McCullough: Why True Consensus is Against Obama

From - by Kevin McCullough - Quiz question: "Who in Washington DC is obstructionist, angry, dishonest, and of course extremely partisan?" If you guessed liberal Senate democrats, congrats... How did Republicans at least temporarily halt a runaway train to insure that every American who pays taxes does not see an increase? Simple, they got lame ducks, democrats, and independents to join the cause. In doing so they halted a harmful tax increase against 75% of small business in America today. Oh sure, to hear the Senate liberals explain it, they weren't voting for tax increases against small business. No, they would argue, they were just desiring the steepest tax increase in history against people who OWN small businesses, or file their taxes as an s-corp business which makes their corporate earning vulnerable to the tax increases President Obama seems intent upon hammering them with. Read full column here:


Anonymous said...

And all this time I thought the government OWNED small businesses and was deciding how much to give them from the minuscule profits they've been earning since the democratic congress took over 4 years ago. All we have to do is ask ourselves whether we're better off since they took office.! But...we're better off today than we were FOUR weeks ago and we'll be even better off in three weeks and probably significantly better off two years from now.

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