attack Thursday afternoon outside a busy mall. Still wearing press badges and with their equipment handy, Luis Carlos Santiago, 21, and fellow intern Carlos Manuel Sánchez had just learned camera tricks at a workshop. They were about to get a bite to eat. Instead, Santiago was riddled with bullets about 2:30 p.m. as he was driving a silver Nissan sedan in the parking lot of the Río Grande Mall. The mall is in the busy commercial Triunfo de la República Avenue area in north Juárez. Sánchez, who was sitting on the passenger side, was shot four times. Witnesses said he got out of the car and ran toward the mall before he collapsed. He was sent to the hospital with critical injuries but was later reported in stable condition. Read more here:


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