Female police chief killed, 18 bodies found near Texas border

From The San Antonio Headlines Examiner.com - by Jack Dennis -Mexican drug cartel hitmen have resorted to killing female police chiefs now. On Monday, November 29, 2010, suspected drug hitmen killed Hermila Garcia, the 36-year-old police chief of Meoqui in Chihuahua, Mexico, while she drove her SUV through the town. A few hours later Mexican soldiers found 18 bodies buried on a ranch near the town of Palomas, Mexico. These murders add to the list of more than 31,000 people killed in Mexico since Dec. 2006. The vast majority of the violence is in northern Mexico, along the Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California borders. Because so many policemen have been killed by the cartels, women have come forward this year to fill the slots vacated by the deaths and men abandoning the jobs. Even female students and housewives have becoming police chiefs in some of these towns. Read more


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