Border Danger - Delivered by Our Elected Officials

Westerner - by Steve Wilmuth - As Americans watch the Lame Duck Session of Congress, there is little evidence that the Democrats recognize the mandate shot across the bow of party leadership on November 2nd. That leadership trudges ahead with the agenda that does nothing for what ails us. Heart Landers have little faith that “right decisions” will be made and less faith that they would be enforced if they were made. Americans who live on the border and face that real world challenge look to their front and realize that there will be no real federal intervention unless more American blood is spilled.

Those same folks look over their shoulders and view the antics of Congress with hardened skepticism and distrust. Empty suits and collegial expression are what we have come to expect. From Brownsville to the Pacific Ocean, the southern border is on fire. Every American city that faces the border has ongoing reminders that a war is being waged across from them. In Matamoros across from Brownsville there were over 100 people killed recently in a two day stretch.
Across from El Paso in Juarez, the most dangerous city in the world, weekend death counts no longer make the news unless they reach double digits. In the San Diego Sector of the Border Patrol, human and drug smuggling activities are increasing relative to the entire border on a rate of increase that is only matched by the Tucson Sector where the most dangerous border in the world now exists. Read full story here:



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