NPR - A Welcome Place for Anti-Christian Rhetoric

Andrei Codrescu
National Public Radio may have fired its lone black male on-air commentator, Juan Williams, after remarks he made to Fox News' Bill O'Reilly that it considered anti-Muslim. But another pundit, who once called an evangelical Christian tenet of faith "crap" -- and hoped that millions of believers would "evaporate" -- remains a regular presence at NPR nearly 15 years later. The Romanian-born writer Andrei Codrescu "has been a commentator on 'All Things Considered' since 1983," his bio states. Codrescu's latest broadcast was on Monday, when he complained that "something called the tea party drank all the Kool-Aid in America."
In December 1995, Codrescu said of the evangelical belief of the Rapture, in which Christ's faithful would miraculously ascend from the earth before the Second Coming: "The evaporation of 4 million who believe this crap would leave the world an instantly better place." Read more here:



Anonymous said...

NPR has always been a liberal mouth piece. Not only does the left leaning NPR employ ridiculous double standards but the taxpayers foot the bill for these hypocrites. You guys nailed their socialist hides to the wall when you aired that NPR woman's carefully worded explanation as to why Williams was fired. At least Williams now has a contract with a REAL news network. Perhaps when Obama finally gets the boot the next president can put an end to NPR once and for all.

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