Udall and Bingaman Snub Obama, Want Higher Taxes

Tom Udall
After voting for a massive health care system takeover by the federal government earlier this year (a key provision of the takeover was ruled unconstitutional earlier this week), and fervently supporting the capping and taxing of energy production and consumption by constituents, finally, and for all the wrong reasons, both of New Mexico's senators, Tom Udall and Jeff Bingaman finally found a reason to part ways with one of President Obama's policies. The friction point? Both of New Mexico's senators would prefer a policy of huge tax increases on already strapped job creators to a basic budgetary diet for Congress.
Jeff Bingaman
So desiring of additional BIG GOVERNMENT policies that would destroy the quarterly budgets of job creators, these two senators were both willing to isolate themselves away from a compromise deal struck by President Obama with House and Senate Republicans. The implications for New Mexico voters are crystal clear. Without a shadow of a doubt voters should realize they are represented by two men in the U.S. Senate who are much more naive about economics and hold decidedly more anti-business views than the most ardent socialists making policy in the current administration. Despite a wave of electoral change that is fast approaching in the both the U.S. House and Senate, these two holdouts are likely to continue to support bad business as usual practices and oppose common sense approaches to government restraint. What a sad and embarassing day for New Mexico.



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