Free to Speak, Retired Border Patrol Agents Do

The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, or NAFBPO, has issued a proposal for "Comprehensive Immigration Enforcement and Reform." Unlike the speeches by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, these proposals have some relation to reality. Who are the members of NAFBPO? Some are retired and former high-ranking Border Patrol managers, individuals who managed the agency's training academy, supervised hundreds of agents in field operations or held senior positions at headquarters. Cumulatively, they have several hundred years of professional experience guarding our borders. The picture they paint of what needs to be done is based on that experience, not political expediency. I have met and talked with some of these retired Border Patrol officials, and they are worried.
Like all of us, they see our porous borders and want to see them made secure. But unlike the rest of us, they really know how to do it. The NAFBPO 24-page proposal is divided into 10 "steps," each with several specific proposals. It should come as no surprise that step No. 1 is to secure our borders, both at the ports of entry and between them. What may surprise many people is that they see nine additional steps as essential to true immigration reform and enforcement of our laws. Among the others steps are interior enforcement, tackling ID fraud, rejection of amnesty and a workable temporary worker program. Read more here:



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