Joe Mysak: Bad Year for Bond Initiatives on Ballots

Joe Mysak
From Bloomberg - This may be the worst year for bonds on ballots in two decades. Americans going to the polls on Nov. 2 will be asked to vote on congressional representatives, senators, governors, treasurers, state lawmakers, tax initiatives and $16.8 billion in municipal bonds. The voters aren’t happy. The recession was too long and the recovery too slow. The answer, at least according to the e-mails I got on a column about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s decision to cancel a new railroad tunnel under the Hudson River, is: no, no, no and no. The people who write e-mails, most of them, liked Christie’s response to a proposed tunnel whose cost is creeping higher and higher. New Jerseyans would have to foot the bill. Even non-New Jerseyans say no more taxes. No new borrowing. No tunnel. No more government. Oh, and another thing? It’s all the public labor unions’ fault. Read more here:



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