Doan: Obama's False Tune on Innovation

Lurita Doan
Townhall - Obama deserves some credit for his recent interest in innovation and the creative abilities of American entrepreneurs. Now, if only Team Obama would change their tune and review the many White House initiatives and policies that are killing innovation and punishing entrepreneurs. The disconnect between Obama’s fascination with innovation and Washington’s continued hostility to innovators and risk takers in our economy has never been so stark. Even as Obama is talking about his intention to foster more innovation, American companies like Pfizer are announcing cuts of $2 billion in research and development. Team Obama does not seem to understand that they have championed policies that are essentially adding “miracle grow” to the already tangled regulatory regime currently strangling American entrepreneurial energies. As a result, the task of bringing new and more innovative products to market in America has never been more difficult. Read full column here:


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