Cradling Minnows and Kicking Family Values Part I

Rachel Pulaski
By Rachel Pulaski - Jeff Steinborn (D) 37th District State Representative, land conservationist and Director of the Southern NM Wilderness Alliance is campaigning for re-election. Recently Jeff attacked his opponent Terry McMillan M.D. (R) in his first campaign flier. In the flier Jeff Steinborn accused Terry McMillan of not paying his property taxes on time. Soon after Mr. Steinborn made these allegations public his opponent’s wife Jodie McMillan was forced to come forward revealing her personal and private information in order to defend her husband’s good name. This is Mrs. McMillan's statement regarding Mr. Steinborn allegations:
“As the spouse of Terry McMillan MD candidate for State Representative District 37, I was saddened and disappointed at the content of the first mailer from Jeff Steinborn’s campaign. The mailer represents a weak personal attack, which is unfounded in the facts. My father passed away last Oct., and with the inheritance, I retired the debt in Nov. Because of the timing of the transactions, the escrow account was closed before the Nov. property tax was paid. When I was notified by the county tax assessors, I paid the taxes promptly. It is a sad sign of the times that political campaigns focus on tawdry personal attacks rather than open discussions of the issues. My hope it that in the future, Jeff Steinborn’s campaign will focus on the issues that concern New Mexicans; our poor economy, joblessness, high taxes, border control”. - Jodie McMillan
What type of man criticizes a bereaving daughter, especially on the basis of a 30 day late payment regarding a deceased father’s estate? Mr. Steinborn obviously has never been late making a payment on anything, at least one would think after making such a brutal and insensitive attack. I find this disheartening coming from our State Representative, it shows a serious disconnect with the general public and a blatant lack of respect for family values and privacy. Does he honestly think the citizens of this state care about a 30 day late payment? Since the recession, many New Mexicans have been late paying their bills or are having problems making their mortgage payments on time; some residents are even losing their homes to foreclosure. New Mexicans are suffering and struggling to feed their families, meanwhile Jeff Steinborn is mocking it. These are real issues Mr. Steinborn and not ones to be satirized.



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Jeff Steinborn represents everything in politics that the American people loath about politicians. Next week we have an opportunity to send him back to the left-wing extremist organization that corrupts and compromises his ability to act in the best interest of the people.

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