Hill: Penalize Hard Work and Playing by the Rules

Austin Hill
From Townhall.com - Profits at many American corporations are looking pretty good these days, yet companies aren’t hiring. Many American banks are flush with cash, yet they aren’t making many loans. And despite President Obama’s repeated promises that his “healthcare reform” legislation would “lower the cost of healthcare,” many health insurance providers are raising the premiums they charge their customers (some by as much as forty percent) as the new law is phased-in. So why, after nearly twenty-two months of President Obama “gettin’ people some help” (his folksy way of describing his interventions into the private sector economy), is the economy at a standstill, and in some instances getting worse? Because Obamanomics has put the economy in a state of uncertainty and chaos, and it penalizes hardworking, productive people who play by the rules. Read more here:



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