Sixteen Migrants Kidnapped Held for Ransom

(CNN) -- At least 16 migrants, including a woman, were being held for ransom by human smugglers in Tijuana, Mexico, according to a migrant who was freed, authorities said late Wednesday. "With respect to the man, we are not releasing his name but he is between 20 and 25-years-old. We can tell you that his family paid a ransom for his liberty and it was after that he came to us and told us there were others that were being held in Tijuana," Municipal Police Officer Jose Varela told CNN by phone. It was unclear how much the family paid, but reports from local journalists said the fee for freedom was $4,500. Varela could not confirm that to CNN, but said, "that sounded right."
"We don't know who is responsible for the kidnapping, but it's likely tied to drug traffickers," Varela said. The whereabouts of the other migrants was unclear, but the migrant who was released said they were "bound by both hands and feet," according to the police. Read more here:


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