Kudlow: Obama the Alien

Larry Kudlow
Believe it or not, with jobs falling for four consecutive months and unemployment stubbornly high near 10 percent, President Obama is out on the campaign trail bashing businesses and promoting class warfare.Huh? Oh my gosh is he off message. He's slamming the Chamber of Commerce for allegedly using foreign money in campaign ads, even though there's not one shred of evidence of this. Huh (again)? Is the Chamber really a big election-year issue? Is it causing high unemployment? Of course, Obama never mentions the unions, including the SEIU and AFL-CIO, and all their foreign money from their big international affiliates. Instead, he extends his own cast of villains, attacking special interests, Wall Street banks, corporations, the oil industry, the insurance industry, credit-card companies, AIG and ExxonMobil. ExxonMobil? What did it do? Oh, they're an oil company. Phew Kind of anti-business, wouldn't you say? Read more here:



Anonymous said...

Kudlow is wrong, this is HOW the president gets cozy with business people. He beats them up, demonizes them and THEN asks them to hire someone. We just need to be a little more patient with his methods. One more term and I'm sure he'll make some measurable progress. After all, all his failed policies are Bush's fault. If you start with that premise you'll have a much better understanding of where Obama wants to take America.

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