"Wilderness" Bill Support Appears to be Withering

Steve Pearce
News New Mexico website visitors and radio show listeners have long known U.S. House candidate Steve Pearce's position on the so-called  "wilderness bill" being carried by Senators Jeff Bingaman and Tom Udall. Pearce is dead set against the senate bill based on obvious border security concerns not to mention the negative impact the proposed law would have on range management and flood control in Dona Ana County. However, citizen voters in this area have continued to wonder where U.S. House of Representative member Harry Teague would come down on the poorly named "Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks Wilderness Act."
Harry Teague
Yesterday we got our answer. "Until we can be sure that there is not any hindrance to the Border Patrol and other law enforcement agencies, we have to keep looking for ways to make that happen," Teague said in a radio interview Monday morning. After the interview the Las Cruces Sun News reported that a Teague spokesperson elaborated. Jessica Borchert said that congressman (Teague) is, "Cautious to endorse legislation until we know more about how the drug war could impact our national security and it can be conclusively established that the bill will not hinder Border Patrol and local law enforcement efforts to restrict criminal activity, protect against the drug violence. ... and secure our border."
Jeff Steinborn
Dr. Terry McMillan
It would seem that Congressman Teague has positioned himself in complete disagreement with Jeff Steinborn who claimed in an interview on News New Mexico just last Friday, that the proposal will "expand" law enforcement's ability to patrol in the southern part of the county. As director of the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance, Steinborn also claimed that the proposal is "popular" despite the fact News New Mexico has interviewed one expert after another that have offered a long list of reasons why the bill is poorly thought out, poorly written, and as a result, a very bad idea for Dona Ana County. Based on the comments made by Congressman Teague yesterday, as the details of the great damage to border security the bill will do are exposed, support for the bill is withering away. Representative Steinborn is opposed in November in District 37 by Dr. Terry McMillan. Dr. McMillan has already expressed his opposition to the senate bill. McMillan says his opposition is based on a wide range of concerns including border security, flood control, and range management that have been expressed by experts from a wide range of professions.



Anonymous said...

Steinborn's asinine assertion that security would be enhanced doesn't pass the laugh test. His position on this issue and the things he said on the air have to maker you wonder how such a person could have been elected. Evidently no one really knew him before they went to the polls.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that you have not read this legislation. If you had done so, as any responsible person would before talking about it, than you would know it improves our current border security. Its sad to see a radio show be used as nothing more than a Repulican Party advertisement spouting rank propaganda.

When the day comes that Swickard is fired for the 2nd time, or is that 3rd or 4th, Ill be laughing that much harder.

Anonymous said...

I didnt think you gutless lying terds had the balls to publish my comment criticizing your lack of facts...like I said, you're just some sleazy republican mouthpieces who care not about facts. YOU are what's wrong with America...Now, please do a show on how much you love that racist billboard.

Anonymous said...

It is always fascinating to me how liberals constantly tout how "tolerant" they are, but are the first to resort to name calling and slanderous remarks.

The current situation in our country is revealing the liberal/progressive/leftist agenda more than ever, and their true colors are coming through. Why don't they move to an existing communist country and make themselves happy?

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